"Changjiang Daily"|[New Private Economy] Changjiang Electric: Using "Wisdom" to Change the Future of Power Grid
"Changjiang Daily"|[New Private Economy] Changjiang Electric: Using "Wisdom" to Change the Future of Power Grid

"Changjiang Daily"|[New Private Economy] Changjiang Electric: Using "Wisdom" to Change the Future of Power Grid

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"Changjiang Daily"|[New Private Economy] Changjiang Electric: Using "Wisdom" to Change the Future of Power Grid

(Summary description)Inthepastmonth,HubeiChangjiangElectricCo.,Ltd.hastwomajoreventsthatareeye-catching.   ThefirstisthesuccessfulbidfortheBeijingNewAirportheatsourceproject.Inthefuture,thisprojectwillbringwarmthtothepeop

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  In the past month, Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. has two major events that are eye-catching.
  The first is the successful bid for the Beijing New Airport heat source project. In the future, this project will bring warmth to the people in the new airport area during the heating season.
  Secondly, it is once again the official designated sponsor of the Wuhan Tennis Open. Changjiang Electric will continue to pass the Wushu, a new business card that promotes the spirit of Wuhan, and deliver positive positive energy to the society.
  Positive energy is the common keyword of two major events, and it is also the consistent value orientation of Changjiang Electric.
  “We want to be a smart energy housekeeper in China's smart grid.” On July 23, Wang Xincheng, chairman of Changjiang Electric, explained to Changjiang Daily reporter how to use “wisdom” to change the future of the power grid.
  Rise “light up” global 100 benchmarking project
  Before starting a business, Wang Xincheng worked in the electrical industry for more than 20 years. He predicted the huge potential of the future development of the electrical market. In 2006, he founded Changjiang Electric and wanted to show his ambitions.
  Entrepreneurs in the initial stage are not as free and easy as senior professional managers. Lack of start-up funds, he took out all the savings, mortgaged the house car, and raised money with friends and family. The “temple” can't keep people, he introduces talent outsourcing, and settles everything. If he is not qualified to receive the order, he will do the work for the customer, do not need to provide the equipment first, and have no quality problems to pay. With sincere and excellent product quality, Changjiang Electric has won the market with a little bit of customer trust.
  In the year of the Beijing Olympics, Changjiang Electric ushered in the turning point and won the bid for Beijing National Capital Airport, the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, and the Tibet Zangmu Hydropower Station. Two years later, Changjiang Electric successfully opened the international market and undertook several large-scale key projects in West Asia and North Africa.
  The company's heel has stabilized and its popularity has increased rapidly. A large number of outstanding talents have joined, and internationally renowned companies such as ABB, Schneider and Siemens have also established strategic partnerships with Changjiang Electric. The big guys are very “wide” and score every point. Wang Xincheng recalled, “In addition to technical strength, there are many details, such as the number of each drawing, the area to be inspected, the qualified area and the unqualified area in the warehouse must be strictly separated.” These “traditions” are also transformed by the Changjiang Electric It has become the positive energy of self-improvement. At that time, the company promulgated and implemented more than 100 systems and embarked on the road of standardized management.
  Today, Changjiang Electric has “lighted up” 100 benchmarking projects in more than 20 countries around the world.
  Everyone can be an entrepreneur
  If strong innovation and research and development capabilities help Changjiang Electric get the “admission ticket”, then let Changjiang Electric stand out in the fierce market competition, and repeatedly adjust the growth curve angle, it is the original “group entrepreneur” model.
  In the early days, in order to expand the scale of development by means of external forces, Wang Xincheng adopted the “group entrepreneurs” business model, bringing together entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial dreams and some small enterprises in the industry. Group entrepreneurs undertake orders, product manufacturing and engineering construction are arranged by the company. management. This move quickly produced the magical chemical reaction that was produced in the same year.
  Now, the company internally refers to marketers as “entrepreneurs”。 Entrepreneurs are divided into many levels, from junior marketers to managers to presidents, with different signing models. The company is responsible for building a crowd-creating platform and providing human, material and financial resources. Entrepreneurs use enterprise resources to innovate and start businesses, build teams, expand markets, and take orders. He only used to say “whatever”, and all other things have a professional team to perform.
  The battle squad led by many entrepreneurs has formed a community of career destiny, releasing a positive energy that is high and upward. In order to bid, the team members did not sleep for two days and two nights, just because “the heart is here, willing to pay.”
  “Let the talents with ideals, ambitions, courage, courage and desire to do business on the Changjiang Electric Creation Platform, to show their talents, work hard, achieve the ideal cause, and achieve win-win between individuals and enterprises and countries.” Wang Xincheng summed up this way.
  Wisdom, where will the problem be predicted in advance?
  In 2015, the first smart grid industrial park in Central China, which was built by Changjiang Electric, was put into operation in Guanggu. The company has successfully transformed and upgraded from “traditional manufacturing” to “smart manufacturing”, and has a better carrier for the value positioning of “China Smart Grid Positive Energy Manager”。
  Wang Xincheng introduced that regarding the smart grid, the state put forward the concept, everyone is exploring, PK. Changjiang Electric hopes to take the lead with its own innovative advantages.
  At the power supply end, Changjiang Electric smart energy management system can estimate the real-time load curve based on the previous power supply load big data, so that the demand can be better matched; the smart substation can predict the fault ahead of time according to the massive data stored in the cloud. Point, automatically switch to the alternate line to ensure normal power supply……
  At the power end, smart home appliances are changing people's lifestyles. In the hot summer days, when you are stuck on your way home, you can tap the mobile phone, turn on the air conditioner at home, and cook the rice in the pot. As soon as I entered the house, the cool feeling came over and the water in the water heater reached the right temperature. After a shower, you can have a steaming dinner…
  In other areas of smart cities, Changjiang Electric is also cooperating with relevant parties. Taking smart street lights as an example, according to big data integration, the brightness of street lamps can be kept in an optimized state with environmental changes, and the adjustment frequency can be set to 10 seconds, 5 seconds or even shorter.
  “It used to be a problem and then solved it. Now when big data is analyzed, it may be a problem, and at the same time give a solution - this is wisdom.” Wang Xincheng said.
  Like the wisdom of mankind, the wisdom of the power grid needs to evolve. For the vision of “creating an international enterprise and achieving a hundred years of electricity”, Wang Xincheng and his entrepreneurs are struggling.

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