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Jia Qili

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Veterans bravely venture to get rich
- Jia Qili, General Manager of Changjiang Electric Venture Seven Company
  Jia Qili, 36, is the general manager of the five divisions of the Changjiang Electric Seven Company. He has always been a soldier in the army, he has always maintained the excellent style of the military. He is full of passion, not afraid of hard work, courage to fight, play an exemplary role in the team, embarked on the road to enlightenment and innovation.
  ”Without the smelting of the army, there would be no me.“ Before entering the long-term power, Jia Qili worked as a security guard, security manager, and pharmaceutical sales. Although every job is a challenge, in order to take up the burden of caring for the family as soon as possible, he is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiredness, and soon achieves breakthroughs and achievements. In 2010, Jia Qili's monthly income will reach 200,000 yuan.
  However, these achievements did not satisfy Jia Qili. In 2014, Jia Qili heard about the ”group entrepreneurs“ model of Changjiang Electric from friends and was deeply attracted.
  In 2014, by chance, Jia Qili and Qi Haimu completed a project and truly understood the novelty and advancement of this model during the cooperation process. ”Here are funds, management, technology and other resources for everyone, group entrepreneurs only use An An heart to pick up the market, take orders.“
  This cooperation, Jia Qili made up his mind to join the long-term power. In the first year of the company, Jia Qili won a contract with a quota of ten million by virtue of his strong will and vigorous attitude in the army. ”At the time, I was a newcomer to marketing, but as long as there is a need, the company will go to the chairman of the board and go to every ordinary colleague, and will fully support our group of entrepreneurs to start a business.“
  This year, Jia Qili upgraded from a business manager to a general manager of five companies and led a team of nearly 20 people to work hard in the market. Nowadays, when asked about the road to success, Jia Qili always smiled and said, ”Choose the right platform! Follow the right person!“ This sentence seems simple, but the truth. In just 4 years, Jia Qili, with the help of the company and the team, can achieve tens of millions of orders every year. In 2018, the seven companies strived to sprint the 100 million yuan mark.
  Today, doing business and bringing teams to become the most important work of Jia Qili team in the future, Jia Qili hopes to help more young people to achieve their dreams on the platform of Changjiang Electric, and has set a detailed planning goal: the first year, Help newcomers find their own position and clarify their goals in life. In the second year, they will exercise their business ability and support them to earn a car. In the third year, they will become independent and strive to earn a down payment for a house.
  ”We are the beneficiaries of the entrepreneurs of the Changjiang Electric Group, and should be the practitioners and inheritors of the group entrepreneurs.“ Jia Qili said that he believes that under the guidance of the group entrepreneurship model, the department's performance will surely flourish. The employees will have a good development on this platform, with a happy life and an ideal career.
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