Changjiang Electric "order class", ready to send you waiting!
Changjiang Electric "order class", ready to send you waiting!

Changjiang Electric "order class", ready to send you waiting!

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Changjiang Electric "order class", ready to send you waiting!

(Summary description)Nanlustudentsenterthelong-termpower,andtheydreamofwalking.   Theindustry-universitydevelopmentdream,wanttopushhighsuccess.   InthesummerofJune,thelotuswindsentincense.OnJune13th,the2018enterprisebusin

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  Nanlu students enter the long-term power, and they dream of walking.
  The industry-university development dream, want to push high success.
  In the summer of June, the lotus wind sent incense. On June 13th, the 2018 enterprise business activity of Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College and Changjiang Electric Order Class was launched in Changjiang Electric. More than 200 teachers and students from Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College entered the first smart grid industrial park in Central China and felt the charm of long-term electricity.

In March last year, Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College and Changjiang Electric held the signing ceremony of the ”Changjiang Electric Order Class“ and unveiled the teaching workstations, and opened a new chapter in the deep integration of schools and enterprises, mutual benefit and mutual development. This year, the second batch of order students from the Urban Construction College once again entered Changjiang, and continued to provide technical support for the long-term transportation and provide intellectual support for the development of the enterprise.

At the conference, Zhang Zhidun, general manager of Changjiang Electric Production, first introduced the basic conditions of business scope, production scale, marketing performance, and innovative research and development capabilities. He emphasized that this order class marks that the cooperation between the two parties has entered the ”mature period“ and opened ”order“。 The class ”is not only conducive to promoting teaching and employment, but also beneficial to enterprises to reserve talents. It is a win-win measure for enterprises and schools.

Speech by General Manager Zhang Zuidun

Director Hu Shixiang conducts "professional leader" guidance

At the conference, Yang Aiming, the vice president of the school, said that the Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College has been working closely with Changjiang Electric, especially the school-enterprise activities, which are not only the school-enterprise cooperation and exchanges, but also the education. The plan is also to respond to the corporate C123 development strategy, support the practice of corporate talents and strengthen the concept of enterprises, and encourage more outstanding students to join the enterprise. In the future, he hopes that both schools and enterprises will continue to actively promote the teaching of order classes, give full play to the advantages of schools and enterprises, and realize the mutual benefit and win-win situation of schools, enterprises and students.

Deputy Dean Yang Aiming delivered a speech

In the face of many intimate and lovely teachers and sisters, Changjiang Electric's first order class outstanding students Xu Yifan and Shu Tao shared their experiences and growth stories in Changjiang. They took root in the Changjiang Electric and found a deep sense of belonging and honor. They attracted dozens of order students on the spot. They all expressed their wish to join the big family of Changjiang and create a different career.

Director Ding Wenhua concluded his speech

Ding Wenhua, director of the school's training center and director of the school's information engineering department, attended the event.

Long-term order work results

2016 -
Through extensive cooperation, a stable and optimized off-campus employment-oriented internship training base has been formed, and a series of results have been achieved.
April 2017 -
Mr. Wang Xincheng, Chairman of Changjiang Electric, and Professor Dian Daojun, Dean of the College, signed the “Changjiang Electric Order Class” agreement, marking the school-enterprise cooperation entering a new stage of integration. 29 students in 2015 entered the order class through two-way selection, and went to the company for training.
2018 -
Changjiang Electric Hu Shixiang is working as a professional leader in building electrical engineering technology professional enterprises, and builds the pulse professional, and the school and enterprise jointly develop the talent training program for the order class. At the same time, the company supported the construction of the training room of the college and invested funds to build a building power supply and distribution training base based on real engineering projects.
June 2018 -
Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College, Changjiang Electric Order Class In 2018, the enterprise line once again entered Changchang, and nearly 100 2016-level colleges filled out the student information registration form and applied to join Changjiang Electric.
  come on! On the platform of the Changjiang Electric, you can cultivate the bold and innovative thinking of young people and give full play to the ingenuity of young people. Changjiang Electric is a fertile ground. You will work hard here and you will gain your dreams and hopes!
Three reasons to join the Changjiang Electric

Guanggu hinterland

Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in the world-renowned national independent innovation demonstration zone - Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone (Wuhan • China Optics Valley). It has 1168 employees, 16 subsidiaries, business in more than 20 countries and more than 100 market segments.


Smart grid, light up the world

Changjiang Electric is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in providing one-stop services for power transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent power distribution systems and power engineering. In recent years, the company has provided multi-batch products and services for key projects at home and abroad such as the State Grid, the Three Gorges Project, Beijing Capital Airport, the Ministry of Railways High-speed Rail Engineering, Wuhan Metro, China Central Television, Sinopec, Vanke Real Estate, Iranian Oil, and Guinean Port. .


School-enterprise cooperation

In order to match the “2+1” talent training model of Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College, the following training modes are specially formulated:
Take the old with new
One-on-one new employees bring teaching mode, choose different teaching methods according to the intern's ability to accept, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, standardize daily training activities, and directly teach people to talk to new people.
Intern bonus
Set up long-term scholarships ranging from 800-2000 yuan to track the growth of interns from school to business.
Gold lecturer
Invite the company's president, department heads and other professional and authoritative company leaders as gold medal lecturers, emphasizing the comprehensive development of intern employees and strengthening their core competitiveness.
Post promotion
The company organizes an intern job debut in the quarter, and through the evaluation of professional technology centers, accurately and fairly select outstanding employees and assign them to key positions.
Mutual choice
Interns can choose the development direction through the initial, middle and advanced examinations. The development direction involves management, technology, R&D, sales, etc., and eventually grows into experts in the industry.

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