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Media Focus | "Top 100" list to see long electricity

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  On the morning of August 30, the 2018 Wuhan Enterprise Top 100 and the “Double Excellence” commendation meeting were held at the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference released the “Top 20 Manufacturing Enterprises in Wuhan, 2018” list. With its comprehensive strength, Changjiang Electric won the title of “Top 100 Wuhan Manufacturing Enterprises”.
  The selection of “Top 100 Wuhan Manufacturing Enterprises” was jointly sponsored by Wuhan Enterprise Confederation and Wuhan Entrepreneur Association. The 2017 ranking was based on the operating revenue. Since July this year, with outstanding performance, Changjiang Electric has successively won the title of “Top 20 Manufacturing Enterprises in Hubei Province in 2018”, “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Wuhan in 2018” and “Top 50 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in Wuhan”。 The acquisition has fully demonstrated the leading position and strong strength of Changjiang Electric in the industry.
  From the beginning of the entrepreneurial period of more than 10 people, to today's more than 1,100 people; from the annual order of more than 8 million yuan to today's more than 2 billion yuan. In just 12 years, why did Changjiang Electric develop rapidly into the industry's leading 30-day, that is, on the day of the “Top 100” list, the Wuhan News Comprehensive Channel “Wuhan News” column will provide an in-depth interpretation of Changdian's innovative development.
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  In just ten years, Wuhan rail transit has grown from scratch and the industry has grown from weak to strong. Changjiang Electric seized this development opportunity and promoted industrial upgrading with technological innovation. With its industry-leading intelligent power distribution equipment, its products not only applied to the subway, but also successfully won the bid for Beijing New Airport and developed into a fast lane.
  The concept of “group entrepreneurs” created by the private enterprise Changjiang Electric coincides with the four major qualifications of Wuhan. Changjiang Electric is responsible for building the Zhongchuang platform and providing resources such as products, technologies and management. Entrepreneurs use resources to build teams, expand markets, and take orders. This kind of career fate community is alive and well. In the past 12 years, Changjiang Electric has grown from the first ten individuals to more than 1,000 people. The annual order volume is from 800 to more than 2 billion yuan. From the leased factory to the establishment of the first smart grid industrial park in Huazhong covering an area of ??more than 150 acres. , lighting hundreds of benchmark projects at home and abroad.
  Zhang Qing, President of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd.: First, we are creating a platform for creating a crowd-funded business model of our group of entrepreneurs. This model is our model for many years in a fiercely competitive environment. Second, we insist that party building leads the development of enterprises, closely combines party building culture and enterprise development, and has received very good results. The third is our technological innovation. Over the years, our Changjiang Electric has been committed to intelligence. The research and development of power grid technology, especially this year, we jointly developed a new smart grid remote control technology with Wuhan University and State Grid, and won the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award.
Media Focus | "Top 100" list to see long electricity