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    In recent years, he was the State Grid Corporation, the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, and Beijing Capital Airport.

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Wang Ming

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Choose the entrepreneurial platform to hold up the career dream
- Wang Ming, General Manager of Changjiang Electric Venture Seven Company
  Not every entrepreneur can become an entrepreneur; but every entrepreneur starts with a good entrepreneur.
  Wang Ming, born in 1982, was once the founder of a small-scale foreign trade company. ”At that time, everyone was young, and they were full of strength and wanted to do something big.“ But the company was established shortly because there was no resources, no experience, and insufficient funds, which led to business development that was not smooth or even difficult.
  In 2008, I heard about Changjiang Electric from my friends and learned about the advanced mode of ”group entrepreneurs“。 I don't have to worry about management, capital, technology and other problems. I can use my heart and mind to fight the market and achieve my ideal career. ”Choose a right platform to better develop.“ Wang Ming said that there are three reasons for choosing Changjiang Electric. First, the Changjiang Electric 'group entrepreneurs' platform can continue its entrepreneurial dream; second, the company gives more space and The market; the third is that you can develop the market more focused, the company is a strong backing.
  ”I am grateful to the chairman and the company for their help, and I am grateful to the colleagues in the various departments for their support.“ Wang Ming was particularly impressed. Once he called the chairman to consult a major project, he did not expect that day. In the afternoon, the chairman rushed from Wuhan to the field to help him analyze the situation, point out the maze, and finally provide a satisfactory solution for the client and successfully win the project.
  From an ordinary salesman, to a business manager, to the general manager of three companies in the seven companies, Wang Ming leads the entrepreneurial team. With the spirit of down-to-earth struggle and the spirit of innovation that dares to dare to do, the team is getting bigger and bigger. The annual order amount has also reached tens of millions of yuan. ”I really feel that the culture of Changjiang is very advanced and correct.“
  Wang Ming said that there are many successful entrepreneurs in the company, most of them start from scratch, but rely on diligence and hard work to make excellent performance on this platform. ”Even if you don't have anything at the moment, as long as you have a heart that wants to struggle and wants to succeed, you can realize your own values and dreams through your own efforts.“
  For the future, Wang Ming said that Changjiang Electric is a good platform for the entrepreneur to start a business, and he is one of the entrepreneurs trained by this platform. In the future, he also hopes that with this mission and spirit, like company support, help himself grow, help and train team members, and strive to build a learning, cohesive, combative wolf team in the company. Under the guidance of C123's development strategy, we will continue to advance toward higher goals.
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