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Market Supervision Bureau strongly supports the development of private enterprises

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  On the morning of December 7, Mr. Xia Huaqiang, Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone, visited the Changjiang Electric to inspect and guide the safety and quality management of enterprises.
  Accompanied by Wang Xincheng, Chairman of Changjiang Electric, Director Xia Huaqiang and his party visited the company exhibition hall and intelligent production workshop. Sun Minjie, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of the company, and Zhang Zuodun, general manager of production, introduced the development history of the company to the leaders. Party building work, product research and development, safety and quality management work, etc., followed by a symposium.

△The leaders of the market supervision bureau visited the enterprise party building exhibition hall

△Visit Changjiang Electric Wisdom Substation

  At the symposium, Chairman Wang Xincheng expressed warm welcome to the leaders of the Market Supervision Bureau to the inspection and guidance of enterprises, and expressed gratitude to Guan Ai for supporting the development of the company. He also said that Changjiang Electric has long insisted on ”leading party building and building a century-old foundation for Changjiang Electric; The platform, building the dream of a group of entrepreneurs, based on the Valley of Light, to the world, is committed to building a smart energy housekeeper in China's smart grid.
  Director Xia Huaqiang spoke highly of the party building work and enterprise development of the Changjiang Electric. Encourage Changjiang Electric as a local enterprise to continuously adhere to technological innovation and management innovation, explore and improve standardization management, strengthen corporate rule of law construction, corporate brand building and safety and quality management. The company's health is developing rapidly. As a government department, the High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau will follow the spirit of the “two unwavering” and “three no change” important speeches emphasized by the General Secretary of the internship, and strive to build a new type of “political relationship” between the “pro” and “clear”. Private enterprises survive and develop, paving the way, and vigorously supporting the healthy and rapid development of private enterprises in high-tech zones.

△Leader taking a group photo

Market Supervision Bureau strongly supports the development of private enterprises