Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the third series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - turbidity and clearness, purely a force
Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the third series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - turbidity and clearness, purely a force

Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the third series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - turbidity and clearness, purely a force

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Headlines | "Hubei Daily" published the third series of reports on the "Red Password" of Changjiang Electric - turbidity and clearness, purely a force

(Summary description)It’sapower——ChangjiangElectricexploresthe“redpassword”ofprivateenterprises3HubeiDailyFullMediaReporterLiuNaWangJikai△"HubeiDaily"headlinereportoriginal  Advancementandpurityaretheessentialattributesof

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It’s a power
——Changjiang Electric explores the “red password” of private enterprises 3

Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Liu Na Wang Jikai

△ "Hubei Daily" headline report original

  Advancement and purity are the essential attributes of Marxist parties.
  In the ever-changing marketing market, the red ”entrepreneurs“ of Changjiang Electric interpret the true nature of party members with a sincere heart.

△ theme party day activities

  [An internal magazine becomes a new ”knocking door“]
  ”Hello, I am from Changjiang Electric. This is our corporate magazine.“
  Going to visit customers, the company's internal magazine has become a new ”knocking block“ for Changjiang Electric's marketing staff.
  The internal magazine is called ”Changdian“, and the four editions of coated paper record the achievements of the party building and technological innovation of the Changjiang Electric. It has already reached the 24th issue.
  ”In the past, when we went to the government to talk about business and talk about products, it was hard to resonate.“ Zhang Qing, deputy secretary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee, said that once they took out a ”Long Electric Man“, the other party's eyes flashed a surprise.
  ”Do you have private enterprises engaged in party building?“ Looking at each other's face, Zhang Qing began to introduce the party building and corporate culture to the other side, which made the other side look at each other.
  ”In the past few years, dealing with government departments has clearly made the political style clearer.“ Zhang Qing said.

△ Party members and cadres go to the district procuratorate to receive integrity education

  And a few years ago, Zhang Qing's team had a lesson in this regard.
  At that time, a marketing staff member of the team directly plugged a shopping card to the other party when he talked about the business. He was rejected by the other party on the spot and drove the marketing staff out of the door. He then called the company to ask questions. After the company's party branch was informed, the marketing staff was immediately criticized and educated and notified throughout the company. Since then, the hall has been taking the market and not making a trick to become a steel rule in the company.
  ”To build a pro-Qing dynasty relationship, business personnel must first change their minds, which requires strengthening study and improving party spirit.“ Zhang Qing said.

△19th Spiritual Propaganda Training Conference

  Like Zhang Qing, Dong Ying, a member of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee, talked with the other party about party building when he talked about business with state-owned enterprises. ”When talking about the organizational life of the party, everyone has a common topic. The other party feels that we are a pragmatic and sentimental company. Deal with us and rest assured.“
  Xiong Ting, who specializes in real estate distribution projects, said: ”Now the big projects, bidding is open and transparent, we are relying on strength and ability to fight for orders. We are open to doing things, customers are more assured to hand over the project to we.“
  [A move to warm my heart]
  Run the business cleanly and make a project.
  Marketing business, ”crash“ is inevitable. In this case, the long-term person chose to communicate frankly.
  Three years ago, Chen Youan, the general manager of Marketing Company II, and a large project that the team took over, overlapped with other departments. In the face of interest disputes, Chen Youan took the initiative to propose a gentleman agreement to colleagues in the department: If you have enough confidence to win this project and win more benefits for the company, I am willing to withdraw from the project without any requirement for profit distribution; if you do not Down, I will go all out with the team.
  At that time, after Chen Youan took the initiative to withdraw, the colleagues in the external department did not bear the responsibility, took the project and made it beautiful.
  Through this incident, Qi Haimu, the general manager of the marketing company, admired Chen Youan.
  Qi Haimu said that in the event of a crash on the project, if anyone only cares about his own interests and disregards the interests of the company, he will get the most out of his blood. ”Simple is a kind of power. Real greatness is simplicity, true wisdom is frankness.“ At the beginning of this year, Li Bing, a professor at the National Defense University, was invited to come to the company to talk about red culture. After the lecture, how to maintain the purity of party members has become a hot topic for everyone in the company's morning meeting and ”story Hui“. ”Simple is not stupid, especially in the era of information explosion, who can clearly understand and be able to abide by simple people, is the real master. Do not think of some side-by-side, only treat each other with sincerity, look down on immediate interests, is higher Realm.“ Chen Dan, general manager of marketing.
  [”One account“ to give back to the society]
  In addition to sharing and creating, social responsibility is also the pursuit of Changjiang Electric.
  On February 13 this year, the lonely old man in the nursing home of Xinglong Town Center in Zaoyang City was very happy. The representatives of the cadres of the Changjiang Electric Party Working Group formed a condolence group and came here with condolences and New Year greetings.
  As soon as they arrived at the nursing home, representatives of the company's party members enthusiastically and frustrated the old people.
  In recent years, the company's party committee actively carried out charitable activities in donations, disaster relief, environmental protection, support for urban construction, protection of minors, volunteer services, etc., totaling more than 5 million yuan.

△ Party members "one dollar a day" donation activities

  The company gave back to the society, and the red ”entrepreneurs“ did not fall behind. In 2017, Zhang Qing, deputy secretary of the company's party committee, personally contributed 3 million yuan to sponsor the Wuhan International Tennis Open; Xiong Ting, a member of the company's party committee, personally contributed 300,000 yuan to donate money for the ”smile of the Changjiang Electric“ to save the finless porpoise.
  In Changjiang Electric, such a story is too numerous to mention. ”As a red 'entrepreneur', while realizing personal value, we must contribute to the enterprise, society, and the country. How does this contribution reflect? It is to lead more people to get rich, bring more people to the party, give The state pays more taxes.“ Wang Xincheng, secretary of the party committee of the company, said frankly, ”This good business environment is given to us by the party and the people. The bigger the business is, the more money is earned, and the tax paid. It should be more.“

△ Carry out military training activities to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War

  Every year, the tax department comes to Changjiang Electric to check the accounts, and always sighs that there is only one account and real account.
  On May 3, the reporter of the Hubei Daily, in an interview with Changjiang Electric, just met a power supply unit in Wuhan to talk about cooperation. I learned that the reporters and the party were aware of the party building situation of the company, and they also watched the party building of the company with great interest. PPT. After reading it, a responsible person lamented: ”The party building of this private enterprise is worth learning.“

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