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Long TV stage, you have a dream | Changjiang Electric "Elite Talents" plan to go to Wuda University

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  Wuhan Hongyan, Yan Yingfeng. The association of the Han family is the hero of the Han family.
  On the afternoon of November 22, the Changjiang Electric ”Elite Talents“ program went into the university, which was hailed as ”the most beautiful university campus in China“—Wuhan University, and 3 Changjiang Electric's annual entrepreneurial big coffee airborne scenes Hundreds of college students are hot and interactive, presenting a feast of successful entrepreneurial experience sharing and exchange.

△Changjiang Electric "Elite Talents" plan entered Wuda special session

The "Elite Talents" program was run by the University of Wuhan, and was chaired by Sun Minjie, deputy secretary and vice president of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee. A confident smile that ignites the passion of dreams.

△ Sun Minjie, deputy secretary and vice president of the company’s party committee, presided over the presentation

In 12 years, he has a blue sky and a 12-year history. At the beginning of the presentation, Chen Hao, Minister of the Changjiang Electric Enterprise Propaganda Department, led the students to review and feel the unique development charm of Changjiang Electric through short videos and on-site explanations.

△ Enterprise Department Chen Hao led everyone to "go into the long electricity"

“In addition to the rim of the eye, it is more important that the three views are consistent.” After the 85th Haigui Master, Wang Chao, director of the Changjiang Electric Strategic Development Center, elaborated on the cultivation of the “Elite Talents” plan with the new concept of “Learning with the Enterprise”. system. The program not only provides a regular channel for talent growth, but also provides a stage for challenging young people with dreams and passions.

△ Director of the Strategic Development Center Wang Chao introduced the "Elite Project"

In the long-awaited, the publicity conference finally ushered in the sharing of three entrepreneurial big coffee.

△ Qi Haimu, president of the company, shares the entrepreneurial story

Qi Haimu, president of the Changjiang Electric Seven Company, from a grassroots salesman to an entrepreneurial manager to a startup president. For 12 years, he has treated each other with sincerity and integrity, and has made a bold and innovative and practical style. "The legend." Today, he leads a hundred entrepreneurial team and realizes an annual order of 300 million yuan. Qi Haimu said that the entrepreneurial concept of "adults reaching out to others" is the secret of success.

△Chen Dan, the general manager of the company, shares the entrepreneurial story

Twelve years ago, she gave up the “iron rice bowl” of state-owned enterprises and entered Changjiang. After many positions such as finance, office and supply, she grew into a compound management talent. In order to break through herself, in 2011, she chose to start a business and soon succeeded. Chen Dan, the general manager of Entrepreneurship, is the only female entrepreneur who shared on the spot. “Choose long-term power is the direction, and struggle is the foundation” is the heart of the journey she wants to share with her students.

△Chen Youan, President of Entrepreneurship 8 Company, shares the entrepreneurial story

  ”Heroes don't ask for their source, dreams don't have age, this is long-term electricity.“ Chen Youan, president of Changjiang Electric Entrepreneurship Eight Company, has been promoted to entrepreneurial president from entrepreneurial manager for 8 years. All along, he has been adhering to the talent concept of ”everyone is talent, horse racing is not the same“, and insists on building an elite team, so that people can do their best and make the best use of it. He believes that as long as you grasp the direction, work diligently, unite and fight, any dream can come out.
  The final interactive part of the question is equally exciting. The question and answer fully reflects the high enthusiasm of today's college students for innovation and entrepreneurship.

△ Student questioning session

Wu Da special session is another important propaganda position of Changjiang Electric after entering Wuhan University of Science and Technology, South-Central University for Nationalities, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other universities. The “Elite Talents” program organized by the University’s series of activities not only showed the personal and team style of many outstanding entrepreneurs of Changjiang Electric, but also played a good role in enlightenment and encouragement for the innovation and entrepreneurial awareness of college students. Let them gain the infinite courage and valuable experience of striving to create a better future.

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Long TV stage, you have a dream | Changjiang Electric "Elite Talents" plan to go to Wuda University