Platform Advantage

Platform Advantage

  Group entrepreneur business model
  Enterprises build a platform for innovation, implement an advanced business model of “group entrepreneurs”, build a community of career destiny, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


  The long-term group entrepreneurs rely on a good crowd-creating platform and strong comprehensive strength to attract and recruit talents from all directions, and jointly create a great cause. Let the talents with ideals, ambitions, courage, courage and desire to do business on the platform of Changjiang Electric to create their own strengths, work hard, achieve the ideal cause, and achieve win-win between individuals and enterprises and countries.
  Business incubator
  While working around the cultivating group entrepreneurs center, we will actively innovate and develop ideas, lay the upstream and downstream industries, help the industrial chain to hatch, and move towards the mid-to-high end of the industrial value chain, while continuously strengthening external cooperation and activating the endogenous driving force of enterprise development.