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Tanabata | For the rest of your life, all are you!

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  The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qiqiao Festival or Daughter's Day. It originated from the worship of nature and the needles of women. It was later given the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, making it a symbol of love.
  In such a romantic atmosphere, the Changjiang Electric Union organized a networking event with the theme of ”Bridge Bridge“。 The scene of the event was laughter and laughter. The single men and women of Changjiang had a warm and romantic Qixi Festival through voluntary registration, customs clearance games, and true confession.
  The so-called thousands of miles of marriage. At the beginning of the event, the employees who voluntarily signed up were grouped by the fate red rope, and then through the three-level game, to win the ultimate prize - Happy Valley all-day tickets.
  The red thread is like a marriage in the hands of the old man. There is always a fate in the dark to bring him/her to your side. When you meet, you don't ask about the vicissitudes of life. Just ask Anzhen to accompany you. If you don't ask, it is a robbery. Just ask to cherish possession.
  In the joyful music, the game officially began. The first level of the bridge will be a back-to-back balloon, with 4 balloons per team, asking our CP to break the balloon back to back in the shortest time.
  These confession balloons seem to make people in a colorful paradise. From time to time, the slightly raised mouth reveals the secret of the bottom of the heart. This kind of happiness and joy that overflows from the bottom of my heart, I want to announce to the world loudly - I like you.
  The second level, the boys brought the blindfolds to pick up the girls, the girls accompanied the boys to the cake, and the cake on the table was hand-fed to the boys.
  Just as the sea will not be calm forever, life is hard to be as good as it should be. When you are in the dark and feel confused and confused, there are always people who love you to point you in the direction and bring sweetness.
  The third level, after eating the cake and taking the lead in the team of love, as long as the love song is sung ”The moon represents my heart“, you can win the ultimate prize.
  Let me thank you, when I walked to you, I wanted to take a red leaf, but you gave me the entire maple forest;
  Let me thank you, when I walked to you, I wanted to kiss a snowflake, but you gave me a silver world;
  From the lover, we can always get courage and grow up. So, in such a day, bravely confess!
  Just because of your appearance, I have prospered all the rest of my life, just because of your appointment, warming up all the waiting in my life.
△Participants take a group photo
  When I look back, the man is in a dim light. On the Qixi Festival, I hope that you can walk with your loved ones in the late autumn of the early autumn, and count the number of years of quiet beauty; Wait for thousands of stars, in the dark blue night one by one. I hope that there will be years to look back, and with a deep affection, I hope that a lover will eventually become a genus, and that a genius will live forever.
Tanabata | For the rest of your life, all are you!