Xinhua News Agency focuses on the development of Changjiang Electric | "This road is difficult but has unlimited potential"_Hubei Changjiang Electric CO., LTD

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Xinhua News Agency focuses on the development of Changjiang Electric | "This road is difficult but has unlimited potential"

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  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, August 9 (Reporter Tan Xiaoxiao, Chen Jun) 30 years ago, due to the distance from the main city, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone was once dubbed the “two centimeters” outside the Wuhan map, all of which only have electronic products. a street. Today, it has a more well-known name - “China Optics Valley.” In the journey to high-quality development, how does the Valley of Lights sail?
  When the reporter came to the Changjiang Electric Smart Grid Industrial Park, the workers in the workshop were stepping up production of intelligent power distribution cabinets. This equipment was widely used in the new Beijing airport under construction.
  “The field of power distribution is undergoing a transition from the 'functionalized era' to the 'intelligent era', and this technological change has brought tremendous development opportunities.” Wang Xincheng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Changjiang Electric, said that we have captured the smart grid market. Changes in demand, increased investment in innovation to the high-end of the industrial value chain, independent research and development of the intelligent substation management system, in the competition with domestic and foreign electrical industry giants to stand out, won the Beijing New Airport core area electrical equipment orders.
  Wang Xincheng said that the average annual growth rate of company orders in the past three years exceeded 15%, and this year's conservative growth is expected to increase by more than 20%. “In the next five years, the company plans to introduce more than 200 high-end technical talents each year, and the proportion of R&D personnel will increase from the current 10% to 30%.”
  When reporters visited high-tech enterprises in Guanggu, one of the most frequently mentioned words of corporate leaders was “innovation”。 It is the consensus of enterprises to master more key technologies with independent intellectual property rights and master the dominant position of industrial development.
  In the “five checks and one contact” system of “Public Security Cloud” in Hubei Province, the public security personnel can instantly see the social relations, activity trajectory, individual characteristics and other information of the query object by typing the identity information of the query object, and can quickly lock the suspect. . This “one-click” query technology comes from Wuhan Dameng Database.
  “The core technology of the data field has long been mastered by foreign IT giants. Since the day of its establishment, Dameng has insisted on 'original innovation, independent research and development' and mastered each line of source code. This is a concept rooted in the blood.” Wuhan Dameng Database Feng Yucai, chairman of the company, said that Dameng has taken a road of independent research and development with high difficulty but unlimited potential.
  Today, Dameng database products have been widely used in civil aviation, electric power, meteorological satellites and other fields. For many years, they have ranked first in the domestic database market and entered the international market, occupying a place.
  Innovation has been emerging since the day of the establishment of Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone, and has become a magic weapon for enterprises to strive to catch up with the international advanced level.
  Successfully developed China's first 10,000-watt continuous fiber laser, the domestic leader of the fiber laser industry, and the first company in Hubei Province to be listed on the A-share market this year… The Sharptek laser, which just turned 11 years old, is eye-catching.
  “Before 2007, China's fiber lasers have long relied on US imports. Not only are they expensive, but the supply cycle is long. We must create a Chinese fiber laser industry chain.” Founder of Ruike Laser, National Expert of Thousand Talents Yan Dapeng said that the company's team devoted research and development, hand-picked the enterprise to make components, realized the independent research and development and production of laser core materials and devices, and broke the cost of domestic enterprises while breaking the monopoly of foreign technology.
  Being in the Optics Valley Park is like entering a youthful university campus. “The total revenue of Guanggu enterprises last year was 1.2 trillion yuan. In the past five years, it has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than double digits. It has become one of the regions with the strongest scientific and technological innovation and the fastest economic growth in the central region.” Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone Management Committee Director Liu Ziqing said.
  The street of electronic products in the past is now a national independent innovation demonstration zone of 518 square kilometers. The pillar industries such as optoelectronic information industry and high-end equipment manufacturing have risen rapidly. In the future, people will look forward to it.
  Innovation is the first driving force for development, and enterprises are the main front for transformation and upgrading. Optics Valley explores the road of innovation and development and becomes a vivid epitome of China's stable economic development. Standing at a new starting point, facing the new situation, and persisting in the drive for innovation and the development of high quality to the future of the Chinese economy, we will surely move forward and stabilize.
Xinhua News Agency focuses on the development of Changjiang Electric | "This road is difficult but has unlimited potential"