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"Chutian Golden News", they use wisdom to promote the city

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Photo: Manager after Optics Valley 85: Youth builds innovative road

  The chairman of the youngest listed company in the country, the youngest listed company secretary secret… In the vibrant land of Optics Valley, the “myth” about young people was born. Here, a group of companies that dare to use young people and a group of young managers who are striving for excellence are active.
  Young means innovation, subversion, and courage, but it also implies innocence and risk. The bold use of young people, the test is the manager's courage to take risks, and the unique view of the people.
  Today is the May Fourth Youth Day. Let us approach these young management and believe in young people.
  Character business card
  Name: Sun Minjie
  Position: General Manager of Production and Party Branch of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.
  Age: 29 years old
  When she first met Sun Minjie, she was surrounded by a gas field, which made people think that she was just a girl under the age of 30. With a contagious smile, a tone of voice, agile thinking and reaction, Sun Minjie has a mature and courage that is not commensurate with age.
  Such a young woman manages the production system of the company's more than 360 people, covering the design, procurement, production, inspection, installation and after-sales of the company's products. In her subordinate team, many employees are older and older than her.
  Young and female, why do you serve the public? “It is ruthless for people and ruthless for people. It is imperative to be arrogant and vocal.” Sun Minjie answered the reporter's question. “Female managers have advantages, good communication, endurance, and suspicious, indecisive, fragile and other disadvantages. I always have Remind yourself that you want to suppress the disadvantages of gender.”
  Efforts are not necessarily successful, but successful people are all fighting. When I first joined the company, Sun Minjie was the company's qualification system administrator. Because of the problems with the previous colleague, there was a problem that the qualifications were not submitted on time. “If you can't do it, it means the company can't take orders.” In order to prepare all the information in the shortest possible time, Sun Minjie did not eat or sleep for two days and two nights. “At that time, I was so anxious that I could not attend to eating and sleeping.”
  It is obviously not enough to work hard. Sun Minjie believes that to love his work from the heart, this will produce a series of positive energy. “First of all, your own heart is blossoming, and the work you do is naturally very beautiful. Secondly, because of your love, you will put every cell of your own into your work and seek a better way of working.” Sun Minjie will formulate an annual work plan, which is specific to each month, and at the beginning of each month, a weekly work plan is formulated, which is completed without compromise.
  Sun Minjie told reporters that in Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd., the management personnel were all created through open competition. It is precisely because of such a channel that can surpass the regular promotion that they can embark on the high-level management position so quickly.
  Reporter's notes
  Constructing a road to innovation with youth
  In the hot spot of innovation in Optics Valley, more and more innovative enterprises are surging, and a group of young people who are striving for excellence and pursuing excellence have been pushed to the forefront of the times.
  Yesterday, the news from Optics Valley, the founder of the fighting fish Zhang Wenming and the general manager of Wuhan Optoelectronics Research Institute Han Dao won the Wuhan May Fourth Youth Medal.
  The reporter learned that the proportion of young people in the East Lake High-tech Zone in the total population ranks first in all districts of the city. Among them, the proportion of floating population is also in the forefront. The superposition of these factors means that there are more opportunities to generate sparks of innovation, more likely to produce innovative companies, and younger leaders will be more likely to be born in such soils.
  Contemporary Group, Tianfeng Securities, Internet “Four Little Dragons”… In Optics Valley, there are a number of such enterprises that are boldly using young people to transform the innovation power of young people into the productivity of enterprises. At the same time, the talent zone program launched by Optics Valley is continuously inputting talents for enterprises. From the end of 2009 to the end of last year, the talent zone has been built for seven years, and has gathered more than 4,000 talent teams at home and abroad, more than 40,000 masters and more than 8,000. Doctor.
  This atmosphere is not limited to enterprises. In the past five years, Donghu High-tech Management Committee has introduced nearly 200 master's degree holders from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other famous schools. They are injecting government services for Optics Valley. Fresh blood brings the power of innovation.
"Chutian Golden News", they use wisdom to promote the city