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"Nineteen Helping Poor College Students" Successfully Closed | Changjiang Electric Helps Hanmen Students to Dream

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"19 Helping Poor College Students" Successfully Closed
Changjiang Electric participates in the distribution ceremony as a representative of a love company
  19 years of deep love to help students, 19 years do not forget the initial heart. On the 20th, the large-scale public welfare activities of the “19-Assisted Poor College Students” jointly initiated by Chutian Metropolis Daily, the Communist Youth League Committee and the Provincial Youth Foundation successfully concluded. The event lasted for more than two months, and a total of 13.04 million yuan was raised from various parties, helping more than 3,000 students from all over the province to enter the university campus.
  The “Nineteen Helps” and the Good-willing Scholarship Awards were held in Chutian Media Building. In just 40 minutes, the warm eyes and sincere dialogue were moving. “People can be destroyed, but they will never be defeated!” The opening speech of Li Junhao, a student of Huazhong Normal University, directly hit the heart of the students, ignited the passion of everyone, and turned the scene into a communication hall of inspirational spirit. “If people live forever, they should always be motivated, grateful, for themselves, and those who have helped us, and create a brilliant tomorrow with youthful passion!” Self-confidence, self-reliance, self-reliance, Li Junhao's positive Energy, infected to everyone present.
  Li Menghan, a Hanchuan girl, learned that Ms. Zhao, a caring person, directed her to support herself until she graduated from college. She was grateful. She lost her parents from a young age and lived with her grandmother. After studying hard, she took Wuhan University with 644 points. She has joined the Youth Volunteer Team and has participated in several public welfare activities. “Ms. Zhao, although you are not present today, I still want to say thank you! I will use actual actions to return the people who love me.” There was a round of dialogue and a round of warm applause.
  On July 9, 2018, the “Nineteen Helping Poor College Students” event officially set sail. After more than two months, generous donations from all walks of life flooded. Among them, there are many loving enterprises that have been advising students for many years, such as Xinyi Brothers, Changjiang Electric, National Wine Maotai, Shanhe Group, etc., as well as loving enterprises that have recently joined and will continue to pay attention to helping students, such as Huide Group and Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. (Company) and so on.
  19 years of hard work and long-term, 19 years will not leave. According to statistics, the 19th “Funding Poor College Students” activities gathered together the strengths of the eight parties, condensed thousands of love, and raised more than 220 million yuan in donations. More than 63,000 Jingchu students bathed in the sunshine of love and walked into the campus of their favorite. Open a new life.
  (Reprinted from “Chutian Metropolis Daily” 12th edition, September 21, 2018)
"Nineteen Helping Poor College Students" Successfully Closed | Changjiang Electric Helps Hanmen Students to Dream