New technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models are springing up – Wuhan’s new private economy has emerged as a “four new” entrepreneurial army
New technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models are springing up – Wuhan’s new private economy has emerged as a “four new” entrepreneurial army

New technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models are springing up – Wuhan’s new private economy has emerged as a “four new” entrepreneurial army

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New technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models are springing up – Wuhan’s new private economy has emerged as a “four new” entrepreneurial army

(Summary description)HubeiDailyNewsThepictureshows:HubeiChangjiangElectricCo.,Ltd.continuouslydevelopsandproducessmartgridsystemproducts,andgraduallyrealizestheupgradefrom“traditionalmanufacturing”to“smartmanufacturing”。(

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  Hubei Daily News The picture shows: Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. continuously develops and produces smart grid system products, and gradually realizes the upgrade from “traditional manufacturing” to “smart manufacturing”。 (Hubei Daily, full media reporter Zhang Peng correspondent Chen Yu)
  Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Cai Chaoyang Li Mo
  Since Wuhan first proposed the development of a new private economy this year, an economic tide of new and old kinetic energy iterations has surrendered to Jiangcheng.
  Leading the new normal and calling for new kinetic energy. The conversion of old and new kinetic energy is not only an adjustment process accompanied by pain, but also a promising upgrade process. New technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models are important directions for the current supply-side reform and an important engine for Wuhan's new private economy.
  Different from the traditional private economy, the “new” of Wuhan's new private economy is mainly a new economy with “four new” as the gene.
  On the new technology, with the Donghu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone as the core, major breakthroughs in the “National Heavy Equipment” such as optical communication, 5G, quantum science, and brain science are emerging one after another.
  Looking at the new industry, mobile internet, integrated circuits, intelligent robots, driverless cars, artificial intelligence, etc., have blossomed in the Valley of Light, and gradually changed the former “steel city” from the industrial structure.
  Visiting the new format, the live broadcast represented by the “unicorn” betta live broadcast, mobile phone installed users have exceeded 100 million.
  Pushing new models, sharing new business models such as travel, shared space, and new retail, infiltrating the people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. Ma Yun said that Wuhan should be built as a benchmark for “cash-free cities” and “smart travel cities”。
  As the main force of the new private economy, hundreds of thousands of newly graduated university students, “sea returnees”, scientific research institute technicians, professional managers and other new “four armies” have also ushered in an unprecedented stage of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  New Technology - “The Brain of the Valley of Light”
  “You see, this is the rat brain that has been cured with resin. After curing, the diamond is sliced, and the brain will not be scattered. The thickness of each layer is 1 micron.” Chen Qian, general manager of Wuhan Woyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. picked up a grain. Peanut-sized mouse brain samples are introduced.
  A major scientific and technological achievement of the Wuhan Optoelectronics National Laboratory of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, alarming the national and even the world brain science community: through the “microscopic optical section tomography system” (MOST), the distribution of nerve structures and blood vessels in the brain of mice, with or without disease, A test will know. This is the first time in the world to capture a high-resolution whole-brain 3D map.
  The service invention patent was purchased by Woyi Bio with 10 million yuan, and the results were transformed.
  In the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, brain science is a field of scientific research with equal emphasis on quantum computing. In the eyes of scientists, humans have explored nature and space a lot. In contrast, there is still too little understanding of their brains.
  Researchers say that the brain's cellular structure is extremely complex. A peanut-sized mouse brain specimen takes 10 days to complete the slice imaging. In the future, if the human brain scan is implemented, 50 MOST machines will be operated continuously for one year.
  Chen Qian introduced that as a high-precision research equipment, the accuracy of nuclear magnetic resonance is 0.3 mm, while the MOST is 0.3 micron, reaching the sub-micron level, which is 1000 times apart.
  There are only three companies in the world that can do three-dimensional imaging equipment for brain biological tissues. The other two are in the United States and one in Germany, and MOST recognizes the most market advantage and is currently the most powerful research tool in the field of brain science.
  In the past few years, Woyi has been cooperating with Tongji Hospital for research on cerebrovascular and brain tumors. Equipment orders come from Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shandong University.
  In recent years, brain science has become popular in the world, not only to explore the mysteries of the brain and to overcome diseases, but also to simulate the human brain neural network and realize the possibility of deep artificial intelligence.
  Last year, Woyi Bio introduced the fund of Beijing Xinzhongli to complete the A round of more than 10 million yuan financing. This year, Woyi established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Wuhan Woyi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in the East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and built an assembly center.
  Chen Qian introduced that in addition to selling equipment, Woyi also provides 3D imaging data analysis services. In the past two years, the company has done more than 100 three-dimensional analysis services for research institutes and hospital customers.
  New industry - integrated circuit spawns chip design sprout
  With the opening of the national capital IC industry project with a total investment of 160 billion yuan, Hubei has entered a new era of semiconductor industry.
  The far-reaching significance of this project is that a large number of integrated circuit leaders and innovative geniuses have returned with their beliefs and dreams.
  Liu Dezhen, founder and CEO of Wuhan Juxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., returned from Europe, is one of them.
  Chip design is one of the most upstream and most critical links in the entire IC industry chain. Liu Dejun's entrepreneurial direction is the sensor chip design.
  Just as human beings have five senses, they can look at them with their eyes, noses to smell, ears to listen, through sensor chips, cold machines, like humans, can sense external images, sounds, temperature, air pressure, and all sound and light thermoelectrics. Physical information, thereby giving lifeless objects an indication of life.
  Liu Dejun studied at the top 100 universities in the world, Delft University of Technology, and studied for a master's degree in electrical engineering. After graduation, he entered NXP Semiconductors, the world's top 10 semiconductor company headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He said that doing chip design is like writing a gene. What functions it can achieve in the future, what is the precision, and the genes are all written.
  His technical confidence lies in the high-performance mixed-signal chip in his hand.
  Chips are generally divided into analog chips and digital chips. The technical route of mixing analog and digital is similar to GPS and Beidou. Half of the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world are mixed-signal chips.
  In October last year, Polycore Microelectronics successfully made a one-time filming. Earlier this year, the company moved to the packaging testing and production phase.
  At present, the first batch of consumer sensor chips of Polycore Microelectronics is close to mass production. The vehicle pressure sensor chip is also tested in the pre-installation market of some well-known domestic manufacturers.
  New format - “unicorn” fighting fish annual income went straight to 3 billion
  Recently, the country's largest webcast platform, Betta, announced the completion of the D round of financing, with a scale of 1 billion yuan. This is the biggest financing for Hubei Internet companies this year. Since last year, the total amount of fighting fish has exceeded 3 billion yuan and its valuation has exceeded 15 billion yuan.
  After three years of entrepreneurship, Betta has taken the lead from the “Thousands of Broadcasting Wars” and took the lead in entering the profitable harvest period.
  The Deloitte audit of the world's four largest accounting firms showed that in 2016, Betta fishery realized a live income of 1 billion yuan and taxed 120 million yuan. This year's revenue will hit 3 billion yuan. Chen Shaojie, founder and CEO of Betta Live, said his high growth was mainly due to the creation of a new format and continuous innovation in business models and live broadcast technology.
  Right now, fighting fish is accelerating fission through the “live +” mode.
  According to Chen Shaojie, the business volume of betta fish has accounted for more than 70% of the national live broadcast market share. It has nearly 200 columns, and many popular items such as reverberation around the world and fish market have independent market value. The “live broadcast +” is an industry model based on the main business of the live broadcast platform, which is continuously diverging and expanding up and down.
  Betta fishes these columns and the live-related business that can be split and outsourced, and is divided into a number of companies. The backbone employees are represented by legal persons. Through internal incubation, each business can be independently strengthened and expanded to form an ecosystem.
  Since the second half of 2016, the fighting fish has intensively invested in a series of investments in the industry chain, involving 11 live broadcast and game related companies. The investment direction, one is the layout of the e-sports and live broadcast industry chain upstream and downstream growth companies, and the other is the content producers around the contracted anchor.
  Up to now, Betta has signed cooperation agreements with a number of anchors, using capital injections from betta, anchors to provide personnel and content, establishing various joint ventures in Optics Valley, and conducting business in online red brokers and artist brokers. Many net red companies have set up studios and companies, and have received venture capital ranging from several million yuan to ten million yuan.
  The new model - “Millet” promotes Wuhan “new retail”
  On November 18th, Xiaomi's “Second Headquarters” officially settled in Wuhan Optics Valley Financial Port, and Xiaomi Technology, Jinshan Software and Shunwei Capital were settled simultaneously. This is the biggest project Wuhan has introduced in the Internet field this year.
  Just past the “double eleven”, Xiaomi's sales in Tmall reached a record 2.464 billion yuan, mobile phones, television, notebooks and other categories, ranked first in Tmall sales.
  On December 3, at the 4th World Internet Conference, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is not only a smartphone company, an e-commerce company and a new retail company, but also an Internet service and AI (Artificial Intelligence) company.
  As the core carrier of Xiaomi's new retail model, Xiaomi Home has opened more than 200 stores nationwide. In the next three years, Xiaomi's home will open another 1,000.
  The so-called new retail is based on the Internet, using advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales of goods, thereby reshaping the business structure and ecosystem, and serving online. , offline experience, and a new retail model of deep integration of modern logistics.
  It is said that Xiaomi's home improvement (sales per square meter of area created daily) reached 260,000 yuan, second only to Apple's 400,000 yuan, even higher than the luxury brand Tiffany's 200,000 yuan.
  The relevant person in charge of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone said that Xiaomi's “Second Headquarters” brought not only a company but also a huge ecology to Wuhan. There are currently 89 Xiaomi hardware eco-chain investment companies, 5 of which are “unicorn” companies with a valuation of more than 1 billion US dollars. These ecosystem members will all follow the “second headquarters” settlement, which will greatly boost the optical valley Internet industry and promote the development of new retail in Wuhan.
  New Deal to protect the growth of new private economy
  In July this year, Wuhan issued the “Policy Measures for Breakthrough Development of Private Economy (Trial)”, and 16 new policies fully supported the development of new private economy from the aspects of industry, science and technology, talents, investment and financing.
  Encourage private enterprises to undertake major scientific research projects, with a maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan; encourage and support the first (set) product development and application of enterprises, and purchase the first domestic (set) new products developed and produced by private enterprises in China, according to the actual product 5% to 10% of the value will be given a one-time subsidy, and 2 million yuan will be capped; the scale of financing funds for Wuhan small and micro enterprises will be expanded to 500 million yuan. Reduce corporate tax and fee costs, strengthen private enterprise housing security, cultivate and expand venture capital, rationally reduce corporate social security costs, and increase government procurement support…
  A series of measures directly pointed to the pain of the growth of the private economy.
  In terms of industrial policies, Wuhan supports the construction of new private economic parks and innovative neighborhoods, explores industrial land management; reforms incentives and incentives, adheres to the “mu heroes of per mu”, and rewards housing with tax contribution, innovation investment, quality improvement, etc. The right to assign indicators such as settlement, medical care, and education.
  Focusing on innovation drive, we will guide private enterprises to enhance their independent innovation capabilities and accelerate their progress towards the high-end of the industrial value chain. We will strive to achieve “four 70%” in the city by 2021, that is, 70% of R&D machines will be built in private enterprises and 70% of R&D personnel. In private enterprises, 70% of research investment comes from private enterprises, and 70% of patents are generated in private enterprises.
  The Donghu High-tech Zone has issued “8 new private economy” and established a 50 billion yuan industrial development fund to promote the development of the new private economy. All kinds of new “Four Army” entrepreneurial talents settled in Optics Valley and implemented scientific and technological achievements. The comprehensive funding can reach 100 million yuan.
  The Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone has issued “Golden 30 Articles” and “Chedu Talents Program” to support the new private economy to become bigger and stronger.
  Wuchang District launched 15 policy measures to break through the development of the new private economy, granting financial subsidies in accordance with the enterprise's R&D investment quota of 30%, and rewarding enterprises according to 10% of the actual payment of the enterprise's expenses.
  Jiang'an District launched the development of the private economy “golden 20”, starting from the entire chain of investment and financing, helping enterprises to crack financing difficulties.
  The Qiaokou District issued 9 “Policy Measures for Promoting the Development of New Private Economy” and “9 Measures for Incentives for Investment Promotion”。
  Reporter's notes
  Let the short board become a new growth pole
  The lack of private economy development has always been a shortcoming in Wuhan.
  Last year, the added value of Wuhan's private economy accounted for only 42.5% of GDP, not only far lower than the level of cities such as Hangzhou and Shenzhen, but also lower than the national and provincial average.
  In the context of economic development entering the new normal of speed shift, structural optimization, kinetic energy conversion, and supply-side structural reform, how should the Wuhan economy play this game?
  Economics has a barrel law, and how much water a bucket can hold depends on the shortest piece of wood.
  The idea of ??the new private economy not only pointed out the direction for Wuhan to quickly rely on its own advantages and fill this short board, but also led Wuhan to embark on a new private economic road that is different from the Wenzhou model and the Sunan model.
  At present, in the main battlefield of Wuhan's new private economy, Optics Valley, on average, 56 new market entities per working day.
  Betta fish live, roll net, zebra run and many other “unicorn” companies, Beacon Finance, Loulan honey language, Fulu technology, Antian information, etc. approved the “unicorn” enterprise, with live webcast, artificial The new network economy represented by intelligent, intelligent networked cars and VR/AR is booming.
  It is the source of living and enriching the people. It is the new force for innovation-driven development. It is an important thrust to deepen the structural reform of the supply side. It is the cradle for cultivating and developing the famous products of famous enterprises.
  The new private economy is not only a new economic growth pole for a city that is struggling to catch up, but also a growing yearning for the rich and the people.

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