Warmly congratulate the successful hold of 2010 CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC celebration conference, i.e. 2011 New Year party_Hubei Changjiang Electric CO., LTD

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Warmly congratulate the successful hold of 2010 CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC celebration conference, i.e. 2011 New Year party

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On January 24, 2011, it was right fifth anniversary of foundation, CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC grandly held ‘CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC 2010 celebration conference’ and ‘CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC of passion, Fly dreams – 2011 CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC spring festival party’ in Hongshan Church – the important place of political, economic, and cultural activities of Hubei province, that was one grand rally with historic importance.

There were six agenda in the morning conference: first, read the company red tape; second, president Wang introduced the members of the board of directors; third, recognition awards; fourth, speeches of advanced representatives; fifth, department managers gave 2010 work summary and 2011 work plan report; sixth, president’s speech. Conference lasts more than three hours, department managers comprehensively summarized the completeness of first five-year plan, especially the last year of first five years -- overall successful completion of three main tasks of 2010, enlightening all Staff of Changjiang Electric’ awareness of the power of CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC team, individual’s confidence of being one of Staff of Changjiang Electric, we are full of hope and prospection for CHANGJIANG Electric’s better future.2011 was the first year of the second five-year plan, opportunities and challenges coexist, and company has three main tasks: first, standardization of fine management of enterprise, second, intensive management of enterprise to improve competitiveness, third, achieve of annual marketing economic plan goals. President made the last important speech, requiring Staff of Changjiang Electric continuously stick to the company purposes ‘Create fine products, serve society’, carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit ‘Love country, devote to work, pursue excellence,’ be united as one, innovate and pioneer, grasp opportunities, overcome challenges and make arduous efforts for the realization of company’s overall goal ‘Build a harmonious technology company, found century-old foundation.’

Group photo on CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC 2010 celebration conference

Dance ‘Happiness’

Dance ‘Harvest wine’

Song of the dance ‘Thanksgiving CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC’

Song medley ‘Beyond self’

 Song mix ‘Red song medley’

Chorus ‘Dream’s wings’

Dance ‘Dreamy Tanggula"

Boys’ dance ‘Belly dance’

Dance ‘Love castle’

Cantata ‘Ambitions’

Fifth anniversary of birthday celebration program

Comedy ‘New Western Journey’


Warmly congratulate the successful hold of 2010 CHANGJIANG ELECTRIC celebration conference, i.e. 2011 New Year party