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    In recent years, he was the State Grid Corporation, the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, and Beijing Capital Airport.

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    As long as there are dreams applauding, the future is full of hope. Sailing the Yangtze River, let's set the dream together!

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Qi Haimu

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It's just a kind of power to make a dream
- Remember Qi Haimu, President of Changjiang Electric Venture Seven Company
  From an ordinary employee to a company president with an order of over 100 million yuan; from a single person to a group entrepreneur with a group of 12 years of development, Qi Haimu is full of enthusiasm and hard work, accepts market challenges, and constantly realizes his own and team's entrepreneurial dreams. Qi Haimu said that his current success is given to him by Changjiang Electric. The development goal of the company is his future direction.
  When he arrived at Changjiang Electric, Qi Haimu was still an ordinary employee. In order to grow faster, he took the initiative to join the marketing system. If he didn't understand, he wouldn't be terrible. As long as he followed the marketing predecessors, he was diligent and eager to learn. With the support of the company and the leaders, he gradually accumulated experience.
  ”A person can go very fast, but the team can go further.“ In 2008, Qi Haimu upgraded to a department manager of a startup company and began to have a team. Although it is very hard to work alone, with the team, Qi Haimu has greater responsibility and pressure, and more power.
  He visited the customer, ran the construction site, expanded the market, and took the team. One year later, he independently signed the first order with his efforts. Later, Qi Haimu's market became more and more stable, the team became bigger and bigger, and orders were more and more. In 2018, he led the team to set up the Seventh Venture Company and upgraded himself to the president of the seven companies. This year, he strived to lead the seven companies to complete 300 million yuan. Order task.
  Speaking of his own success, Qi Haimu used three sentences: open mind, cooperative attitude, honest management, he said, the market is hard to come by, for customers or partners, we must be more heart-felt, sincerity Treating each other, especially the promises, must be honored and there must be no excuse. ”Simple is a kind of power, and virtue can carry things.“
  The rapid growth of the seven companies, in addition to the struggle of individuals and teams, and more importantly, is to give full play to the advanced business model of the ”group entrepreneurs“ of Changjiang Electric: encourage some people to get rich first, and advocate the first rich to drive the rich, Ultimately achieve common prosperity.
  ”Selecting a good platform is more important than hard work.“ Qi Haimu said that Changjiang Electric is a very advanced and open platform. It provides technology, capital, management and other resources for those who want to start a business, so that ”workers“ become ”Entrepreneur“, everyone can achieve their entrepreneurial dream through hard work here.
  Today, in Qi Haimu's team, there are a number of outstanding entrepreneurs, such as: Wang Ming, Jia Qili, Zhang Xuesong, Xie Dongze, etc. They have been able to grow rapidly on the long-term platform through company support, team assistance and personal efforts, especially this year. Seven companies have established five entrepreneurial offices, and these outstanding entrepreneurs have also upgraded to the general manager of the startup office, and led a large number of new generation entrepreneurs to thrive.
  In order to maintain the dimension, it is difficult to continue, because the creation of the industry is self-sufficient. Qi Haimu said that as a long-term electrician, we must always maintain a high-spirited state of mind. We must not satisfy the existing achievements and stagnate. Only by self-reliance and self-reliance can we achieve extraordinary performance and create a better life. The endeavor of the goal of ”strive into the billion“, set off the sleeves and cheer.
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