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Concentrate on the market and work together to achieve the goal of one billion

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  Jizhongzhi can set a good strategy, and the strength of the people will be able to make great achievements. In order to practice the company's C123 development strategy, Endeavour's ”100-year-old electric power, 10 billion blueprint“ double hundred goals, from September 14 to 16, Changjiang Electric held a ”combined efforts to open up the market, work together to advance billions of goals“ market development and ”Double Hundred“ goal promotion meeting. Company group entrepreneurs attended the conference.
  On the morning of the 15th, the conference demonstrated the achievements of the company in the first half of the year in ten aspects of market development, major project signing, new product development, party building work, efficient management, and brand promotion. Three outstanding entrepreneurs were invited at the meeting. Representatives, combined with their own market development experience, shared their successful experience in market development.
  At the meeting, Chairman Wang Xincheng delivered an important speech with the theme of ”Joining the Market and Working Together to Strive for the Billion Target“ and stressed that the essence of the market economy is the competitive economy. The competition of the future enterprises is the competition of talents and management innovation. Competition, product development capability competition and market share competition. This meeting is not only the promotion meeting of the ”Double Hundred“ goal, but also the swearing-off meeting of market development. I hope that the entrepreneurs of Changdian Group will continue to unify their thinking, build consensus, and profoundly understand that ”exploiting the market“ is the practice of group entrepreneurs practicing C123. The primary task of the strategy is the fundamental guarantee for the high-quality development of the group entrepreneurs, and it is also the key path for enterprises to achieve the ”double hundred goals.“
  Chairman Wang Xincheng pointed out that in the next step, entrepreneurs of the Changjiang Group should continue to adhere to the party building and lead the role of the head geese; build a platform for talent creation, and actively build talented highlands; stress the brand story and actively practice social responsibility. We must work together to forge ahead, take the initiative to strengthen the responsibility of ”100-year-old electricity, tens of billions of goals“, adhere to the development of the top, ”quiet and steady“, the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility of the people who are waiting for me, go all out to sprint ”double hundred “aims.
  After the meeting, the participants participated in a one-and-a-half-day expansion training event. The colorful expansion projects, clear and clear goals of struggle, and the spirit of unity and cooperation have greatly inspired the entrepreneurs of the group entrepreneurs to create entrepreneurial and hard-working enthusiasm, enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness, and help group entrepreneurs to brave the ”double hundred goals“. go ahead.
△ Changdian group entrepreneurs expand training group photo
  The wind and the sails are full of new ambitions. In the new era, new opportunities, long-term entrepreneurs will take the spirit of fighting spirit and high spirits, and work together to open up the market, work together to reach the goal of tens of billions, set off a new round of high-quality development boom of Changjiang Electric, and win the group. Entrepreneur career a new bigger victory!
Concentrate on the market and work together to achieve the goal of one billion