Maintenance Services

Through online real-time monitoring, offline maintenance test and other electrical services, customers can achieve the goal of "smart power consumption, efficient management, and worry free operation and maintenance", so as to ensure their safe use of electricity and energy.

Installation and transformation of electrical equipment

Electrical equipment inspection

Electrical test

Substation trusteeship

Electrical equipment maintenance

24-hour emergency repair

On duty operation and maintenance

Other services

Online service

Online service

1. Intelligent power consumption monitoring;

On the PC side, the mobile phone side can understand the power consumption of the enterprise in real time.

2. Remote meter reading; Realize real-time remote meter reading for enterprise power consumption.

3. Online warning;

Power overrun warning, power factor warning, power quality anomaly warning.

4. Dynamic environment monitoring;

Smoke detection monitoring, water immersion monitoring, infrared monitoring, video monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring.

5. Energy consumption analysis;

Customized statistical analysis, and give reasonable energy saving analysis and suggestions.

Online service

Online service

1. Daily patrol inspection and electrical equipment maintenance of substation;

2. Maintenance of electrical equipment in the substation;

3. Substation trusteeship operation and maintenance

4. Preventive test of electrical equipment;

5. Electrical automation transformation service;

6. Energy saving equipment transformation;

7. Lease of electrical equipment;

8. Installation and transformation of electrical equipment;

9. 24-hour emergency repair for electrical failure.