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The front page of "Hubei Daily" focuses on the Changjiang Electric - the rise of the optical "private" group

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Hubei Daily News (Reporters Zhou Fang, Liu Na, Wang Jikai) “We have submitted the application for membership for the second time, hoping to become a glorious red 'entrepreneur'.” On May 9, Director of the Private Enterprise Changjiang Electric Beijing Office Hu Yan told reporters on the phone that because she had been working in the field for a long time, she had carefully handwritten a application for joining the party and delivered it to Li Xichao, the party building commissioner of Wuhan Optical Valley. “Entrepreneur” is a special name for Changjiang Electric to come to the company's entrepreneurs. Behind it is the company building a platform to reward entrepreneurs according to the profit of the order and help them grow into group owners. In the past three years, more than 600 “entrepreneurs” like Hu Yan were born in the company, and 103 people have accumulated orders of over 10 million yuan. Among the 103 people, 59 were Communists, accounting for 57.28%.

△Changjiang Electric 10th Anniversary Celebration Group Entrepreneur Group Photo

  A party member has a flag and the red “entrepreneur” has become the team's spiritual benchmark. “Towing a large suitcase full of tenders, carrying a few big bags of information, wolf can not catch the train, it has been heavy rain that day, I can not make an umbrella.” Long-term story sharing meeting, party member entrepreneur Wang Juan said, Although the bid failed, the encouragement of the party branch comrades “to face difficulties and not give up” made her survive the most difficult moment.
  The Tang Dynasty is expanding the market, and the red “entrepreneur” takes the lead in demonstration. “Who said marketing must be a gift? Customers will eventually choose a trusted partner.” Dong Ying, party member and general manager of the marketing department, said, “When visiting customers, we introduce products and send them to a party within the company. The magazine, showing the red culture behind the products, many customers are very appreciative of our appreciation.”

△The company’s party committee went to a conference site to revisit the party’s oath

"Learning to understand the party's ideals and convictions, the mass line and working methods, we have found ways to unite enterprises, motivate employees, unite people, and resolve conflicts." Wang Xincheng, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman, said that this is his practice. Explore the "red password".

△The first-line employees of the workshop learn the spirit of the 19th National Congress

The "morning meeting" twice a week has a fixed "red classic" section. "The big country must be in its own hands." "Struggle itself is a kind of happiness." General Secretary Xi Jinping's "golden sentence" became the hottest share.

△The company's party committee held the July 1st commendation meeting

  Once a week, the branch study, once a month, the party committee, the red culture conveys positive energy. After visiting the “Red Boat” of Nanhu, the “entrepreneur” Zhang Qing of the 80s said: “The revolutionary pioneers risked their lives to establish the Chinese Communist Party. From them, I took the driving force.”
  The red “entrepreneur” united and struggled to boost the company's rapid development. In the past three years, the company's annual average order growth rate exceeded 20%, and the order volume reached 1.91 billion yuan last year.

△ Party workers' representative at the annual meeting to perform "Shouzheng New" poetry reading

  On May 7, Changjiang Electric received the “Wuhan Five-Star Grassroots Party Organization” medal issued by the Organization Department of Wuhan Municipal Committee. “Party construction is the productivity, and the fineness is the cohesiveness. The private enterprise grasps the party building, which is in line with the actual needs of enterprise development.” Professor Li Binxiong, deputy director of the Center for Laws and Regulations of Wuhan University, believes that the role of the party organization can stimulate the positive energy of employees. To ensure that enterprises are on the right track and not biased, the exploration of Changjiang Electric is worth promoting.

Firm belief, spiritual strength motivates people to travel
——Changjiang Electric explores the “red password” of private enterprises 1
  Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Liu Na Wang Jikai
  Businesses, like people, have a life cycle.
  The famous management scientist Eddie believes that the enterprise life cycle is based on 12 years.
  The Changjiang Electric, which has just passed 12 years, is still flourishing.
  Exploring the password behind it, the company's party secretary and chairman Wang Xincheng pulled out a red party building notebook. “The red culture with party building as the core is the source of power to extend the life cycle of the company.”
  Leading the party flag, calibrating the course at all times
  Every morning, Wang Xincheng's desk will be on the party's newspaper.
  Learning the party and the country's major policies, so that enterprises have improved the pattern and position, but also tasted the real development of sweetness. According to statistics, from 2014 to 2020, non-OECD countries along the 'Belt and Road' area have an annual average of 139.6 billion US dollars or more of electrical equipment demand; the country's new round of rural network transformation, the estimated total investment of more than 700 billion yuan… …“
  On February 8 this year, at the company's annual meeting, Wang Xincheng's words made the ”entrepreneurs“ in the audience excited. ”Entrepreneur“ is a special title for Changjiang Electric to come to the company's entrepreneurs.
  He went on to say: ”Whoever has enough strength and mobility will be able to seize the opportunity.“
  Don't wait when you seize the opportunity. In recent years, the company has built the first smart grid industrial park in Central China. Beijing New Airport, CCTV, Wuhan Metro, Iranian Oil, Guinea Kangta Terminal, Laos Hydropower Station, and many domestic and international ”landmark“ buildings have equipment from Changjiang Electric.
  The belief in the party has a long history. Wang Xincheng, who was born in a farmhouse, was used to working in the city when he entered the city in his early years. During repeated observations, he concluded: ”The long-term enterprises, mostly with party organization leaders, have long-term planning and realistic goals; companies that are keen to make quick money and are extremely prosperous often die fast.“
  The founding of Changjiang Electric, Wang Xincheng's position is ”a century-old shop“ - ”the party organization is the torch, only the party flag pilot, the company can calibrate the development of the course, twist into a rope, work together, let the tree of life evergreen.“
  In 2012, the company's development was on the right track, with 30 party members and a party branch. In 2016, the party branch was upgraded to a party committee.
  The ”two-way entry, cross-employment“ model ensures that party organizations play a political core role. In Changjiang Electric, the company's board of directors has a total of 35 directors, including 22 party members and 2 development targets; 11 functional management departments, including 9 party members and 1 development target.
  In the face of difficulties, choose to strive for progress
  Xiong Ting is 35 years old. When she started her business, she ushered in a challenge.
  At that time, she received an inquiry phone call. After the other party asked about the plan and the price, she did not have the following. In order to seize the opportunity, a month later, she was alone in a train of more than 30 hours, and came to the foot of the mountain, a small county in Guangxi. ”I stayed there for half a month, and I haven't made progress. There are five companies whose salesmen can't stand it, leaving, and only me and the other two.“ ”Understand alone, there is only one party chapter to accompany me. “Xion Ting said that at the time, she was being trained as a party activist. When she was on a business trip, she deliberately put the party badge into the suitcase. ”Being bitter in the past, enjoying the future, self-denial, and contributing more!“ In the morning, reading the party constitution, Xiong Ting suddenly felt full of strength.

△ Xiong Ting donated 300,000 yuan for the "Alashan" charity event

  One morning, after the project party ended, Xiong Ting rushed directly into the venue and asked for an open bid to determine the order. In the afternoon, three salesmen were called together. ”At that time, one person gave a piece of paper and wrote the price.“ Xiong Ting seized the last chance, optimized the technology and business plan, and won the bid with a difference of 12,000 yuan.
  In Changjiang Electric, every ”entrepreneur“ has a difficult journey. ”Party members are made of special materials, and there is no difficulty to crush us.“ At the branch meeting, everyone cheered each other.
  Today, 121 of the company's 1,168 employees, the education and training of the organization of the party, let them show obvious characteristics: not afraid of hardship and courage.
  Party member and general manager of the production system, Zhang Zuodun, received an expedited order from the T3 terminal of Tianhe Airport. He left the home for 45 days to eat and live in the factory area, leading more than 260 workers to work overtime day and night, and the high quality rushed out of the power equipment.
  Party member and director of the technical center Zhou Peng, led a group of science and engineering men, lived in the deep mountains of Laos for three months, successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the hydropower station's power system, and let foreign counterparts look at each other.
  Face the temptation, strengthen the initial heart
  ”After half a year, I received the first order. I didn't have a general contract at the time, and I didn't have a cost concept. After the project started, I found that I had to lose 50,000 yuan!“
  At the long-term story sharing meeting, Chen Dan, a party member and general manager of marketing, shared his experience of getting into the business, which sounded disgusting. At that time, she had just returned to the workplace after giving birth to a child, facing both economic and psychological pressures.
  How to do? Some people suggested that she should shoddy and quietly reduce the quality of the power distribution cabinet and reduce the cost. Some people suggested that she should use the excuses to set up new projects and ask Party A to add additional fees, otherwise the delivery time will be delayed.
  In the middle of the night, ask yourself. Chen Dan remembered the expectations of the company's party committee and his initial intention to join the party, and resolutely led the loss by default. ”This is the tuition fee for becoming an 'entrepreneur', I have to bear it myself.“
  There is always a rainbow after the storm.
  At the end of the year, the company incurred a loss for Chen Dan. Six months later, the customer took the initiative to find Chen Dan and handed her an order of more than 10 million yuan.
  There is no cry of joy, only the calmness of ”staying in the clouds and seeing the moon“. ”I will continue to be a dream catcher and work hard on the platform of Changjiang Electric's achievement career.“ Chen Dan said.

△ Chen Dan (third from the front row) went to Japan to study with the members of the board of directors

  Shopping malls, such as the battlefield, always test people's initial intentions and will. Sticking to Chen Dan is the common choice of Changjiang Electric's red ”entrepreneur“ group. ”In the melting pot of the Changjiang Electric Party, the advanced nature and purity of party members have been further amplified. They are like a bright light that illuminates the company's starry sky.“ Sun Minjie, deputy secretary of the company's party committee, expressed poetically.
  The party building work is integrated into the whole process of enterprise development, and promotes the two forces of party building and management to move in the same direction and rotate at a high speed.
  Some people have questioned that party building is a matter of state-owned enterprises. As a private enterprise, it should be far from politics and concentrate on its operations. The Changjiang Electric responded with practical actions. Party building is not an ornament, but a driving force for pilot development.
The front page of "Hubei Daily" focuses on the Changjiang Electric - the rise of the optical "private" group