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Pursuing Excellence | Changjiang Electric's “Elite Talents” Program Enters Wuhan University of Technology

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  Since its inception, Changjiang Electric has put forward the enterprise spirit of “patriotism and dedication, pursuit of excellence”。 Pursuing excellence requires companies to triumph on the road to fostering innovation and innovation, and achieving extraordinary careers.
  On December 18th, the celebration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was a grand recognition of 100 reform pioneers. One of the innovators of port handling automation, Professor Bao Qifan, is an alumnus of Wuhan University of Technology. The achievement of this honor is the best embodiment of the school's “red morality, pursuit of excellence” school motto.
  On the road to excellence, the long-term people's footsteps never stop. Last week, the third station of the Changjiang Electric “Elite Talents” program entered Wuhan University of Technology. Wang Xincheng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Changjiang Electric, and Pang Yantao, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Management, Wuhan University of Technology, Bai Yu, the Chinese youth entrepreneurial tutor and vice president of the Hubei Institute of Entrepreneurship, attended the event. The event was hosted by Sun Minjie, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and vice president.

△Changjiang Electric “Elite Talents” plan entered Wuhan University of Technology

“Promoting the joint training of schools and enterprises to achieve complementary advantages.” At the beginning of the event, Pang Yantao delivered a speech and said that the college will take this “Essence Talents” program as an opportunity to deepen the scientific and technological innovation, talent training, corporate mentor, Cooperation in practice and other aspects.

△Pan Yantao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University of Technology

"To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a relay run, and contemporary college students are the strongest force in the relay run." Zhang Qing, deputy secretary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee and president, expressed the hope that the school and enterprises will form in-depth cooperation and strive for the school The two sides have made greater contributions to the high quality development and regional economy.

△ Sun Minjie, deputy secretary and vice president of the company’s party committee, presided over the presentation

The formal preaching begins with the introduction of the Changjiang Electric Enterprise and the detailed description of the “Elite Talents” program. The story of the long-term “group entrepreneurs” is shared, and the activities are pushed to the climax step by step.

△Chen Jie, Minister of Enterprise Propaganda Department, led everyone to "go into the long electricity"

△ Wang Chao, director of the company's strategic development center, introduced the "Elite Talents" program

Wu Yanhong, general manager of Changjiang Electric, shared the story of her own business with the teachers and students on the topic of “choosing more important than hard work”. Wu Yanhong said that as long as everything is worked hard, it will eventually gain something. Because of this kind of vigorous and vigorous style, she has created a brilliant career.

△Chang Yan Electric General Manager Wu Yanhong shares the entrepreneurial story

“Changdian is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs. If you plant and cultivate here, you will gain hopes and dreams!” Wang Juan, general manager of Changjiang Electric, grows up again and again, realizes his dreams step by step, and finally leads the team. Achieved an impressive record of over 100 million annual orders.

△Chang Juan Electric General Manager Wang Juan shares the entrepreneurial story

On the day's activities, Zhang Qing, as a representative of the outstanding students of Wuhan University of Technology, returned to his alma mater, which was particularly friendly and exciting. In 2018, Zhang Qing won the “Top Ten Entrepreneurship” in Wuhan and led a 100-person entrepreneurial team to realize an annual order amount of 300 million yuan. Excellent career achievements and sincere entrepreneurial stories are the best gifts he brings to his alma mater and schoolmates.

△Changqing Electric President Zhang Qing shares the entrepreneurial story

In the final interactive session, three entrepreneurs came to power again and had face-to-face exchanges with more than 400 students. The entire venue was once again filled with the enthusiasm of the students.

△ Student questioning session

Long-term wisdom, the network gathers energy. The Changjiang Electric“Elite Talents” program is a series of activities of the university line. It is a powerful practice for enterprises to combine the C123 strategy and adhere to the development path of “talent enterprise” and “scientific and technological enterprise” to continuously expand the talent resources and enhance the core competitiveness. In the future, Changjiang Electric will continue to take “creating quality products and serving the society” as its corporate tenet, making great strides on the road of pursuing excellence and cultivating more outstanding talents for local economic and social development!

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Pursuing Excellence | Changjiang Electric's “Elite Talents” Program Enters Wuhan University of Technology