This company in Wuhan allows employees to be “bosses”, and the new method encourages employees to sign a large ticket for Beijing Airport._Hubei Changjiang Electric CO., LTD

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This company in Wuhan allows employees to be “bosses”, and the new method encourages employees to sign a large ticket for Beijing Airport.

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△Hua Xincheng, Chairman of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. communicated with technicians in the workshop.

  Changjiang Daily News on November 27 (Reporter He Liang) On the 6th, Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. revealed that the company won the order of the ”core area“ electrical equipment of Beijing New Airport. This is the capital of Beijing Electric in recent years. After the airport, Tianhe Airport T3 terminal and other projects, the newly signed 16th airport project orders.
  Wang Xincheng, chairman of Hubei Changjiang Electric, said that last year, Hubei Changjiang Electric achieved an output value of 2.46 billion yuan. This year, the output value of enterprises is expected to exceed 3 billion yuan.
  The social comprehensive benefits generated by doing business are greater
  Wang Xincheng recently returned to Wuhan from the construction site of the Beijing New Airport. The party's 19th National Congress made him feel particularly excited. ”We are very difficult to do business, but we have done a very stable job and gone further, resulting in comprehensive social benefits. Bigger.“
  Wang Xincheng said that learning to understand the spirit of the report of the 19th National Congress and setting the goal of ”100-year-old entity“ for the enterprise, Changjiang Electric launched the ”C123“ strategy, and ”C“ is the beginning of ”China“ English ”CHINA“ The letters are also the initial letters of the ”Changjiang Electric“ pinyin; ”1“ stands for ”one center“, and the company focuses on cultivating the work of ”group bosses“ to promote mass entrepreneurship and achieve long-term success. ”2“ means ”two characteristics“, innovation drives the creation of smart grid industry service platform and jointly creates a learning-oriented enterprise that creates and creates people's business; ”3“ is ”three persistences“, insisting on talents to develop enterprises and adhere to science and technology. Adhere to the market and develop the industry.
  Innovative research and development of new equipment has achieved new breakthroughs
  Cooperate with universities to merge and control leading technology companies in the industry.” Wang Xincheng said that Changjiang Electric is cooperating with top R&D institutions at home and abroad. At present, it is planning to establish an electrical science and technology research institute to start introducing domestic top electric experts and accelerate The transformation of industry research results.
  Innovation is the first driving force for development, and Wang Xincheng has a deeper understanding of this. On the 6th, the reporter walked into the Changjiang Electric Smart Grid Industrial Park, located in Guanggu. The workers in the factory are producing the newly developed intelligent reactive power adjustment and compensation equipment.
  The power equipment of the power system generates reactive power during use, which greatly increases the line loss, and the installation of reactive power compensation equipment in the system can improve the reactive power loss.
  Wang Xincheng told reporters that this new equipment has been used in a hospital. This month, according to customer feedback, various energy-saving indicators have achieved new breakthroughs.
  Encourage the enthusiasm of employee officers
  Recently, the Changjiang Electric “100 Days and Thousands of Talents” talent training program was launched in Wuhan University. It is planned to train 1,000 employees in the smart grid field through the training of famous teachers and the world's top 500 enterprises in one year. “Group bosses” and key talents are making every effort to build the backbone of the electrical industry in Central China.
  The Changjiang Electric innovation “group boss” system encourages employees to start a business. Employees can set up independent companies on the platform of Changjiang Electric, have their own financial and personnel rights, and employees become “bosses”, fully stimulating the passion of employee officers to start a business.
  There is no diamond drill, and there is no porcelain work. “The entire order of Beijing New Airport is 2000 sets of electrical equipment. The requirements for equipment are very high. The required index is 30 years maintenance-free.” Wang Xincheng said.
  The first phase of Beijing New Airport is scheduled to be put into trial operation next year. The project will build 700,000 square meters of terminal building using equipment produced by Changjiang Electric. “At present, engineers have communicated electrical equipment installation design plans with the construction unit at the new airport.” Wang Xincheng said “In addition to the employees of the Beijing branch invested in the new airport in Beijing, three electrical engineers were dispatched to the Wuhan headquarters.”
  Wang Xincheng said that as the electrical equipment provider of Beijing New Airport, Changjiang Electric will provide the world's most advanced technology and experience to build Beijing New Airport into a quality project, a model project, and a safety project.
  [Editor: Chen Zhi]
This company in Wuhan allows employees to be “bosses”, and the new method encourages employees to sign a large ticket for Beijing Airport.