Development Path

Development Path

  2018: Gathering together – handing over high quality development answers
  The National Supreme Inspection Team entered Changjiang Electric and held a private enterprise symposium.
  ”Guangming Daily“, ”Xinhua Daily Telegraph“ and other authoritative media focused on the development of long-term power.
  The company won the honors of Hubei, Wuhan, top 100 private enterprises.
  The company adheres to the leadership of the party building and carries out activities such as ”re-taking the long march, and firmly following the party.“
  The company's ”Elite Talents“ program has been fully launched in colleges and universities, and has entered universities such as Wuhan University and Huake.
  The company launched its own research and development of intelligent substation and won the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award.
  The company introduced the ERP system and the efficient management system was continuously improved.
  2017: Multi-wheel drive – striding forward on the road to development in the new era
  The company's C123 development strategy has been upgraded in the new era.
  The party committee of the company went to a conference site to carry out the party day activities of the theme of ”not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission“。
  The company won the order for power equipment in the core area of ??Beijing New Airport.
  The company won the double honor of ”Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Leader“。
  The company won the honorary title of ”Harmonious Enterprise“ in Wuhan.
  Changjiang Electric took the Wushu network and participated in the international sports event.
  2016: Riding the wind and breaking the waves - singing to the ”100-year-old electric“
  The party committee of the CPC Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. was formally established.
  Wang Xincheng, the chairman of the company, was awarded the honorary title of ”Outstanding Communist Party Member of the City“。
  The ”Three-Five“ achieved a good start, and annual effective orders increased by 32% year-on-year.
  2015: Ten Years of Achievement - The Transformation from ”Traditional Manufacturing“ to ”Intelligent Manufacturing“
  The company's products won the title of ”Hubei Famous Brand Product“。
  The company moved to the first smart grid industrial park in Central China.
  The third five-year group boss contract management cooperation of Changjiang Electric officially kicked off.
  2014: Building the Changjiang Electric - the ”Long Electric“ giant ship swaying and sailing.
  The company invested 656 million yuan to build a smart grid industrial park with a capacity of 10 million yuan and a production capacity of 10 billion yuan.
  Introduce enterprise consulting companies, strengthen the standardized management of marketing work, and achieve ”worry-free marketing“, ”efficiently getting rich“ and ”strategic winning“。
  The order amount increased by 40% compared with the same period of last year, exceeding the total economic target set at the beginning of the year.
  2012: Strategic upgrades – enhancing the ”endogenous power“ and ”market competitiveness“ of enterprises
  Establish three major tasks in the new era:
  1. Create a brand and build a hundred old electric brands;
  2. Target management, build a scientific, efficient and standardized long-term management system;
  3, 10,000 people start a business, to achieve the dream of the boss of thousands of long-term people.
  The company fully implements target management and optimizes management processes.
  The company was awarded the title of ”Innovative Enterprise in Hubei Province“。
  The company has obtained 7 ”utility model patent certificates“ and 12 products of the company have passed the international standard certification.
  2011: Steady progress - igniting the spark of ”long-power culture“
  The company won the honorary title of ”National High-tech Enterprise“ and ”Wuhan Famous Brand Product“。
  The company vigorously promotes ”fine and standardized management“ to deepen job responsibilities.
  The company's ”Changdian“ internal publication was published.
  2010: Historical Leap - Entering the ”New Era“ of Development
  The company completed the first five-year development plan
  The company ”Network Academy“ was formally established.
  The company successfully entered the foreign market and undertook a number of large-scale key projects in West Asia and North Africa.
  2009: Pursuing Excellence - Management from ”Man Rule“ to ”Rule of Law“
  The company implements standardized management and establishes three main lines of management: ”cultural construction, process reengineering, and human resources“。
  The company completed the division of marketing system, production system and service support system, and established a standardized operation management system.
  The industrial park with a production capacity of 2 billion yuan was started.
  2008: Rapid development - ”Industry Dark Horse“ writing legend
  The company undertakes a series of national key projects such as ”Beijing Capital Airport“, ”Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project“ and ”Tibet Tibetan Hydropower Station“, with performance throughout the country.
  The company has established strategic partnerships with internationally renowned companies such as ABB and Schneider.
  Wang Xincheng, the chairman of the company, was awarded the honorary title of ”Wuhan Top Ten Entrepreneurs“。
  2006: Hard work - ”Long-term blueprint“ portrays hope
  The company was established, and has passed ISO9000 international quality management system certification, national compulsory product (3C) certification and power facility assembly, maintenance, and test-level three-level certification.
  The company's board of directors passed the resolution and established the first ”five-year development plan.“
  Wang Xincheng, the chairman of the company, was named ”Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hubei Province“。