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Excellent to Excellent Knowledge and Practice Needs One | Changjiang Electric Board Leadership Training Successfully Completed

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  In order to achieve cultural leadership, create a positive energy learning organization, and comprehensively promote the ideological and political awareness and management ability of the middle and high-level cadres, 4 to 5, Changjiang Electric Board of Directors launched a two-day leadership training program from ”excellence to excellence“。

△Changjiang Electric Board of Directors "from excellent to excellent" leadership training group photo
  On the 4th, the training class invited the visiting professor of Shenzhen University and Professor Fu Xiang of Jinggangshan Red Culture Education College. With the theme of ”Red Leadership“, I will explain the profound connotation of red management in detail and deepen the three essences of red leadership. Explain and dialectically analyze the enlightenment of Mao Zedong's leadership philosophy on modern enterprise management, and explain the specific application of red management in corporate strategy and tactics in a simple way.
  After the theoretical study of the system, on the morning of the 5th, the leadership training class ushered in a wonderful expansion. The rich form of expansion and fierce competition of the game not only enable the board members to enhance the trust and confidence between the teams, but also enhance the cohesive force between the teams and help Changjiang Electric to build an invincible management team.
  On the afternoon of the 5th, the company held the board of directors in August with the title of ”From excellent to excellent, knowing what needs to be combined“。 At the meeting, all the members of the board of directors said that the training has benefited a lot. After returning to the company, the content of the course will be transformed into concrete actions to promote the high-quality development of the company, so as to internalize and externalize.
  Chairman Wang Xincheng said that the implementation of this training course is not only a concrete practice of practicing the company's ”cultural leadership, building a learning organization“ development strategy, but also a continuation of the 100-day talent training program for thousands of people. In the next step, I hope that all members of the board of directors will first be able to ”know their own ambitions“, that is, to strengthen their own ideals and beliefs, bearing in mind ”creating international enterprises, achieving a hundred years of old electricity“, ”10,000 people start a business, Wanjia happiness“, ”adults themselves,“ The three missions of Chengzhida people are to be carried out; it is necessary to ”regulate frequently“, to achieve long-term planning of life goals, to create entrepreneurial courage to achieve dreams, to rely on the strength of outstanding teams and to work tirelessly toward the goal, to truly ”know the line“ ”Oneness“, strive to achieve a qualitative leap from ”excellence to excellence“ in personal business and enterprise development, and contribute more power to personal dreams, corporate dreams, and Chinese dreams!
Excellent to Excellent Knowledge and Practice Needs One | Changjiang Electric Board Leadership Training Successfully Completed