Headline | "Hubei Daily": Leading the party flag, fighting hard to catch up with development - the party building story of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.
Headline | "Hubei Daily": Leading the party flag, fighting hard to catch up with development - the party building story of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.

Headline | "Hubei Daily": Leading the party flag, fighting hard to catch up with development - the party building story of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.

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Headline | "Hubei Daily": Leading the party flag, fighting hard to catch up with development - the party building story of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.

(Summary description)Feelingtheparty:thepartybuildingfromthebridge  ”Oneyearafterleavingschool,Ifoundtheorganization.“OnJune22,IlearnedthatmypartyorganizationrelationshipwasofficiallytransferredtothepartycommitteeofChangj

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Feeling the party: the party building from the bridge

  ”One year after leaving school, I found the organization.“ On June 22, I learned that my party organization relationship was officially transferred to the party committee of Changjiang Electric Company. The stone in Xi Yuting's heart finally landed. Xiu Yuting, 26, graduated from the Law School of Huazhong Normal University and joined Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. in April this year.
  Li Xichao, party commissioner of the Changjiang Electric Party, said that in the first half of this year alone, there were seven mobile members who actively transferred the party organization relationship to the company's party committee. In order to set up a bridge between the party committee and the staff, the company has set up a deputy secretary of the party committee and two party construction commissioners, a special party member service window, a warm party member service, and an organizational relationship for the party members. In-house activities provide convenience.
  Beginning of the New Year's Day in 2018, Changjiang Electric officially launched the ”Grateful to have you, all the way to peers“ New Year condolences. In the past month, a condolence group composed of members of the company's party committee and board of directors went to Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Fuyang, Xiaogan, Jingzhou, Shiyan and other areas to thank the family members of Changchang.

∆ “Grateful to have you, walk along the way” photo of the New Year condolences

  Over the years, Changjiang Electric has always regarded corporate culture construction as a powerful grip to unite people and strengthen teamwork. As early as 2013, it launched a gratitude tour of ”I am traveling with my parents“。 Every year when the Spring Festival is coming, The company will carry out various forms of warm activities, send holiday gifts and good wishes for the relatives in advance, so that employees can understand the care and warmth of the big family of Changjiang Electric, and lay a solid foundation for adhering to the people-oriented and building a harmonious enterprise.
  The company not only set up a bridge between the party committee and the party members, but also set up a bridge between the party committee and the social poor.
  The construction village located in the northernmost part of Liuji Town of Dawu County is a poor village due to its remote location and backward infrastructure. The students of the village primary school are mostly poor poverty alleviation and poverty-stricken households.
  On June 1 this year, President of the Changjiang Electric, Jin Hai, and deputy secretary of the party committee, Sun Minjie, sent special gifts to the children of the village primary school with ”June 1“ gifts such as learning equipment, laboratory equipment, books, laptops, water heaters and fans. gift.

∆ “Love Mother” Sun Minjie

  In fact, in October last year, Jin Hai and Sun Minjie once represented the party committee of the company and went to the complete primary school of Zhulin Village, Sanxi Town, Yangxin County, and brought more than 30,000 yuan of aid materials to local children. In the face of a lovely smile, Jin Hai said at the time that he hoped to do more things for the education of children in poverty-stricken areas. Coming to Dawu County Construction Village Primary School is also a promise of last year.
  ”Everyone has a common belief, it will be twisted into a rope.“ Sun Minjie said that party members are an identity, but also a responsibility, whether it is to be a person or to do things, they must always remind themselves to be a qualified party member.

∆ Company President Jin Hai and Zhu Lin finished children

Listening to the party words: the head geese lead the group of geese flying
  The swallows fly high and the geese are the key.
  Wang Xincheng, secretary of the Party Committee of the Changjiang Electric, was born in 1965. He joined the party in 1989. He experienced ”from no food to “not eating” and witnessed the country moving from poverty to being strong. “Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China.” Every time you teach a party class, you will emphasize loyalty and faith.
  In the construction of the party members and cadres, the party secretary is the “leading geese” and the “main heart”, and all words and deeds have the meaning of vane. Wang Xincheng deeply realized this. At the beginning of the founding of Changjiang Electric, he proposed “patriotism and dedication, pursuit of excellence” as the enterprise spirit, and “creating quality products and serving the society” as the enterprise tenet. In the work, always with higher requirements, More strict standards, more practical style, and constantly promote the development of enterprises.

∆ Wang Jiangcheng, Party Secretary of the Changjiang Electric

  After 12 years of development, in Changjiang Electric, there is such a group of data that Changchang people are proud of: the board of directors has 36 members, including 22 party members, 2 development targets; 11 functional department heads, including party members 9 people, one development object.
  How to play the leading role of the “key minority” in the “head geese effect” and to exert the subjective initiative of each member is a question that the Changjiang Electric Party Committee has been thinking about.

∆ “Red head goose” system to learn party building knowledge

  Lead by example and rate it. With the rapid development of the company, Changjiang Electric plans to establish three new branches in July. The requirements for the branch are: the annual order volume is more than 300 million yuan, and the number of teams is more than 100. Qi Haimu, Wang Hongjun, and Chen You'an are representatives of the 80s and 70s. The strength of the three young entrepreneurs is lamentable. In addition, they have a more glorious identity - members of the Communist Party.
  “I hope that my team can have faith and strict requirements, actively spread positive energy, drive more people to start businesses, and solve the employment problems of more people.” Qi Haimu, president of Changjiang Electric Marketing Seven Co., led his team last year and completed An order of 150 million yuan. Every time someone asks him the secret of marketing, he always said that it is the mystery of success that people should do things first, operate with integrity, and win-win cooperation.

Going with the party: marching forward on the new journey

A belief that provokes a force; a spirit that creates a glory.

开 “Re-take the long march, and firmly follow the party” Party construction seminar opening ceremony

To celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, inheriting and promoting the spirit of the Long March, from June 7 to 10, the Changjiang Electric Party Committee organized a special party class - “Re-take the Long March, and firmly follow the party”. Workshop activities. Wearing a red uniform and wearing a red military cap, the trip took more than 3,000 kilometers. The party committee members of the company followed the footsteps of the revolutionary martyrs and accepted the spirit of the Long March.

∆ Listening to the Red Army’s descendants telling the story of the Long March

In the Tucheng Town of Xishui County, visit the daughter-in-law of Mr. He Mulin, the descendant of the old Red Army, Ms. Lin Chengying, listening to the legends of the Red Army in the later generations of the Red Army;

Commemorating the revolutionary martyrs at the Qinglupo battle site

  At the Qingbapo battle site, members of the seminar team presented a basket of flowers to the Red Martyrs to express their infinite grief and lofty respect;
  At the Sidu Chishui Memorial Hall, everyone learned through the on-site teaching and on-site explanations, and deeply studied the great spirit of the Red Army's self-improvement, perseverance, innovation, unity and forge ahead…
  “We are going back to the Long March Road activity, taking the road, the strength is the body, the training is the heart, the realization is the road, the pursuit is the dream.” Wang Hongjun, president of the Changjiang Electric Marketing Six Company, said that in mind the heroic deeds, We must strengthen our ideals and convictions, we must protect our country's feelings, work together to make the Changjiang brand bigger and stronger, solve the employment of more people, pay more taxes to the country, and make greater contributions to the country's economic construction.
  In commemorating the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army's Long March, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that no matter what step we have made in our career, no matter how much we have achieved, we must vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Great Long March and continue to march forward on the new Long March. “The spirit of the Long March has a long history; the road to the Long March has no end.” Wang Xincheng, secretary of the Party Committee of the Changjiang Electric, said that although the company has entered the fast lane of development, it must not lie on the credit card, and we also face opportunities in the electrical industry. In the situation of coexistence and challenge, we must strengthen our ideals and convictions, stick to our beliefs in the heart, establish the spiritual beacon of enterprise development, take the initiative to face difficulties and create brilliance.

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