Party building characteristics

Party building characteristics

According to the enterprise development strategy, the Changjiang Electric Party Committee combines industry characteristics and functional orientation. The party building work focuses on the working ideas of “serving customers, serving employees and serving the society”, and innovatively exploring and perfecting the “1 2 3 4” party building work law:
1. Pick up a "flag" and stick to the "red gene" party building guide
2, consolidate the "two cornerstones", adhere to the system curing team first
Focus on improving the "red system" and build a strong "red team"
3. Strengthen the "three major supports" and adhere to the quality priority platform guarantee
Set up a live "red carrier", carefully create a "red quality", and build a "red feeling"
4. Highlight the "four fronts" and persist in seeking new and innovative breakthroughs
Institutional innovation, model innovation, path innovation, and carrier innovation are at the forefront