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"Chutian Jinbao" fell in love with this city, just as deep as the hometown of love

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Optics Valley is the preferred place for college students to stay in business

Chutianjin News The picture shows Liu Hao (right) checking the line in front of the switchgear

  reporter Zhou Pingying Intern Tian Meng Correspondent Chen Wei
  More than 1.3 million college students at 89 universities have always been a thing that Wuhan is proud of. In January of this year, Wuhan City proposed to implement the ”Millions of University Students to Stay in the Business and Employment Project“ to ensure that 1 million college students were left in five years.
  Optics Valley has become the preferred place for young college students to stay. The East Lake New Technology Development Zone said that in the future, it is necessary to highlight the construction of international talent free ports, and strive to support more than 2,000 talent projects with a total investment of 2 billion yuan by 2020, and strive to attract 300,000 college students to settle in Optics Valley.

Sichuan guys return home and want to be dismissed

  In the Changjiang Electric Intelligent Industrial Park factory, Liu Hao wearing blue overalls can be seen every day, holding the drawings, standing in front of the switchgear, checking one line and one line, one screw and one screw. The sweat kept flowing, and he ignored it. “Changjiang Electric is my first work unit, and I hope to do it longer.” 28-year-old Liu Hao graduated from Wuhan University of Technology in automation in 2014 and entered the workplace. He applied for Changjiang Electric Technology. Commissioner position. In order to enter the role faster, he chose to go to the workshop for the first-line internship, followed the master to compose the thread and screw the screw. After half a year, due to the vacancy in the position of the company's marketing management center, Liu Hao temporarily gave up the technical position and served as the project management commissioner. From the “outside the Han” to achieve “project experts”, Liu Hao used a three-year precipitation and summary.
  A month ago, Liu Hao went back to the front line of the workshop from the project management position that was familiar with the project, starting from the most basic quality inspectors.
  Peng Yi, director of the Human Resources Department of Changjiang Electric, told reporters that Liu Hao's professional and electrical counterparts, three years of marketing management experience, can let him more from the customer's point of view, to consider product process reform and quality supervision. “The company is from the perspective of cultivating comprehensive talents, so that Liu Hao is such a capable and willing talent to accelerate growth through diversified rotation training.” To tell the truth, the idea of ??just graduating from college is to find a big company. Learn more about knowledge and skills. When you have achieved success, you will return to your hometown in Sichuan to accompany your parents and build your hometown.“ Liu Hao admits that he is now deeply in love with Wuhan. ”Parents also support me to stay because they know that I am happy to work here, I am happy, and I believe that I will do my best for this cause.“
  ”You are always confused when you are young, but more exciting.“ Liu Hao said that he is very fortunate to be able to choose youth and choose a platform. He will also use his beliefs and responsibilities, and he will live up to his parents.

"North is drifting for many years, Wuhan is my home."

  ”There are many employment opportunities in the north and the south and the southeast coast, and the salary is high and can be long-sighted.“ Li Wenjie, who just graduated from Beijing Normal University a few years ago, always thought that he would choose to return to Wuhan from Beijing at the beginning of this year. Because my heart is very clear, no matter how hard I work hard, the employment pressure and consumption level of Beishangguang makes him always a drift.
  Back to Wuhan, Li Wenjie, the project manager of Wuhan Qinghe Technology Co., Ltd. in Guanggu Software Park is the project manager. During his three years in Beijing, he worked in stage lighting and equipment engineering, but he was very recognized for the education and information industry in Qinghe. ”Wuhan is the first city in China's colleges and universities. The future development prospects are very optimistic. “。
  At the moment, Li Wenjie's job is to complete and deliver the projects according to the budget during the summer vacation. The young man discusses the drawings, wiring and installation with the master at the gray-top construction site.

Wuhan University students in the first 7 months have doubled

  ”As the first batch of listed enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Qingchuang, Qinghe Technology is accelerating the pace of attracting talents from all walks of life. There are many young people like Li Wenjie who bring their dreams and come back from the experience of first-tier cities. I will build my own hometown and realize my dreams. As a business owner, I am very pleased,“ said Luo Chaoxiong, general manager of Qinghe Technology.
  According to one data, from January to July this year, Wuhan City settled a total of 84,000 people, an increase of 28,000 compared with last year, 2.3 times that of the same period last year. Among them, the number of college students who settled in the university was 42,000, which was 2.3 times that of the whole year of last year and doubled from 14,000 in the same period last year.
  On August 2nd, Donghu New Technology Development Zone held a new private economic development promotion conference. Cheng Yongwen, member of the Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Donghu New Technology Development Zone, said that in the next step, Donghu New Technology Development Zone should highlight the construction of international talent free port, and strive to support more than 2,000 talent projects with 2020 billion yuan by 2020. And strive to attract 300,000 college students to settle in Optics Valley.
  Wuhan, as a place where talents were once exported, is now step by step to retain millions of college students with practical actions, let them fall in love with the city and take root in Wuhan. Optics Valley will also become the first choice for foreign students to start a business and become a family.
"Chutian Jinbao" fell in love with this city, just as deep as the hometown of love