Ignite the "red engine" and activate the "red cell". The Changjiang Electric Party Committee went to the Baibuting Community to visit the "Mastering"_Hubei Changjiang Electric CO., LTD

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Ignite the "red engine" and activate the "red cell". The Changjiang Electric Party Committee went to the Baibuting Community to visit the "Mastering"

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  In order to promote the “two studies and one work” study and education normalization, and extend the learning class, on the 16th, the party committee members of the CPC Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. concentrated on visiting the Baibuting community party members and mass service centers in Wuhan to learn about the red engine. How to lead the development of enterprises to “take the classics.”
  The Baibuting Community, known as the Happy Family Garden with 160,000 people, is the only community to win the first “China Habitat Environment Model Award”。 In 2013, the Central Organization Department promoted the “Baibuting Community Party Building Work Law” to the whole country. In 2016, with the approval of the provincial party committee, Wuhan Baibuting Community was identified as one of the seven “Party Cadre Education Bases” by the Hubei Provincial Commission.
Party committee members visit the Baibu Pavilion community experience
  On the morning of the same day, under the introduction of the staff, the members of the party committee learned in detail the basic situation of the Baibuting community and watched the serious “Two-Six-Six Work Law” propaganda film. On the second floor of the community, there was a burst of laughter in the dance room and activity room. The calligraphy room was filled with incense, and there was a warm talk room, a lively call for the elderly, and every service and every detail reflected the fullness of the community. Play the purpose of fighting for the fortress and serve the residents wholeheartedly.
  After experiencing a clean and tidy community environment and a warm and harmonious neighborhood atmosphere, the staff also explained to the party committee members how to innovate in the afternoon with the theme of “Exploring the Road of Chinese Community Development”。 Mechanisms such as “four services” promote community governance, work concepts of “community by the masses, masses rely on activities, activities rely on culture”, and community party building that leads and promotes community building with party building Valuable experience such as work methods.
  Take a photo with the propaganda group
  Through comprehensive study and study, everyone fully realized that the reason why Baibu Pavilion experience was promoted nationwide was because it ignited the vitality of the “red engine” of grassroots party building and gave full play to the demonstration role of “red head geese”。 On this basis, Activate each “red cell”。 Enterprises are not only the main body of economic and technological innovation, but also the main body of social management innovation. In the next step, the company's party committee will combine the experience of Baibuting and the actual development of the enterprise, combine the fulfillment of economic responsibility and social responsibility, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members and party branches of the enterprise, ignite the “red engine” of the enterprise, and boost Businesses develop better and faster.
Ignite the "red engine" and activate the "red cell". The Changjiang Electric Party Committee went to the Baibuting Community to visit the "Mastering"