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Wuwang International Events, Changdian and colleagues

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  On September 29th, the peak of the night, the 2018 Wuhan Tennis Open ended successfully at the Optics Valley International Tennis Center. The 20-year-old star Sabarenka from Belarus won the championship. Changjiang Electric once again sponsored this international sports event and went with Wuwang to continue its glory.
△ 2018 Wushu closing ceremony site
  Burning love martial arts, chasing dreams. For a long time, Changjiang Electric has actively built a positive energy housekeeper of China's smart grid, and its brand strategy has been continuously upgraded. In 2017, Changjiang Electric made its debut as the sole sponsor of the national electrical industry and appeared on the world stage. In 2018, Changjiang Electric once again sponsored Wuwang and actively participated in international competitions. This is not only the full affirmation of the Changdian brand by the organizers, but also the long-term electricity. The brand is once again showing good opportunities in the world.
  Wuwang is not only the talent of the world's top players, but also a world-famous sports carnival. In order to ensure the safety of electricity during the competition, before the start of the competition, Changjiang Electric set up a power supply protection class, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and carried out comprehensive and strict inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the power supply facilities in the stadium; during the competition, the power conservation plan was formulated according to the needs of the competition. And a number of emergency plans, long-term professionals on duty 24 hours on duty, with absolute safety and security, to escort the event.
  In addition to the intimate butler service in the venue, as well as the volunteer service outside the venue, it is also a beautiful landscape of Wuwang. During the 9-day competition, dozens of young long-term volunteers in the Changjiang Electric Exhibition Hall at the Wuwang Carnival Plaza prepared free tea, VR games, charging equipment and emergency medicine for the audience. The audience provides an attentive and considerate service. Every greeting, every commentary, and every guidance is a concrete manifestation of Changjiang Electric's ”social positive energy.“
  During the competition, 2017 Wuwang runner-up - Australian star Batty came to visit the Changjiang Electric Exhibition Hall and interacted with the fans on the spot to bring you super surprises.
  Optics Valley is a hot land that has created countless miracles in China. The development of the Changjiang Electric is one of the miracles. It is the responsibility of Optics Valley Enterprises and the glory of Optics Valley Enterprises to actively participate in major international sports events.
Wuwang International Events, Changdian and colleagues