The goal:Construct a harmonious S&T enterprise, create a time-honored foundation!
Purpose: Make quality goods, serve the society!
Spirit:Patriotism & Dedication, Pursuit of Excellence!
Style: Behave Honestly, Work Steadily!
Mechanism:Fixed Posts & Salary, Competitive Employment!
Pursue:Delighted Work, Happy Life, Successful Career!
Quality Policy: People-oriented, Constant Improvement!
Service concept:Customer satisfaction is our pursuit, and customer requirements are our responsibilities!


  Looking to the future:
  The Changjiang Electric is unstoppable. Today, when the country actively advocates the development of green energy, the construction of smart grid will be an important theme to promote the third industrial revolution and realize China's energy transformation, economic transformation and social transformation.
  Changjiang Electric will adhere to the development strategy of “creating an international enterprise and achieving a hundred years of electricity”! Vigorously implement the development plan of scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, and talent innovation, seize opportunities, commit to building green energy, build a green smart grid, release dreams with technology, and use quality to achieve long-term power, and make more efforts for smart grid construction in China and the world. Great contribution, build Changjiang Electric into a national brand with world-renowned reputation!