The service concept of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.: Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of Changdian people, and the requirements of customers are the responsibility of Changdian people. In order to let customers use the products of Changjiang Electric, they are assured and satisfied.
First, pre-sales service
Be a good user's staff. According to the actual needs of users, the company provides relevant professional technical support, and actively participates in the user's power load agreement, related power supply scheme design, equipment material selection and so on in the principles of safety, reliability, economy, practicality, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Second, the sale of services
1. After receiving the customer's order, timely technical exchange with the user engineering technicians and local power supply department technical personnel to ensure that the products provided to the users meet the requirements of national laws and regulations, meet the requirements of industry standards and the requirements of the power supply department, and meet the actual needs of users.
2. Provide free training services for professional and technical personnel.
Third, after sales service
1. Actively carry out related work on engineering construction and equipment installation, commissioning, testing and testing until normal power supply.
2. After receiving the customer service call, the customer will arrive at the scene within 1-3 hours in the urban area to serve the user. The outside and outside areas will negotiate with the user to arrive at the scene in the shortest time and serve the user in time to satisfy the user.
3. The product warranty period is two years, and the normal maintenance and repair costs are free during the warranty period. Repair costs beyond the warranty period are only charged for raw material costs.
4. Establish permanent equipment file data for users to ensure that users can check at any time.
customer service hotline:400-888-5033