Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the second series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - topped up with oil, followed by red head geese
Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the second series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - topped up with oil, followed by red head geese

Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the second series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - topped up with oil, followed by red head geese

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Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the second series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - topped up with oil, followed by red head geese

(Summary description)HubeiDailyFullMediaReporterLiuNaWangJikai  Partybuildingpromotesthedevelopmentofenterprises,andenterprisedevelopmentmakespartybuildingbetter.  InChangjiangElectric,throughthegroup”entrepreneur“mechani

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  Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Liu Na Wang Jikai
  Party building promotes the development of enterprises, and enterprise development makes party building better.
  In Changjiang Electric, through the group ”entrepreneur“ mechanism, a group of red headed geese with annual income of over one million yuan and ten million yuan stood out.
  Relying on the leadership of the party, the pace of development of the enterprise is accelerating, and the atmosphere of the employees of the enterprise is becoming more and more concentrated.
  [Party builds talent, the head geese effect appears]
  On May 3, in the Changjiang Electric plant, a row of intelligent power distribution cabinets were placed neatly, and workers were packaged and loaded in an orderly manner.
  In the traditional off-season of the power transmission and transformation equipment industry, the production and sales of this fixed-production company are booming.
  ”The sales team is giving strength and the order is flying like a snow flake.“ Sun Minjie, deputy secretary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee, said with a smile, thanks to the group ”entrepreneur“ mechanism of the company.
  At the beginning of the establishment of the company, Wang Xincheng, the chairman of the company, systematically studied the concept of ”Amoeba Management“ (independent management) of Inamori Kazuo of Japan's ”Management of the Sacred“。 He combined this concept with the rural contract responsibility system. Establish a group ”entrepreneur“ mechanism, a group of young people stand out from the basic posts and become a head geese.

△ "Red head goose" system to learn party building knowledge

Xiong Ting, 35, entered the company after graduating from college, started from the administration, worked as a personnel, budget, etc. Now she is the director of Marketing Six. She led a sales team of more than 40 people last year and signed more than 80 million yuan. Sales order; 31-year-old Dong Ying, who has been in the company for 4 years, has also worked as a purchasing supervisor and director of the Office of Outreach. In 2017, she led a team of 30 people to set up marketing five, with a sales target of 150 million yuan. Jin Dan, 36, started from finance, worked as an office director, and now is a general manager of marketing. She led a team of more than 50 people and completed sales of more than 70 million yuan last year; Zhang Qing, 35 years old, Starting from the basic position, now is the deputy secretary of the company's party committee. He took a team of more than 60 people last year and completed nearly 200 million yuan of orders...

△Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Qing and Sun Minjie led some party committee members to visit Baibu Pavilion to study

  Today, in Changjiang Electric, these head geese have made great achievements in sales. They also have a common identity - members of the Communist Party.
  ”Using the scientific methods of cultivating, selecting, and using talents in party organizations and giving full play to the advanced nature of party members can provide a reliable talent pool for enterprise development,“ said Wang Xincheng.
  [Party building together, Liu Panpan ”dream“
  Under the guidance of the red ”entrepreneur“, more and more young people are moving closer to the party organizations.

△ Youth Party members learn party constitution

  ”In the front line workers, I will be the first to join the party in the company.“ Liu Panpan looked proud.
  Liu Panpan, 30, is the second-line leader of the Changjiang Electric Manufacturing Center. He entered the company in 2007 and is mainly engaged in the wiring of distribution boxes.
  In 2010, she took the courage to submit the first application for joining the party to the company's party organization.
  ”I have not done enough, and I have not yet reached the party member standard.“ Since then, she has worked hard on the various processes and processes of the production line and has become the pillar of the company's manufacturing center.
  In 2016, she submitted her application for membership for the third time, which was affirmed by the company's party committee and became the object of development. After investigation, this year, she is about to become a probationary member.
  ”I have always believed that God will not be a bad person.“ Liu Panpan said that as a ”master“ in the manufacturing center, she often helps young workers to become familiar with the business. ”As a party member, the band should be of.“
  Like Liu Panpan, Xiong Ting, Director of Marketing Six, also submitted three applications.
  ”As a team leader, if you don't go up, you can't convince the public.“ Xiong Ting said.
  In Changjiang Electric, there are many employees like Liu Panpan and Xiong Ting. Today, the number of party members in the company has reached 121. There are 90 party members in the post-80s and post-90s, more than 50 activists in the party, and more than 80 applications for membership.
  [Party builds a heart, ”thanks“ to warm people's hearts]
  Grasping the party building, we must be calm.
  On New Year's Day in 2018, Changjiang Electric launched the ”Grateful to have you, all the way to peers“ New Year condolences. For a whole month, a condolence group composed of members of the company's party committee and board of directors went to Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shenzhen and other places to express their condolences to their families.

△Grateful trip, the line leads you and me

  Dong Ying was deeply touched by this event.
  ”At the time, I was on a business trip in Shenzhen, I was preparing to visit my client and suddenly received a call from my mother.“ Dong Ying said that her mother kept saying ”Mom loves you“ on the phone. ”At the time, my first reaction was that my parents had a fight. Later, I learned that the company's leaders went to condolences.“
  That ”grateful trip“, the company's condolence group sent Dong Ying parents a big red envelope with 5,200 yuan in cash, as well as some new year's goods. ”The usual work is busy, the children are basically parents, and I am only owed to them. The condolences organized by the company party committee are to filial piety for me, I am very touched.“ Dong Ying said emotionally.

△ Marketing five Dong Ying and his team representative show

  Before the Spring Festival last year, an employee from Yunnan, in order to save money, bought a quick ticket for Zhang Pu, and took more than 30 hours to get home. After the company's party committee learned of the incident, it mobilized employees to help him grab the high-iron ticket. ”Three or four people took the mobile phone and grabbed it. They were busy for several days and finally got it.“ Sun Minjie said that when the ticket was received, the employee was moved to tears. DC.
  Every month, the company's trade unions send cakes and birthday cards to employees who have birthdays in the month, and the inside pages of the greeting cards are filled with the blessings of the party organizations.
  The moisturizing things are silent, and the drops are warm. One small thing, let the Changjiang Electric Party organization into the hearts of employees.

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