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Awesome, my long power | "Guangming Daily" praised the Changjiang Electric innovation non-public enterprise party construction work mechanism

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△ "Guangming Daily" reported "Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone innovative non-public enterprise party construction work mechanism"

By the end of 2017, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone had established 953 non-public enterprise party organizations, accounting for 63.62% of the grassroots party organizations in the region, and the Internet corporate party organization coverage rate exceeded 85%. The Donghu High-tech Zone explored and created the "four services and one promotion" party building work system, which serves the party members, service workers, service personnel, and service enterprises, enhances the creativity, cohesiveness, and combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations, and effectively solves the party building and business of non-public enterprises. "Two skins" question.

"Four services" to build a new mechanism for party building

  “Some foreign non-public enterprise executives do not know enough about the purpose and nature of our party.” Li Dunqiang, deputy secretary of the Comprehensive Party Committee of Guanggu Bio City, said: “In this regard, we insist on providing docking services for talents and let them recognize us. The quality of service enhances confidence and support for party building work.”
  “In order to facilitate 24-hour contact with high-end talents, our mobile phone number, QQ number, WeChat public number, and smart party construction service platform QR code are all open in the park.” Li Dunqiang said that at the same time, open online columns and establish a party member service center WeChat public No., listen carefully to the voices of employees, and do a good job for the employees of the enterprise. “Small things don't stay overnight, big things don't happen every day, everything goes back, and everything falls.”
  In order to promote party building services into enterprises, Guanggu Bio City Park has established a comprehensive party committee, sub-park party general branch, and enterprise party organization three-level party building network, and establishes grid management for small and micro enterprises that do not meet the conditions for establishing party organizations. Members, to achieve full coverage of party building services. In order to make the service more refined, it also coordinates the base management company, property company, catering and other 24-hour “nanny” services.
  Changfei Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture. At present, the main business of bar, fiber and cable production ranks first in the world. “How to explore the party building work in foreign-funded enterprises has always been an important issue before the party committee of Changfei Company.” Wang Shajing, deputy secretary of the Changfei Optical Fiber Party Committee, said: “The company continues to extend the party organization to the grassroots level, relying on the party members and staff members of the development zone. The service center, the leader of the party organization in the continuous media layer, strives to be the needs of the enterprise, understands it for foreign businessmen, and supports the employees.”
  Renfu Pharmaceutical Group is the first private high-tech enterprise listed in Hubei Province. Since the establishment of the party committee in 1997, it has developed 14 party organizations and 1,500 party members. “The Group attaches great importance to party building work and requires all operating companies that meet the conditions to form party organizations.” Gai Songmei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, said: “We closely link the party building work with the talent work, and play the role of the party committee in the selection and appointment of cadres. The role of evaluation, supervision, and building the foundation of enterprise development with party building.”
  In order to improve the service system, Donghu High-tech Zone has established three service management systems: “Organization of Service Organizations, Park Service Enterprises, and Street Service People”。 The Party Committee of the High-tech Zone took the lead in setting up the “8+8” party organization system, 8 The Party Work Committee of the Streets led the work of building the city and the rural areas, and the eight party comprehensive party committees contacted the non-public economic party to build the work, realizing the combination of the bar and the overall promotion. At the same time, build a regional party building comprehensive service platform to promote service sinking.
  In order to improve the level of party building management, Donghu High-tech Zone has built a “smart party building service platform” by means of “Internet +”, realizing the collection of party fees, government services and party activities online, and completing the offline construction of the party building online ecosystem.

"One promotion" leads non-public enterprises to leapfrog development

  “The party building is strong, the enterprise is strong, and the party building is the enterprise.” Chen Yiqin, deputy secretary of the party committee of Guochuang Gaoke Industrial Group, said: “The non-public enterprise party organization is to guide enterprises to abide by national laws and regulations, unite and condense the workers and the masses, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties. The political core of promoting the healthy development of enterprises. The party building work of enterprises must be integrated with the production and management of enterprises, and integrate with the quality of employees, and integrate with the construction of modern corporate culture.”
  Hubei Changjiang Electric is a private national high-tech enterprise. Zhang Qing, deputy secretary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee, said: “We insist on promoting the strong growth of the enterprise by the party building and the rapid growth of major economic indicators such as corporate sales, which is inseparable from our insistence on party building.”
  Giving play to the creativity, cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the party organization and leading the innovation and development of enterprises has become a common mode for the success of many non-public enterprises in the East Lake High-tech Zone. The Wuhu Party Committee organically integrated the party's “political organization” with the “economic organization” of foreign-funded enterprises, and promoted the transformation of political advantages into economic advantages. The Guangting Navigation Party Committee focuses on condensing and creating talents, and leads the rapid development of enterprises with the “red navigation” with excellent quality.
  As a typical representative of the new economy, Internet companies make the traditional party building methods face greater challenges. Donghu High-tech Zone has gathered more than 1,800 Internet companies of a certain scale, and has cultivated five unicorn enterprises and became the “second headquarters” of 29 nationally renowned Internet companies.
  On the eve of the “July 1” in 2017, Betta established the country's first “Net Red” party branch, which was warmly praised by netizens. According to the person in charge of the Party Science and Technology Party Organization, under the demonstration role of party members, 52 people have submitted applications for membership.
  Donghu High-tech Zone continuously strengthens the demonstration of key Internet companies and enhances the party's political influence and organizational leadership in Internet companies. In March of this year, the organization of key Internet companies to carry out the secretary to grasp the work of the party building review, 10 party organization secretary dried out the party building transcript. Next, the high-tech zone will rely on the advantage of the “second headquarters” of Internet companies to establish the Optical Valley Internet Industry Association, and set up the association party committee to create the Optical Valley Internet Party Construction Alliance and the “Guangming Optics Valley Internet Party Building Incubator” to establish a full-process party building incubation system. Focusing on the leading enterprises in the “Internet +” segment and the local Internet companies in Optics Valley, we will promote the all-round expansion of the Internet enterprise party building.
  In addition, party building plays an active role in fulfilling social responsibilities of enterprises. In 2017, Donghu High-tech Zone launched a “1 day 1 yuan” charity donation activity, and a total of 165 “two new” organization party organizations donated nearly 800,000 yuan. “Under the guidance of the party committee, we have done precision poverty alleviation and aiding students as a business that inherits corporate culture.” Gaisongmei introduced that in the “Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousand Villages” activity, Renfu Pharmaceutical Group has accumulated support for the pair. Rural donations amounted to more than 800,000 yuan
  At present, the comprehensive strength of Donghu High-tech Zone has entered the top three in the national high-tech zone, with an average of more than 60 new market entities per day. From “Optical Valley” to “Optical Valley, Medicine Valley, Zhigu, Jingu, Talent Valley”, the “Five Grains” and the “four services and one upgrade” party building work system have become a powerful engine to lead the development of high-tech zones and enterprises.
Awesome, my long power | "Guangming Daily" praised the Changjiang Electric innovation non-public enterprise party construction work mechanism