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Changjiang Electric is located in the Optics Valley of China and is a leader in the construction of smart grids and smart energy. The company focuses on the planning and design, software development, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and operation services of smart grids and smart energy, and is committed to providing customers with a series of clean, low-carbon, safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and services. The company has more than 2100 employees, including 22 subsidiaries and 3 institutes (business schools, research institutes, and innovation centers). It has an internationally advanced and domestically leading digital intelligent manufacturing center, with a production capacity of over 10 billion yuan. Its main business and service network covers more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

Party building is the core code for the sustainable and high-quality development of Changjiang Electric. The company leads high-quality development with high-quality party building, adheres to the original mission of “serving the country by industry and thriving the country by industry”, sticks to the Party building policy of “clearing direction, gathering energy and seeking development”, and creates the party building work method of “red current, digital and intelligent energy”,casting the famous national brand of “Changjiang Electric”. It is committed to building a mass innovation platform of “thousands of people starting their own business, and thousands of families enjoying happiness”. It has created a high-level talent team with ideal mind, excellent profession and willing dedication, and formed the spirit of “achieving ourselves by helping others, daring to struggle and win” in the new era. Under the banner of the party, Changjiang Electric creates the RGB mode for high quality development of China’s private enterprises. Its high-quality products and services in all categories win consistent praises from customers both home and abroad, and attract focus reports from the People’s Daily, Xinhua Daily Telegraph, CCTV, Economic Daily, Hubei Daily and Hubei TV Station for a long time.

Innovating and building intelligent energy and actively practicing the national “double carbon” strategy are the core business of Changjiang Electric. The digital innovation will bring a brighter future based on the “double carbon” strategy. According to customers’ different scenarios and requirements for intelligent energy applications, Changjiang Electric conducts the innovative construction to build up a “menu-type” intelligent 5C solution, namely, planning and design, software development, intelligent equipment manufacturing, engineering construction (including new energy engineering, power engineering, comprehensive energy engineering, weak current engineering, fire engineering, etc.) and the operational service, which has contributed a set of advanced solutions to the high-level, sustainable and healthy development of China’s intelligent energy industry.

Company’s products and solutions are widely used in domestic and foreign infrastructure, energy, health care, education, industry, finance, business and other fields, such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, State Grid Corporation of China, Three Gorges Project, CCTV, Wuhan metro, Jiangxi Gongqing City PV project invested by SGCC, Dubai PV Project, Panama Airport, Guinea port and other key projects both at home and abroad. Changjiang Electric will always take advantages of its own wisdom to bring benefits to the society.

The coordinated development of scientific and technological innovation is the core gene of the Changjiang Electric. Changjiang Electric adheres to the concept of “technology enabling enterprise growth and innovation driving industrial development”. With its strong scientific research strength, the company established an intelligent energy industry research institute consisting of numbers of well-known academicians, experts, professors and doctors and Possessing nearly a hundred national patents, software copyrights, scientific and technological progress awards, and continues to create values for the society. Together with Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Electric Research Institute and other well known universities and institutes, the company established China Intelligent Energy Collaborative Innovation Center. Besides, the company had also built a good technical cooperation with Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other world advanced intelligent energy construction enterprises. Through the management idea of “consultation, joint construction, sharing and win-win”, Changjiang Electric will lead the innovative development of China’s intelligent energy industry.

It is the unremitting pursuit of Changjiang Electric people to shoulder the mission of national rejuvenation and create the main enterprise of the world’s intelligent energy industry chain. In the future, Changjiang Electric will actively promote green and low-carbon development, firmly grasp the historical opportunity of intelligent energy industry development and attach great importance to the forefront of industry technology to hold fast to the industry, focus on its main business and accelerate the layout of new energy industry, improving the resilience and security level of industry chain and supply chain, and making its own contributions to promote energy revolution, speed up the construction of the new energy system and build a great modern socialist country in all respects!