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Warm children's hearts and grow up together - the documentary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee to carry out the new semester

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  Some people say that it is very difficult to do public welfare, because it is not easy to do it once. But some people say that doing charity doesn't care much, as long as you are willing to do it, a hug, a smile, and a seemingly simple hot lunch.
  Caring for children with difficulties and accompanying healthy growth has always been the tireless pursuit of the party committee of the Changjiang Electric and the responsibility of all the elders to practice public welfare. In this opening season, Wang Hongtao, the general manager of the Changjiang Electric Three Company, came to Xiaojian City Construction Village Primary School with his entrepreneurial team members to carry out donation activities. This time, they brought a love lunch to the children of elementary school for a school year. That is to say, in this new school year, these students can have a rich lunch of two soups and two soups every day at noon.
Eat with the children
  This is not the first time Wang Hongtao has come to Jiancun Primary School. On June 1st this year, Wang Hongtao teamed up with the company's party committee to go to the construction village primary school to carry out student activities. At that time, they brought the children's books, teaching equipment, etc., but these loving entrepreneurs found that because they are far away from home, these children sometimes I can't even eat lunch.
  A donation is far from solving the problem. Back to the company, everyone began to discuss intensively, how can we provide some real help. “Starting from the most basic lunch.” Everyone agreed to finally get the children a sunny smile.
  Wang Hongtao donated money to the charity of the school, in Changjiang Electric, just one of the representatives. On August 31st, Qiu Feng, the president of the second company, also led his entrepreneurial team to drive a few hundred kilometers to send a student grant to a poor family. He said: “If you can't suffer, you can't afford to be poor. I will do my best to help my child finish school!”
President Qiu Feng went to Yang Yinhua (a pseudonym) at home
  Qiu Feng's donation came from a strange letter. It turned out that the home of Yang Yinhua (a pseudonym) in Qianwan Village, Xinshi Town, Fuyang City, had become difficult due to sudden changes, and the tuition fees for her children in the new semester made her unable to do anything. By chance, Yang Yinhua learned that the neighboring villagers worked in a very caring company in Wuhan. She seemed to see hope. Yang Yinhua, with a mentality of giving it a try, wrote a letter of help to the fellow.
  It is said that the icing on the cake is easy, and it is difficult to send charcoal in the snow. I thought it was a letter of no return. I didn't expect that only after four days, Yang Yinhua really waited for the noble person to send tuition for the child. On that day, Yang Yinhua took the guest's hand tightly and thanked him again and again.
  “Chutian Metropolis Daily” “18 assisted poor college students”, “19 assisted poor college students”, Huanglin Yangxin County Zhulin Wanxiao, Xiaogan City Construction Village Primary School, Fuyang City Qianwan Village poor children… public welfare assistance, only the starting point There is no end. In the future, the Changjiang Electric Party Committee will, as always, spread the sun with love, illuminate the path of poverty-stricken students, and practice corporate social responsibility.
Warm children's hearts and grow up together - the documentary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee to carry out the new semester