"Hubei Daily" headline report|Do not forget the initial heart and take the social responsibility - Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. 2018 social responsibility review
"Hubei Daily" headline report|Do not forget the initial heart and take the social responsibility - Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. 2018 social responsibility review

"Hubei Daily" headline report|Do not forget the initial heart and take the social responsibility - Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. 2018 social responsibility review

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"Hubei Daily" headline report|Do not forget the initial heart and take the social responsibility - Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. 2018 social responsibility review

(Summary description)Don'tforgettheinitialheart,takethesocialresponsibility—HubeiChangjiangElectricCo.,Ltd.SummaryofSocialResponsibilityin2018  Theextraordinary2018isabouttopass.  Inthefaceofthecomplicatedandever-changing

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Don't forget the initial heart, take the social responsibility

—Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. Summary of Social Responsibility in 2018

  The extraordinary 2018 is about to pass.
  In the face of the complicated and ever-changing international and domestic situation, where is the private economy heading?
  On November 1st, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “three has not changed” at the private economic forum, which has injected strong confidence and motivation for the prosperity and development of Chinese private enterprises in the new era.
  Standing at a new starting point, Hubei Changjiang Electric Co. Ltd. adheres to the “Party Construction Leading, Building the Foundation of the Changjiang Electric Centennial; Creating a Platform, Building a Dream for Group Entrepreneurs”, transforming the development mode, fulfilling social responsibilities, and opening a new journey with a new attitude.

Party building as the soul, entering the top 100 private economy in Hubei

  Dressed in a red military uniform, with a red military cap, return to the era of gunfire.
  In June of this year, the Changjiang Electric Party Committee organized a special party class – re-taking the Long March Road and firmly following the party's trip to Zunyi. “Remember the party's grace and regard the party building work as the root and soul of the enterprise.” At the commendation meeting to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party, Wang Xincheng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Changjiang Electric, said emotionally that the party building of the enterprise is not a shouting slogan or a flower shelf, but rather New ideas, new ideas, new strategies, armed minds, guiding practice, and promoting development.
  The party building is well grasped, and the key is to look at the head geese. Focusing on transforming party building work into an endogenous driving force for corporate development, the company has cultivated a number of red headed geese. Especially when they encounter major or urgent orders, they always charge ahead.
  In January 2018, Changjiang Electric won the power equipment orders in the core area of Beijing Daxing International Airport in one fell swoop, and caused great repercussions in the industry. Beijing Daxing International Airport will not only be the “new country gate” of the future capital Beijing, but also carry many strategic missions such as “integrating the capital in the north and opening the north in the south”. Changjiang Electric can stand out from the competition with many international giants at home and abroad. It seems to be accidental, but it is inevitable.
  In order to complete the project order with quality and quantity, Zhang Zuidun, the general manager of Zhijian Construction Company, led the party members' commando team to fight the whole summer. The persistence and focus on the products made them feel that the heat of the summer was not enough.
  Zhou Peng, director of the Science and Technology Center, in order to meet the high quality and high requirements of the airport project, led the technical team to communicate with the airport side repeatedly. Treating the drawings is like carving a beautiful work and keeping improving.
  The company's exhibition hall has such a clear set of data, which makes people feel proud: 11 heads of the company's functional departments, 10 party members and development targets, totaling more than 90%; 121 party members, 95 after 80s, accounting for Nearly 80%; 48 members of the board of directors, 29 party members and development targets, the total ratio is more than 60%.
  Cultivate red head geese and activate red cells. In view of the fact that there are many entrepreneurial departments, many young party members and scattered party members, the company has set up a joint party branch and an online party branch to expand the coverage of party building work, and through the Internet thinking of WeChat and QQ, to unite the strength of party members at the grassroots level and effectively increase the participation of young party members. Organize the enthusiasm and interest of life.
  Since the beginning of this year, Changjiang Electric has successively won many honors such as the scale of private enterprises on the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the top 100 private enterprises in Hubei Province, the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Hubei, the harmonious enterprises in Wuhan, and the five-star grassroots party organizations in Wuhan.
  According to the latest data, in the second half of this year, private enterprises in Hubei Province broke through 1 million households for the first time, and only a short period of 13 years of development, Changjiang Electric ranks among the top 100 private enterprises in the province, which reflects the development of enterprises with the party building as the soul. The best proof.

Don't forget the beginning of the heart, thousands of new generation entrepreneurs, the world

  “Life must have dreams, and we must use honesty and diligence to fulfill our dreams…” On December 19, Changjiang Electric's “Elite Talents” program went to Wuhan University of Technology, Wang Juan, general manager of Changjiang Electric Ventures, and nearly 400 A college student meets face to face.
  This presentation was after entering Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, and South-Central University for Nationalities, and once again entered the university to share entrepreneurial stories with college students.
  Corporate culture is the company's gradual formation and development in the long-term production and operation process, and is the biggest driving force to support enterprises to achieve stability and long-term. On the cultural stone in the center of the Changjiang Electric Park, the words “I want to stand up and make people, and I want to reach people” are particularly eye-catching.
  Since its inception, Changjiang Electric has proposed a group entrepreneur business model for innovation: enterprises provide platforms, products, technologies, management and other resources. Entrepreneurs only need to use enterprise resources to build teams, expand markets, take orders, and achieve group entrepreneurs. Career dreams.
  Entering a new era, the company's strategy is upgraded, and it is proposed to focus on “cultivating group entrepreneurs” and has launched a series of entrepreneurial policies to create a “zero risk” entrepreneurial platform for employees, and to encourage employees to start their own businesses and make bold innovations. A wave of mass entrepreneurship. In the past three years, the company has emerged nearly 1,000 strong “80s” and “post-90s” new generation entrepreneurs. Among them, more than 200 people have ordered an average of over 10 million yuan in the past three years.
  Zhang Qing, the president of the entrepreneurial five company graduated from university in 2005, grew up with the company and grew up from a fledgling Chinese university student to an outstanding entrepreneur. With the hard work and hard work of innovation, he led the team from less than 20 people to more than 150 people. In 2018, he was personally awarded the honorary title of “Top Ten Entrepreneurship” in Wuhan. The team is expected to achieve sales orders of more than 300 million yuan.
  Wang Hongjun, president of Changjiang Electric Venture Six, graduated from the Wuhan University EMBA class, from an ordinary electrician to a corporate executive who is now at the helm. From his body, we can see that the success of anyone is not easy, and the struggle of life is most admirable.
  Qi Haimu, president of Changjiang Electric Venture Seven Company, from a grassroots salesman to an entrepreneurial manager to a startup president, for 13 years, he treats each other with sincerity and integrity, and creates a team for three consecutive years with bold innovation and practical style. The order has passed the legend of 300 million yuan. Qi Haimu said that the entrepreneurial concept of “adults reaching out to others” is the secret of success.
  In Changjiang Electric, the definition of a successful group of entrepreneurs is that personal success is not a real success. It is really successful to help everyone in the 100-person team achieve their career and achieve common prosperity. Over the years, the company has provided various resources such as platform, management, technology and products support, vigorously cultivated CEO-level entrepreneurs, and allowed president-level entrepreneurs to cultivate more general-level entrepreneurs, so that general-level entrepreneurs can cultivate more managers. Level entrepreneurs, from the top to the bottom level, knowledge is constantly being shared, entrepreneurial teams and crowd-creating platforms are also expanding.

Do not forget the initial heart, practice the social responsibility of large enterprises

  In May of this year, the 17-year-old Xiaobao (pseudonym) was transferred to Wuhan East Lake Development Zone Procuratorate for investigation and prosecution for suspected theft of electric vehicles. Due to the slight plot and good penitence, on June 25, the court made a conditional non-prosecution. Decided and sent it to the “Heart Harbor” Minor Psychological Care Base jointly established by the hospital and Changjiang Electric.
  The company arranged professional teachers to carry out electrical knowledge training and psychological counseling for Xiaobao, which enabled him to build confidence, learn technology and return to society with a positive attitude.
  The responsibility of the company lies in its commitment to social responsibility. For a long time, Changjiang Electric has actively fulfilled its economic responsibilities while taking care of society and helping poverty as its unshirkable responsibility.
  In October this year, Changjiang Electric launched the first phase of the 0 yuan electrician skills training class to provide free training for young people in remote and remote areas. On November 23, at the closing ceremony of the first training course, Yang Baolin from Hongan took over the company's 500 yuan bonus. “Before I was still confused about the future, I finally found the destination of my career.” Yang Baolin said frankly.
  The dissemination of professional knowledge to the society and the development of public welfare activities have become the cultural genes of Changjiang people.
  On September 1, Sun Minjie, deputy secretary of the Changjiang Electric Party Committee and vice president, and Wang Hongtao, general manager of the three companies, once again came to Xiaogan City Construction Village Primary School to carry out donation activities. Er
  Three months ago, this love group went to the construction village primary school for the first time to carry out student activities. In addition to donating schoolbags and teaching equipment, they found that because they were far away from home, these children sometimes could not even eat lunch. After returning to the company, everyone discussed and donated a loving lunch to the children to ensure that these children can enjoy a rich lunch of two soups a day.
  Also in this opening season, Qiu Feng, the president of the second company, also led his entrepreneurial team to drive hundreds of kilometers to send a student grant to a poor family. Qiu Feng's donation came from a letter from a stranger. It turned out that the home of Yang Yinhua (a pseudonym) in Qianwan Village, Xinshi Town, Fuyang City, was struggling due to sudden changes.
  By chance, Yang Yinhua learned that the neighboring villagers worked in a very caring company in Wuhan. She took a try and wrote a letter of help to the fellow. I thought it was a letter of no return. I didn't expect that only after 4 days, Yang Yinhua really waited for the tuition of the child. On that day, Yang Yinhua held Qiu Feng's hand tightly and thanked him again and again.
  “A successful enterprise, after becoming stronger and bigger, must shoulder certain social responsibilities.” Wang Xincheng believes that the development path of Changjiang Electric is from “nothing” to “having” and then from “having” to “none”. : First of all, hard work, hard work, and make the company stronger and bigger, then the company will support more people to start a business, benefit more people and benefit the society.
  Hundreds of crickets contend, and those who fought are first.
  In the face of the coexistence of hope and challenge in 2019, in the face of the “two hundred years” struggle goal, how will Changchang people write their own wonderful?
  There is no mountain higher than people, no longer than the foot, Changjiang Electric will turn pressure into power, change the challenge to opportunity, do not forget the initial heart, struggle and do, the soldiers do not disarm and then go!

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