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Elite plan recruits talents to introduce wisdom - Changjiang Electric went into the Huake propaganda conference documentary

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Colleges and universities are the first training places, gathering places and innovative places for talents, and they are also the core of talent strategy. In order to actively implement the C123 development strategy, realize the talented enterprise, science and technology, and create a positive energy learning organization,on November 9th, the Changjiang Electric“Elite Talents”plan went to Huazhong University of Science and Technology to conduct face-to-face recruitment. wisdom. This presentation is also an important part of the Changjiang Electric“Elite Project”after entering Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and South-Central University for Nationalities.

Changjiang Electric "Essence Plan" enters China Science

Sun Minjie, deputy secretary and vice president of the company’s party committee, presided over the presentation

The national network red "two new" secretary, Wuhan top ten entrepreneurs, excellent entrepreneurs with orders over 100 million ... farewell to the regular preaching, HR big coffee, entrepreneurial big buddies all together, the event night, Changjiang Electric invited the company to each The backbone of the system brings a unique and unique presentation to the Chinese science students.

Changjiang Electric "Elite Project" promo

The wonderful preaching began with the“Into the Long Power”brought by Chen Hao, Minister of the Changjiang Electric Enterprise Propaganda Department. With the goal of“creating an international enterprise and achieving a hundred years of electricity”, Changjiang Electric is committed to building a smart energy housekeeper of China's smart grid. As a young and dynamic enterprise, we hope to gather the world through long-term wisdom. Talent and energy.

Minister of Enterprise Propaganda Department Chen Hao led everyone to "go into the long electricity"

So, what is the Changjiang Electric“Elite Project”? Peng Yi, Director of Human Resources of Changjiang Electric, gave a detailed introduction to the students present. In particular, the "Elite Project" refers to the advanced business model of the original group entrepreneurs, the fair talent mechanism of "everyone is talent, horse racing is not the same", and the smooth promotion of talents, all fully demonstrate the advantages of Changjiang Electric talent development.

Peng Yi, Director of Human Resources, introduced the "Essence Plan"

In the "Hui" section of the long-term story, we invited Zhang Qing, president of Changjiang Electric Ventures Co.Ltd.and Wang Hongjun, president of the company, to share face-to-face with college students, read endless entrepreneurial stories, and chat with the dry goods, so that the applause continued.

Zhang Qing, president of the company, shares the story of entrepreneurship

Zhang Qing,who graduated from Wuhan University of Technology in 2009, accompanied the company to grow up. He grew up from a fledgling college student to an outstanding entrepreneur. In the past ten years, Chunhua Qiu has been leading the team from less than 20 people to more than 100 people with a sales performance of more than 300 million yuan. In the decades of work, the individual has won the titles of “advanced management cadres”,“excellent department heads”and“annual leap awards” for many times, and won the honorary title of“Top Ten Entrepreneurships”in Wuhan this year.

Wang Hongjun, President of Six Company, teaches entrepreneurial experience

Wang Hongjun, president of the Sixth Venture Company, graduated from the EMBA class of Wuhan University. From an ordinary electrician to a corporate executive who is now at the helm, he has shared his destiny with the company for many years and has achieved glory today through hard work. From his body, we can see that the success of anyone is not easy, and the struggle of life is the most admirable!

In the subsequent QA session, the presidents Zhang Qing and Wang Hongjun listened carefully to the students' questions, patiently answered, wonderful interactions, and sent out many exquisite souvenirs. The students were still undecided and enthusiastic to detonate the audience!

College student questioning session

The "Elite Project" is an important innovation measure for the Changjiang Electric Talents Training System. Since its implementation in 2008, it has attracted and cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, and has been glowing in various positions to fully realize its greatest life value and continue to grow into the Changjiang Electric. The mainstay of the high-quality development of electrical development. It is also expected that in the near future, Changjiang Electric can work with more college students, work together, and work together to brighten the city's positive energy with our wisdom!


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Elite plan recruits talents to introduce wisdom - Changjiang Electric went into the Huake propaganda conference documentary