"Hubei Daily" pays attention to the achievements of Changjiang Electric in the supply-side structural reform of our province
"Hubei Daily" pays attention to the achievements of Changjiang Electric in the supply-side structural reform of our province

"Hubei Daily" pays attention to the achievements of Changjiang Electric in the supply-side structural reform of our province

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"Hubei Daily" pays attention to the achievements of Changjiang Electric in the supply-side structural reform of our province

(Summary description)Photo:Fromtacklingtodeepening——EverythinginHubeipromotessupply-sidestructuralreform Medialink:http://hbrb.cnhubei.com/HTML/hbrb/20170525/hbrb15.html   HubeiDailyNewsThepictureshows:ChangfeiFiberOpticC

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Photo: From tackling to deepening
——Everything in Hubei promotes supply-side structural reform


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  Hubei Daily News The picture shows: Changfei Fiber Optic Cable Co.Ltd., the corner of the fiber testing lean production line. (Reporter Mei Tao)
  Pictured: Hubei Changjiang Electric Co.Ltd. production workshop workers are debugging power supply equipment.(Reporter Zhang Peng Vision Network Chen Yu)
  Pictured: A company that produces chitin in Qianjiang City is peeling crayfish, which is used to process chitin.
  (Photo by Wu Yanjun)
  Pictured: Small and medium-sized merchants in the professional service market of Wuhan Zhongbang Bank, issuing online loans. (Reporter Mei Tao)
  Pictured: Wuhan Big Data Exhibition Center, Guanggu Yuncun, in Optics Valley Future Technology City.(Reporter Mei Tao)
  Pictured: 25 black swan stocked in the Xinye Steel Sewage Treatment Tank are leisurely swimming, which is the best witness to the discharge of sewage treatment standards.(Reporter Li Xi Vision Network Ke Heng photo)
  Pictured: Xinye Steel's “890MPa high-strength truss arm steel pipe research and application” project passed the acceptance of the expert group. Tested by Xugong Group's vehicle-mounted heavy test and third-party national authoritative testing center, the high-strength seamless steel pipe is equivalent to imported materials and can completely replace imports. The picture shows the new steel seamless steel pipe production line.
  (Photo by Zhu Yousong)\
  Reporter Liao Zhihui
  Resolutely eliminate backward steel production capacity, crack down on local steel, actively and de-leverage, reduce taxes and clear costs, and reduce poverty through accurate poverty alleviation… Under the strong promotion of Hubei Provincial Committee, a supply-side structural reform is a tough battle It started quickly in Jingchu. Over the past year or so, the reform and deployment have been intensive and orderly, and various localities and departments have deepened their implementation. “Going to be strong, reducing the benefits, making up the key”, the positive results gradually appeared.
  Take the initiative
  Supply better service efficiency and level
  Simple administration and decentralization, all departments and departments are bold.
  Before the introduction of specific national and provincial policy measures, Yichang City actively carried out the promotion of difficulties in resolving difficulties for difficult enterprises, the compilation of municipal-level powers and responsibilities, the electronicization of enterprise registration, the regulation of government debt management, and the “camp reform” pilot. Reform and innovation work.
  The Fuyang High-tech Zone has implemented the “three zeros” mechanism of “zero obstacles”, handling “zero fees” and “zero distance” for services, exploring the “intermediary supermarket” model, improving the efficiency of examination and approval, and reducing the cost of doing business.
  Going to stock, there are sparks of wisdom everywhere.
  Yichang City vigorously implemented the monetary resettlement of the shed, and actively guided the sheds in the old city to change the citizens to buy houses in the new district. For the monetization resettlement, the amount of compensation will be increased by 20%, and the proportion of monetization compensation and resettlement will be over 80%.
  Fuyang City has established an online and offline shed to buy a supermarket. Do a good job in online shed-changing supermarkets, entrust the municipal real estate industry association to build a “Fuyang City shed-renovation room supermarket”, and the shed-changing residents can enjoy an additional 3% discount on relevant documents.
  Reduce costs, and spare parts of all localities.
  The four major costs of enterprise tax burden, institutional transaction cost, energy consumption cost and logistics cost of Jingzhou City have all declined to varying degrees, and the total operating cost of the company has decreased by 1.1 percentage points year-on-year.
  Qianjiang City specially set up a leading group to reduce the burden of enterprise special governance, organized 23 law enforcement departments to fall into the policy of affordable enterprises, opened the “Qianjiang 8718” enterprise service WeChat public platform, and improved the level of service enterprises through information channels.
  Take care of the ecology, and the strong men from all over the world break their wrists.
  In order to “send a clear water to the North,” Shiyan City resolutely stopped cultivating the turmeric industry for more than 20 years, shutting down 560 enterprises above the scale of production, resetting 60,000 laid-off workers, and permanently cutting taxes by 2.2 billion yuan.
  Taking “the rule of Wushui” as the leader, Huangshi actively created a national model city for environmental protection and comprehensively promoted the Changjiang Electric Economic Belt to “catch a big protection.” The rectification work of the Changjiang Electric Wharf dismantled 123 illegal berth berths, leading the province.
  Eliminate backwardness and take positive actions everywhere.
  Huanggang City was vigorously and vigorously organized to carry out special supervision on the comprehensive ban of “strip steel”, and all five “strip steel” production enterprises were rectified in accordance with the requirements of “four thorough”。
  Innovation main line
  Traction reform breakthrough
  Innovation is one of the important breakthroughs in promoting the structural reform of the supply side in our province.
  In the process of promoting structural reforms on the supply side, the province has actively adapted to the new trend of consumption upgrading, cultivating new products, new functions, new applications, new services, and new experiences that meet new consumer demands, and effectively expanding the supply of new products and services.
  Smart factories are the foundation of smart manufacturing. Chuangjing Visco, located in Optics Valley, scientifically judges the feasibility of the construction plan before starting construction in the smart factory. It can establish a three-dimensional virtual workshop through three-dimensional virtual intelligence, that is, VR technology, simulate the layout of facilities such as production lines and logistics channels, and even produce details such as materials and operations, and give suggestions for improvement.
  Use virtual factories to verify that the design is at risk or awkward, effectively reducing the risk of most pilot phases.
  By focusing on breakthrough core key new technologies, cultivating and developing new R&D institutions, opening up global innovation energy, and vigorously promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, our province has continuously improved the “technical content” of the supply system and created a “new force” for the supply of new technologies.
  In Fuyang, Sanhuan Forging and Weidong Chemical became the national demonstration pilot enterprises of intelligent manufacturing.
  In Yichang, 9 provincial-level engineering research centers such as Yihua Phosphorus Mine Green Selection and Yichang Houhuang Vacuum Technology and other 9 provincial-level enterprise technology centers were successively approved, with the second largest in the province.
  Fresh blood is constantly being added to the innovative bodies of the world. The tremendous ability to innovate is transformed into a strong driving force for creating new supply, and the development of new momentum is strong.
  In 2016, the total number of high-tech enterprises in the province exceeded 4,000, and a number of Internet representative companies such as Coil, Betta, Shengtian Network and Ningdu were emerging. The province's research and development funding, technology contract transaction volume, invention patent ownership per 10,000 people, and e-commerce transaction volume are expected to reach 63 billion yuan, 92.7 billion yuan, 5.4 yuan, and 1.39 trillion yuan, respectively, all maintaining the first place in the central region.
  “complement” key
  Enhance development momentum
  The deeper the entry, the harder it is to enter.
  Make up the short board, all localities adapt to local conditions, and fill in the weak places, key points, and important places.
  Easily promote poverty alleviation, let the villagers live in new houses, and let the villagers live a good life.
  Chongyang County insists on vacating the best places to accommodate the poorest people, and let the poor households realize the dream of relocation and poverty alleviation for generations. Innovative five modes, “short-term + long-term” self-employment, “property + equity” innovative employment, “enable + poor” group entrepreneurship, “leading + account” Yiqiang, “open door + shop” store business, leading the Ben Xiaokang .
  Baokang will carry out industrial development throughout the entire process of relocation and poverty alleviation, and will relocate one household and support one industrial project. The introduction of the industry awards policy to the households, the relocation households to develop their own characteristic industries, the county's development of the industry's ex situ poverty alleviation households accounted for 65% of the total number of relocated households, the county's financial accumulated industrial awards funds of 36.45 million yuan, households The average prize amounted to 4,340 yuan.
  Develop the tertiary industry and make the lives of the people more comfortable.
  Yidu Honghuatao won the only “Kangyang Town” among the 37 characteristic towns in the country, which will highlight the two functions of tourism and medical maintenance, and build a national green Kangjiang demonstration zone with an area of ??80 square kilometers and a national level. Kangyang Industry Experimental Zone, striding towards “Green Fumei”。
  Enhance urban drainage capacity, accelerate urban infrastructure construction, and make residents' lives more convenient.
  Before the flood season this year, there will be 14 key drainage projects in Wuhan, and the city's new drainage capacity will reach 490 cubic meters per second, an overall increase of 50% compared with the previous 980 cubic meters per second drainage capacity.
  Four PPP projects in Huangshi City's kitchen waste treatment, Olympic Sports Center, underground integrated pipe gallery in the core area of ??Daye Lake, new urbanization and infrastructure construction in the development zone were successfully selected into the third batch of PPP demonstration projects in the country and the first batch of Hubei Province The PPP demonstration project adds stamina to urban development.
  Accelerate economic restructuring
  Wuhan City has deepened the supply-side structural reform as the main line and promoted various economic system reforms.
  The city is striving to do a good job in the national comprehensive innovation reform experiment, the construction of the Wuhan area of ??the Free Trade Zone, the construction of the Sino-French ecological demonstration city, the service trade innovation pilot, the science and technology financial reform and other national pilots, and strive to achieve new progress and new breakthroughs this year; in the East Lake High-tech Zone And Wuhan Development Zone to carry out the “immediately run, online office, one-time” administrative examination and approval reform pilot, and strive to provide experience that can be copied and promoted.
  Actively implement the innovation-driven development strategy and the “Made in China 2025” Hubei Action Plan to promote quality improvement and efficiency improvement in the manufacturing industry.
  Pay attention to the cultivation of talents. The city has implemented the “Millions of University Students' Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and Employment Program”; vigorously promoted the “Million Alumni Assets Management Project”; grasped the construction of a new R&D platform for 100 enterprises and universities, and introduced a group of industrial scientists and innovative enterprises. Leading talents and investors; exploring and establishing a number of innovative neighborhoods as the main direction of transformation and development of the central city in the future; do a good job in the construction of national science and technology innovation centers, and actively strive for the layout of national laboratories in China.
  Pay close attention to “four waters together”。 From time to time, the “four waters governance” on-site meeting will be held, each time highlighting a key point of water control; before May, we will focus on the construction of flood control and drainage projects, and strive not to come to Wuhan to “see the sea” this year; to carry out domestic sewage collection and treatment projects, etc. Start the treatment of black and odorous water bodies in Nanhu Lake and Shahu Lake; promote the implementation of the river length system and lake length system.
  Five major tasks work together
  Fuyang City innovatively promoted the key tasks of “three to one, one reduction and one supplement”。
  Unswervingly go to production capacity. In the citywide, special campaigns against illegal production and sales of “strip steel” have been launched. Up to now, the “ground steel” illegal equipment investigated and dealt with by the city has been completely dismantled, and the production and operation order of the steel industry has been further standardized. The high-energy-consumption and high-pollution industries such as coal mining and washing industry and ferrous metal mining and mining industry achieved negative growth.
  Formulate a number of supporting policies to destock and stabilize the market. In the transformation of shantytowns, we vigorously promoted monetization and formulated five monetization resettlement incentive policies. According to the average purchase of 110 square meters of houses, the sales volume of the city's local level sheds changed to 40.9% of the total sales volume. The implementation of monetization has effectively transformed the residents of the shed households into just-needed power and increased market sales. In January 2017, the city's urban commercial housing inventory was 1.974 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 40.48%, and the digestion cycle was 7.3 months.
  Strengthen financial risk prevention and disposal. In the province, the company took the lead in building a non-monitoring and early warning cloud platform, conducted big data investigations on 2,200 enterprises in the city, conducted artificial risk analysis on 352 enterprises with high abnormal scores, and identified 9 high-risk enterprises for early warning and timely resolution of potential risks.
  Continue to reduce costs. The municipal administrative enterprise-related fee collection project has been reduced by more than 30% on the original basis, only 23 charge items have been retained, 39 pre-service charge items for administrative approval have been retained, and enterprise-related business services with government pricing management have been retained. There are 20 charging items, and it is estimated that the annual burden on enterprises will be reduced by more than 35 million yuan.
  Enterprise registration speed up 80%
  In 2016, Yichang City issued the “Work Plan for the Implementation of Supply Side Structural Reform and Promotion of ”Three Goes, One Drop and One Supplement“ in Yichang City to further refine the measures and clarify responsibilities. 34 policy documents have been issued, including 10 capacity files, 6 inventory files, 4 leveraged files, 9 cost reduction files, and 5 short-board documents.
  Up to now, Yichang City has closed 72 coal enterprises (121 in the city), and 4797 people have been resettled; the production capacity has been reduced by 3.935 million tons, and the target of three-year cumulative reduction of coal production capacity of 3.69 million tons has been completed two years ahead of schedule. .
  Accelerate the construction and operation of government guidance funds and reduce the financing costs of enterprises. Expand the Three Gorges industry to guide the equity fund of the equity investment fund to 3 billion yuan, and establish 5 sub-funds in cooperation with social capital. The total number of sub-funds will reach 18, with a total scale of more than 10 billion yuan. As of the end of February 2017, the proportion of non-performing loans of financial institutions in Yichang City exceeded 2% for the first time in the past three years, reaching 1.95%, down by 0.07 percentage points from the beginning of the year.
  Reduce institutional transaction costs. In the country, the company's first registration of the ”three certificates of one“, and then upgraded to the ”five cards in one“ mode, the province's first registration of the entire process of electronic and other new mechanisms, enterprise registration speed of 80%. Clean up and approve the intermediary service items, issue a list of municipal administrative examination and approval intermediary service items, and issue the administrative assessment method for the administrative examination and approval intermediary service organization. Advance the ”Internet + government service“, the municipal administrative examination and approval items to achieve the ”external network declaration, intranet processing, external network inquiry“ online full process. More than 60% of the approved projects can be handled directly at the window. Except for a few projects such as land and planning, the rest of the matters basically achieve ”one week settlement“。


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