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The company provides intelligent power distribution system, power transmission and distribution equipment, power engineering general contracting, smart grid overall solution service provider

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    Changjiang Electric has created tens of thousands of smart solutions for more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

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    In recent years, he was the State Grid Corporation, the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, and Beijing Capital Airport.

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    As long as there are dreams applauding, the future is full of hope. Sailing the Yangtze River, let's set the dream together!

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  On October 16, the 2018 Hubei Private Enterprises Top 100 Conference hosted by the Hubei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce was held in Xianning. The conference released the list of the top 100 private enterprises in Hubei in 2018. With its performance and strength, Changjiang Electric was selected as one of the top 100 private enterprises in Hubei.
△Changjiang Electric won the title of "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hubei"
  Since the release of the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hubei Province, it has received the attention and attention of all sectors of society and has become the most authoritative reference for measuring the scale, comprehensive strength and influence of private enterprises. The top 100 private enterprises are the vanguards to promote the high-quality development of Hubei's economy. They represent the important forces of national brands and private economy, shoulder the heavy responsibility of promoting regional economic development, and play a leading, driving and demonstrating role in the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises.
△Changjiang Electric won the title of "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hubei"
  Over the years, Changjiang Electric has been deeply rooted in the development of Guanggu, insisting on ”leading by the party building, building a hundred-year-old electric power; creating a platform and building a dream for group entrepreneurs“, always taking market demand as the guide and innovation as the driving force. We have achieved fruitful results in terms of business model, new product development, talent cultivation, brand building and other soft and hard strengths, and continuously injected momentum into regional economic and social development. The new era, the new goal, all the long-term electricians take the initiative to propose the two hundred goals of ”100-year enterprise“ and ”tens of billions of orders“, and build a century-old foundation with the spirit and actions of doing great things, hard work and hard work.
  The wind is raging, and it is a long way to go. Looking back on the past, the long-term people have been moving forward, and they have achieved fruitful results. Looking forward to the future, Changdian people will not forget their initial intentions, forge ahead, for the group entrepreneurs' career destiny community, for the enterprise ”double hundred“ goal to achieve smoothly, and unremitting struggle!