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The company provides intelligent power distribution system, power transmission and distribution equipment, power engineering general contracting, smart grid overall solution service provider

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    Changjiang Electric has created tens of thousands of smart solutions for more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

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    In recent years, he was the State Grid Corporation, the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, and Beijing Capital Airport.

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    As long as there are dreams applauding, the future is full of hope. Sailing the Yangtze River, let's set the dream together!

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Xiong Ting

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  Success is struggling
  (Xiong Ting, General Manager of Changjiang Electric Venture 6)
  I entered Changjiang Electric in 2006 and witnessed his development. He also grew up with him. Today, I am fortunate to be here to share with you my experience in the long-term experience. Every struggle stage has unforgettable memories.
  Struggle, create unlimited
  Just entering the Changjiang Electric, I have gradually shouldered a series of logistics support from the basic industry knowledge, business quotation, administrative reception, etc., corporate administration, personnel, contract review, production orders and business bidding. Changjiang Electric is a company with feelings, dreams and temperature. It attracts many people with dreams to join us. We work together to create unlimited possibilities.
  In recent years, a large number of people who want to start a business and want to do big business join Changjiang Electric. This entrepreneurial platform is getting bigger and bigger, and the stronger it is, especially after the establishment of the first smart grid industrial park in Central China in 2015. Hardware and software strength have developed by leaps and bounds. The company's reputation and reputation have been continuously improved. Changjiang Electric has become a fertile ground for entrepreneurial achievements.
  I am very fortunate that I chose Changjiang Electric. I am honored to be selected by Changjiang Electric. I firmly believe that long-term power will be better and better in the struggle of this group of outstanding entrepreneurs, and the future will be unlimited.
  Accept the challenge and climb the peak
  In 2008, I went to the market and came to the marketing position. At that time, it should be said that ”the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers“, and the rich professional knowledge can answer all technical problems for customers. The skillful management experience makes me feel comfortable in picking up things. Going to the marketing position, I have my own ideas and a broader stage.
  I am very grateful to the company for giving me the stage to realize my personal value. Thanks to the trust and support of the leaders, I have embarked on a shortcut to success. I chose to take a hard-working, but extremely rich and exciting road to growth. I am a person who loves to fight and dare to challenge. This has laid a very solid foundation for my successful and steady entry into the marketing market.
  People are determined to win the day, things are artificial
  The fierce competition in the market is a war without smoke. It cannot be triumphant and talk about dignity.
  Just came out to do business, a friend introduced a foreign project, and the introducer is one of the project investors in the previous rounds of quotations, we are very passive and I decided decisively: Spend your own expenses and fight for it.
  . I came to the project site alone. One stay was a 7-day quotation split, brand authorization review, comparison of selection differences, qualification verification, regional performance considerations, and the customer's meticulousness made me understand: this is a spiritual game. In order to kill my will, let me know and retreat, give up this order. Some manufacturers have quit halfway through, and I intend to stick to the end, and will not give up without taking orders.
  Huang Tian pays off, at an important project meeting, I boldly proposed an open bidding to determine the ownership of the order. The customer agreed, and the last three manufacturers were notified of the last round of PK quotation in the afternoon. The lowest price was won. . I seized the last chance and achieved this target.
  People will be self-respecting, and they will be respected. The strong support of the company platform allowed me to deliver a perfect answer to my clients and become a model for successful transformational marketing in my colleagues' minds. My professionalism touched the owners and won their respect and won the reputation of Changjiang Electric.
  Don't forget your heart, go ahead
  From the age of 26 to 32, I have never forgotten my heart. Thanks to the big platform of Changjiang, I have been moving forward and fighting hard. I am 35 years old this year. I feel that I am in my youth. I will continue to be a dream catcher. On the platform of Changjiang Electric's achievement career, I am not worried about the ambiguous future. Work hard now and in the future.
  I am inspirational: Under the guidance of the company's C123 development strategy, we will focus on building the ”Chuangchuang Platform“ center, adhere to the ”talent and market development“, consolidate the existing market and orders, actively explore the overseas market, and actively respond to the company's ”“ Three guarantees and three competitions: The annual order guarantees one hundred million, and strives for two hundred million; ensures that there are two marketing markets and strives for three marketing markets; the number of teams ensures 60 people, strives to reach 100 people, and guides the marketing department to develop faster and better. To help them realize the ”three guarantees and three competitions“ as soon as possible: each marketing department ensures a marketing market and strives for two marketing markets; each department ensures 20 people and strives to reach 30 people; each department guarantees 30 million annual orders. Up to 60 million I will fight with my team - Marketing Six for the cause, fight for honor, fight for happiness!
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