Construction qualification:
  ○  safety production license
  ○  ower Engineering Construction General Contracting, Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering
  ○  Construction electrical and mechanical installation engineering professional contractor level three
  ○  Undertake (repair, test) power facility license level three
  ○  AAA-level integrity management demonstration unit
  ○  AAAA China Quality Credit Enterprise
  ○  More than ten national utility model patent certificates
  brand cooperation:
  ○  Cooperation certificate with Siemens, Schneider and ABB
  ○  Schneider Blokset switchgear authorization certificate
  ○  Siemens SIVACON, NXAirS LP switchgear authorization certificate
  ○  ABB MDmax ST switchgear authorization certificate
  Enterprise honor:
  ○  ISO9000 international quality management system certification
  ○  ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification
  ○  OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  ○  Engineering construction and construction organization quality management system certification
  ○  National compulsory product (3C) certification
  ○  CQC product certification
  ○  National compulsory product certification test report
  ○  Various product inspection reports
  ○  high-tech enterprises
  ○  Hubei Province Innovative Enterprise
  ○  Hubei famous brand products
  ○  Hubei abiding contract and credit enterprise
  ○  Top 100 private enterprises in Hubei
  ○  Top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Hubei
  ○  Wuhan Harmonious Enterprise
  ○  Five-star grassroots party organization in Wuhan
  ○  Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise leader
  ○  Top 100 Wuhan Manufacturing Enterprises
  ○  Top 100 private enterprises in Wuhan
  ○  Top 50 private manufacturing enterprises in Wuhan
  ○  Hubei outstanding entrepreneur
  ○  Excellent Communist Party Member
  ○  Ten outstanding entrepreneurs