Long electric people under high temperature | Thank you, under the scorching sun, keep your posts!
Long electric people under high temperature | Thank you, under the scorching sun, keep your posts!

Long electric people under high temperature | Thank you, under the scorching sun, keep your posts!

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Long electric people under high temperature | Thank you, under the scorching sun, keep your posts!

(Summary description)Threedays,thehottesttimeoftheyear.Asthehotweathercontinued,thetemperatureclimbed,andthemeteorologicaldepartmentissuedahigh-temperatureorangewarning.  However,eveninthehotsun,therearestillsuchagroupofp

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  Three days, the hottest time of the year. As the hot weather continued, the temperature climbed, and the meteorological department issued a high-temperature orange warning.
  However, even in the hot sun, there are still such a group of people who are not afraid of the heat of the heat, let the sun roast, use the responsibility and responsibility to complete the high temperature, and persist in and strive to contribute to the high-quality development of Changjiang Electric.
  They have a common name - a long electric man.
  Zheng Tao, Marketing Marketing Manager
  On July 26, Zheng Tao, who is on the subway line 4 (Caidian Line) Xintian Station project, is discussing with customers the progress of the power distribution equipment in the subway station under construction. Keeping improving is the inherent attitude of Zheng Tao to each project.
  In the subway construction project site, noisy noise, turbid air, dark passages, only by flashlight lighting can move forward, this environment is no better than the scorching sun on the ground. Since the summer, in order to provide customers with high-quality and efficient smart grid customization solutions, Zheng Tao can be described as a land-based project with many footprints in Wuhan. Under the scorching heat, Zheng Tao's skin was sun-baked and even dark, but he still refused to stop.
  Lin Lihua, Second Technology Center, Electrical Team Leader
  On the morning of July 26, it was also the project site of Wuhan Metro - Huangpu Road Station on Line 8, which was also dimly lit, heat waves rolling, mosquitoes and flies, and the second technical center electric group leader Lin Lihua, Zhenghe Process Structure Group Wang Weihua Liu Panpan, the manufacturing center, carefully studied the special process requirements of the project.
  Sitting in an air-conditioned office, drawing on the drawings, this is a true portrayal of most technicians. However, in order to better understand the needs of customers and design the most optimized solutions, Lin Lihua, like many colleagues, often went to the project site, carrying the scorching sun, enduring the roast, and conducting on-the-spot investigations.
  “I am used to it, every job has its own hard work, we are just doing our duty.” Thin Lin Lihua, speaking seemingly flat, but full of strength. “As a technician, only by constantly learning new technologies and new knowledge can we design the best products, and customers can be assured of us.”
  Deng Facui, Supply Center Warehouse Manager
  At 11:30 am on July 26, the purchaser of the Changjiang Electric Supply Center just put a batch of components into the warehouse, and the warehouse manager Deng Facui began to take stocks one by one to ensure the materials in the inventory were safe and the accounts were consistent.
  There is no large ceiling fan ventilation in the main workshop, and there seems to be no trace of cool breeze in the workshop warehouse. Counting a batch of components usually takes several hours. In such an environment, people will sweat when they sit still, not to mention going back and forth between shelves, and even climbing high to sort out the goods and confirm the materials.
  “There is nothing in the flow of sweat, the material is the heart of the heart.” For the high temperature, Deng Facui has long been accustomed to it. “Every time I confirm that the materials are safe, my heart is only practical, and I feel calm and natural.”
  Mu Hongwei, Director of Manufacturing Center Workshop
  The weather continues to be hot, and the Changjiang Electric production line is united and united. On July 26th, Mu Hongwei, the director of the workshop of the manufacturing center, led hundreds of employees in the workshop to sweat and rain to protect the production, and went all out to fight the high temperature.
  “The sky is really hot. Every day, the overalls are wet and dry. But now it is the production season. Key projects such as Beijing New Airport Heat Source Project, Wuhan Metro, and State Grid have been scheduled. To ensure these projects Upon successful completion, everyone can understand and support, and continue to work hard.” Mu Hongwei said that although we are working hard, we feel proud that we have made these projects from us, and they are not so hot.
  Liu Hao, Director of Quality Assurance Center
  Cooperate with the hot summer, and guarantee the delivery. On July 26, Liu Hao, director of the Quality Assurance Center, was conducting a final inspection of the high-voltage switchgear to be delivered. “I just sweat easily, watching the heat, but actually okay.” Liu Hao, who had just finished checking a high-voltage cabinet, had already sweated and smiled.
  In order to strictly control the last “quality barrier” of the product and prevent the product from leaving the factory, Liu Hao's requirements for inspection work are meticulous. The wires were inspected one by one, and the screws were tightened one by one. The sweat was forgotten. Liu Hao said that the quality is strictly controlled, and the products delivered to the customers are guaranteed to be of high quality. This is the responsibility of each long-term electrician.
  Tian Dehai, sales center sales team leader
  On July 27, the first day of the fall in 2018, it was still the hot sun. Changde Dehai, the sales team of the Changjiang Electric Customer Service Center, is leading the team to send “electricity” for the construction of the China Railway 11th Bureau.
  The box under the scorching sun has been ironed and baked, and it will burn a layer of skin when touched. The dust on the scene of the project mixed with the hot waves, and the crystal sweat dripping from the surface of Tian Dehai quickly turned yellow-gray. However, everyone was dedicated and focused, and the project was successfully debugged.
  “It's this line of work, we insist, it can bring more people cool.” Tian Dehai said that the weather is hotter than the rainy days, we can send electricity to customers as planned, until the customer is absolutely satisfied.
  Wang Jianchu, security officer of the supervision office
  The temperature around 40°C is rounded around, and the land under the feet is “hot” after the sun is exposed. On July 27th, the construction workers took the hot sun and took the high temperature to continue the battle for the smooth completion of the project. In order to ensure the safety of the construction, not only the project itself will be equipped with security personnel, but the security officer of the company's inspection office will also conduct security inspections from time to time.
  The work of the security officer is nothing short of cumbersome and cumbersome. Take Wang Jianchu as an example. He wears a helmet, holds a notebook, and the safety logo is clear. Whether the safety measures of the construction personnel are in place is all his records. “The more hot it is, the more it is going to the project site. Only by careful inspection can we find hidden dangers and prevent accidents.” After 90, Wang Jianchu said that there is more sweat and fear, after all, safety is above everything else.
  The high temperature is still going on. The long-term people will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of “love and dedication, pursuit of excellence”, stick to their posts, fight for the high temperature, and take the practical actions of not forgetting the original heart and fulfilling their duties, to create an international enterprise and achieve a hundred years of electricity. “Continuous contribution.

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