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Starlight brilliance丨The grand opening of the Wuwang brand

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  On the evening of September 23, the 5th Anniversary Celebration and Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Wuhan Tennis Open was held at the Optics Valley International Tennis Center. Chen Anli, deputy governor of the Hubei Provincial People's Government, and deputy secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhou Xianwang attended the opening ceremony.
  With tennis as the medium, and with the full moon, the gathering of eight parties, the exhibition of electric style. This year, Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. once again sponsored this globally influential sports event as the sole sponsor of the national electrical industry. The Changjiang brand once again shines in the star-studded martial arts field.

△ 2018 Wuhan Tennis Open Opening Ceremony

  Optics Valley is a hot spot for nurturing dreams, chasing dreams, and realizing dreams. The Changjiang Electric is rooted in this piece of land that encourages innovation and promotes success as a cultural gene, and is destined to have a unique development advantage.
  The 19th National Congress, which has attracted worldwide attention, depicts a beautiful blueprint for China's development over the next 30 years. Standing in the new era, Changjiang Electric actively explores new ideas and new methods for enterprises to become bigger and stronger, upgrades the C123 development strategy of the new era of enterprises, and is committed to building a positive energy housekeeper of China's smart grid.
  C,on behalf of Changjiang Electric, also represents China-China, Changjiang Electric is committed to building a smart energy butler in China's smart grid. 1 represents a center to cultivate ”group entrepreneurs“ and build ”genu creation platform“ as the center; 2 represents two major characteristics, namely, innovation-driven, cultural leadership; 3 represents the three major adherences, that is, adhere to the ”strength of talents“, Science and technology to develop enterprises, ”market development.“
  Sharing positive energy
  At the beginning of its establishment, Changjiang Electric proposed an advanced business model of ”group entrepreneurs“。 It also upgraded to a long-term ”common platform“ after the country proposed the strategy of ”mass entrepreneurship and innovation“, attracting a large number of An ideal and wise group of entrepreneurs, with the spirit of doing things first, and the spirit of hard work and catching up, continue to advance toward the dream.
  Smart positive energy
  Changjiang Electric has always been committed to providing customers with smart grid custom solutions to create positive energy in the city with wisdom. Based on the development background and laws of smart grids, combined with user needs and market pain points, the third-generation substation, a smart substation, which is independently developed and developed, can monitor real-time monitoring of voltage, current and load to achieve unattended and early warning, and make the grid run. Safe, intelligent and efficient.
  Positive energy
  Feel free to be with you. The Changjiang Electric Life Cycle Manager Service System is committed to providing customers with safe, convenient, efficient and value-added warmhearted services.Changjiang Electric products have been widely used in energy, building, industrial, residential, commercial and infrastructure markets. In recent years, it has provided multi-batch products and services for key projects at home and abroad such as State Grid, Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, Beijing New Airport, CCTV, Wuhan Metro, Donghu Tunnel, Guinea Port, Laos Nanxun Hydropower Station, etc., and has won wide acclaim from customers.
  Red positive energy
  The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that cultural self-confidence is a more basic, deeper and more lasting force in the development of a country and a nation. For Changjiang Electric, what kind of cultural self-confidence is leading the rapid development of the company? That is to insist on the ”red culture of the party building to lead the way, to build a hundred-year-old electric; to create a platform, to build a group entrepreneur dream.“
△The long-term party committee "re-take the long march road and firmly follow the party" Zunyi trip
  Adhering to the leadership of party building means adhering to the deep integration of party building and management, drawing on the experience of enterprise development from successful historical experience, looking for the road of enterprise development from the path of scientific development, analyzing the economic situation and layout of the country by studying the party's guidelines and policies. In the external market, we must adhere to the party committee's participation in the major decision-making of enterprise development, adhere to the full coverage of the party organization of the enterprise, and lead the rapid development of enterprises with party building.
  Positive energy
  Get rich in thinking, rich and thinking. In these years, all the long-term electricians, under the influence of the enterprise's positive energy culture, actively practice social responsibility, help more people to start businesses, drive more people to work hard, get more taxes for the country, and actively practice the corporate economy. Responsibility and social responsibility reflect the responsibility of large enterprises and the feelings of home country.
△ long-term volunteers become a beautiful scenery of the Wuwang Games
  Thousands of rivers and seas are wide, and the wind is good. All the long-term electricians will continue to strive for the realization of the overall goal of ”creating an international enterprise and achieving a hundred-year-old electric power“ with the spirit of fighting spirit and high spirits.
Starlight brilliance丨The grand opening of the Wuwang brand