Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. (CHKO) is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of high and low voltage power distribution equipment. Our customer service philosophy is: customer satisfaction is our pursuit; user's requirements are our duty. In order to allow customers to feel assured and satisfied when using our products, we hereby make the following promises:
  I. Pre-sales service
  To be a good consultant for users: according to the actual needs of users, we provide related professional technical support for them. Sticking to the principle of being safe, reliable, economic, and practical, we actively participate in the user's design of electricity load determination and power supply solutions, as well as equipment model selection.
  II. In-sales services
  1.Upon receiving orders from the user, we will carry out timely and adequate technical exchanges with the engineering and technical personnel of the user as well as technical staff of the local electricity sector, to make sure to provide users with the products complying with national laws and regulations, industry standards and requirements of the electricity sector, and meet the actual needs of users.
  2.We will provide training services given by professional and technical personnel free of charge.
  III. After-sales service
  1.Actively cooperate with the installation organization in terms of on-site equipment installation, commissioning, and testing, until the power supply can work normally.
  2.After receiving customer's service calls, we will reach the scene within 1-3 hours in urban areas; for remote areas, we will discuss with users on the arrival time, and make sure the customer is satisfied.
  3.The products have a warranty period of two years. The normal maintenance fees are free of charge during the warranty period. Beyond the warranty period, for the repair services, we charge only the raw material costs.
  4.We establish permanent device files for users, ensuring that users can check them at any time.