Hand in hand, Wuwang, again, Shengju | Changjiang Electric sponsored the 2018 Wuhan Tennis Open_Hubei Changjiang Electric CO., LTD

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Hand in hand, Wuwang, again, Shengju | Changjiang Electric sponsored the 2018 Wuhan Tennis Open

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On the evening of July 20th, the Wuhan Tennis Open, one of the three major tennis events in China, held a grand 2018 global invoicing ceremony in the Wuhan business district. Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Sports Development Investment Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement this season, once again sponsoring this international sports event. This is another cooperation between Changjiang Electric and Wuwang after the 2017 Wuhan Tennis Open.

△ Wu Net global promotion ambassador Li Na and all the guests jointly invoiced

Ingenuity, unite the power of the brand. Zhang Qing, president of Changjiang Electric, said that he is honored that Changjiang Electric has once again become the official sponsor of the Wuwang Open. After five years of growth, Wuwang has become a brand new business card to promote the spirit of Wuhan. With strong corporate strength, good brand image and excellent service, Changjiang Electric has once again held the Wuwang network. It is also the company's continuous flow of positive and positive energy to employees and the society through practical actions, for enterprise development, social progress, and national prosperity. Build new kinetic energy.

△Wu Jianbin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, signed a contract with President Zhang Qing

  In 2017, as the sole sponsor of the national electrical industry, Changjiang Electric has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to renovate and refurbish the power distribution room of Optics Valley International Tennis Center, and prepare multiple emergency plans for dealing with sudden power failures; During the period, the company also set up a special protection team to arrange for the commissioner to take turns on duty throughout the day. The professional and safe power protection of Changjiang Electric not only ensures the safe use of electricity during the competition, but also contributes to the comprehensive strength of Wuhan to show the city to hold high-level sports events.

△ Zhang Qing President and guests from all walks of life celebrate the fifth anniversary of Wuwang

The mountain is a peak, and the right way is far. Changjiang Electric will take the big vision, the big pattern, and the big-minded enterprise development concept as its own responsibility. By joining hands with Wuwang, we will gather energy for the goal of “creating an international enterprise and accomplishing the 100-year-old power”, and strive for the founding of national brands. !

△Changjiang Electric logo unveiled at the 2017 Wuwang Stadium

△ 2017 Wuwang Changdian volunteer style

Hand in hand, Wuwang, again, Shengju | Changjiang Electric sponsored the 2018 Wuhan Tennis Open