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    In recent years, he was the State Grid Corporation, the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, and Beijing Capital Airport.

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Changjiang Electric, a platform to realize your dreams

(Chang Qing, President of Changjiang Electric Venture 5)

  Changjiang Electric was the first contact I received at the 2009 Hankou Convention and Exhibition Center on-site job fair. The congestion was like the current Optics Valley subway station. I went to the booth of Changjiang Electric and felt that the name of the company was sent to the resume. Three days later, I received an interview notice and was selected from more than 100 interviewers.
  The trial period is three months, the salary is 800 yuan, and the first three months in the workshop. As an undergraduate student who graduated from 211 colleges, this salary is not high. However, the personal charm of the chairman, Changjiang Electric's working atmosphere and passion make me believe that Changjiang Electric must be the place to realize its dreams.
  The buyer was my first job at Changjiang Electric. The most popular place at that time was Qingfen Road and Youyi Road in Hankou. I was very familiar with the price advantage and product quality of each supplier in those streets. . More than two years as a buyer, ordering during the day, negotiating a contract, and sorting out financial data and procurement schedules at night, overtime is a common occurrence. Although the work of the grassroots buyer was hard, the various capabilities have been significantly improved. It was also from that time that I had a hard-to-break emotion for Changjiang Electric and completely integrated into the long-light culture.
  In 2011, after the competition, the company appointed me as the director of the supply center. The chairman of the board put forward a lot of valuable guidance on the supply work. He pointed out that becoming a businessman, a professional and a strong person is the most basic requirement for purchasing work. This refinement still has a strong guiding significance for the supply center until now. For me, the cooperation with the suppliers has given me some lessons and experience in doing business.
  At the end of 2012, the company established marketing systems, service support systems and production systems. I am the general manager of production and the supply center. This year, I was 29 years old, and at that time, I had the biggest self-confidence in my life. But the words of the chairman gave me confidence and strength. The company believes in you, you have to trust the company, don't think so much, do it boldly, the company will fully support you. I know that I am not alone in fighting, and there is a solid platform for Changjiang Electric behind me.
  Safety, quality, delivery time, cost, etc. are all core tasks, and there are many things that need to be caught. It is very difficult to take office at the beginning. Fortunately, the company has introduced a professional advisory team to systematically sort out the organizational structure, job responsibilities, production processes, performance appraisal, etc. My personal management skills, especially with a large team, have greatly improved. I personally think that it is a qualitative leap. I sincerely thank the company and the chairman for giving me such a high platform.
  At the end of 2015, the company set up an entrepreneurial center with a total of four people. At the time, I also managed the production system. Although it is a new field, it is a very challenging area. I have no confidence at all three years ago. It may be that the production general manager of a few years has really made me grow a lot. The most important thing is that after years of development, Changjiang Electric has a high reputation and strong competitive strength. I believe that with a good platform for the company, with the support of the chairman, we will be able to make good performance.
  In 2016, the Entrepreneurship Center was upgraded to Marketing 5. Through a year of development, there were fixed markets in the five places, and a wolf team with positive energy and loyalty to the company was successfully established. The number of people increased to 40 and the performance was nearly 40 million. Although there is a gap with the standards of the company, there are significant results in both the team and the market.
  During the holiday on New Year's Day in 2017, I received a call from the chairman of the board, let me consider setting up five companies. At this point, I have quickly adapted to the rapid development of the company and constantly adjust the pace of the post. In 2017, the C123 development strategy formulated by the company is another great opportunity for our marketing. As the leader of the marketing five companies, we must lead everyone to get the company policy dividend as much as possible, and strive for the colleagues of the five companies. The big development space My goal is to develop through 3 to 5 years, to reach 10 places, 500 people, and sales orders of 1 billion yuan. This requires me to work hard with my colleagues in the marketing five companies to fight for their dreams. I firmly believe that it will be achieved.
  The company is developing, and the platform of Changjiang Electric has given us enough room for development. I remember a lot of memories in the past ten years. Hardship, happiness, gratitude, and happiness are repeated in my mind. In the work of the Changjiang Electric, summed up a sentence: Changjiang Electric is a place where you have a dream and can dream.
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