Looking forward to the long-term power of 2025 million people to enter the 20 billion goal - warm congratulations to the Changjiang Electric New Year party successfully held
Looking forward to the long-term power of 2025 million people to enter the 20 billion goal - warm congratulations to the Changjiang Electric New Year party successfully held

Looking forward to the long-term power of 2025 million people to enter the 20 billion goal - warm congratulations to the Changjiang Electric New Year party successfully held

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Looking forward to the long-term power of 2025 million people to enter the 20 billion goal - warm congratulations to the Changjiang Electric New Year party successfully held

(Summary description)Time,witnessingthelong-termsuccessofthelong-termpeople.OnJanuary27th,theChangjiangElectric2019NewYearPartywassuccessfullyheld.Allthetelecompeoplegatheredtogether.Theconferencecenteredonthethemeof“Gath

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  Time, witnessing the long-term success of the long-term people. On January 27th, the Changjiang Electric 2019 New Year Party was successfully held. All the telecom people gathered together. The conference centered on the theme of “Gathering together and creating a win-win future”, and deeply reviewed 2018, passionate outlook 2019, and beautiful 2025.

△Changjiang Electric 2019 New Year Party Scene

  “Hug the new era, light up the world, Changjiang Electric is more exciting.” The New Year party, kicked off in the passionate song “Song of Long Electric”, which marked the official release of the Changjiang Electric Song. Since then, Changdian people have their own exclusive songs, accompanied by songs, long-term people will be more brave to fight the storm, and create a better future.

△ "Song of Long Electric" officially released

  The heavy fruit reports a bumper harvest, and the golden beauty portrays joy. Looking back at 2018, all the long-term electricians gathered together, and the “Changjiang Electric” giant wheel took the wind and waves and stabilized. In this year, the company focused on the training of “group entrepreneurs”, insisted on “leading party building, building a century-old foundation for the Changjiang Electric; creating a platform for the entrepreneurs of the group entrepreneurs”, and the sales revenue remained for two consecutive years. The rapid growth of the number, the market development is striding forward, the product research and development achievements are quite abundant, the qualifications and honors are rapidly upgraded, the cultural brand has a far-reaching influence, and the social welfare is actively practiced, becoming the leading enterprise in the industry.
  The struggle and sweat of a person can keep the spring blossoms, and the struggle and sweat of all the elders will make the long electric paintings splendid. The conference commended 175 advanced workers, work pacesetters, outstanding department heads, pioneering pioneers in the out-of-province market, and the top 100 entrepreneurial heroes. They are witnesses to the high-quality development of Changjiang, and they are active participants and full beneficiaries. They used wisdom and responsibility, diligence and hard work, and wrote a glorious chapter in the fertile soil of this bureau.
△Changjiang Electric 2018 Entrepreneur Heroes Top 100 Photo
  The power of example is endless. Tang Jinxing, President of Entrepreneur IV, Zhang Zuidun, President of Zhizao Construction Company, Sun Minjie, Vice President of Entrepreneurship Service Center, and Yang Biyun, General Manager of Finance Center, shared their journey as an advanced representative, inspiring all employees to benchmark their positions and establish their careers. Zhou Peng, general manager of the Science and Technology Center, spoke about new products. Everyone expects that more cities will be illuminated by the wisdom of Changjiang.
  The market is changing rapidly, and the products are changing with each passing day. Entrepreneurs hope that the cause will be evergreen. Only by going out of Hubei and exploring the new world can we continue to create brilliance. The CEO of Entrepreneur II and Chongqing Branch, Wang Quanjun, shared with you the successful experience of Chongqing market development.
  △Changjiang Electric 2018 Advanced Representative
  Not for the time, there are thousands of mountains. On behalf of the company's board of directors, Chairman Wang Xincheng delivered a New Year's greeting, and made an important speech with the title “Expecting 2020 million people to advance 20 billion goals.” He said that after 13 years of hard work, 13 years of succession, the long-term people dare to dare to try, the innovation drive, and the harvest is quite rich, and successively proposed and implemented a series of innovative ideas and innovative models to undertake a series of major engineering projects. Cultivate a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs, management cadres and outstanding talents, and won one authority after another. The fertile soil of Changjiang has long been an entrepreneurial legend full of ambitions and blueprints, and an ideal place to struggle.
△ Chairman Wang Xincheng made an important speech
  Summarize the past and make progress and plan for future growth. Chairman Wang Xincheng said that in 2025, it was the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Changjiang Electric. Standing at the new starting point of history, enterprises seized the opportunity of “Made in China 2025” and proposed the development plan of Changjiang 2025. They proposed the business objectives, market share, number of entrepreneurial teams, corporate management level, and social responsibility. The specific and clear goal of the struggle is to plan ahead and scientifically deploy the new round of development of the enterprise, and commit to building the enterprise into a large-scale enterprise group that leads the development of the industry.
  To this end, we must continue to uphold our faith, bear in mind the mission, unite our knowledge and conduct, adhere to the leadership of the party building, have a feeling of homeland, and regard party building as the “root” and “soul” of enterprise development, and integrate party building and management deeply, using the party's Advanced concepts, guidelines, and policies guide business operations, transforming the party's political, organizational, and mass work advantages into corporate development advantages. By giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of outstanding party members, the heads and geese will be able to achieve a dream.
△The long-distance party work group chorus "Party building shines, long power has power"
  Alternate timing, only the pace of forging can not be blocked. Chairman Wang Xincheng hopes that all the elders will not forget their initial intentions, keep their mission in mind, concentrate on their efforts, and move forward with a spirit of perseverance and a stance of struggle, and strive to “create an international enterprise and achieve a hundred years of electricity.” “Total goal, go forward bravely!
△ Board of Directors launch ceremony "Sailing to sail"
  After the inspiring celebration, the wonderful performances were officially kicked off. The magnificent lion dance performance, the youthful songs and dances, the poetry of the poetry and poetry… The applause and cheers came and went, always filled with joy and joy. Peaceful.
  Next, please follow our lens and feel the lively scene of this festive and peaceful.
1. The opening dance ”Happy China Year“ brought by Zhijian Construction Company

2. "Youth Positive Energy" brought by the entrepreneurial service company

3. "Entrepreneurship Road" brought by the company

4. "The Dream of the Heart" brought by the Entrepreneur Eight Company

5. "Dancing Years" brought by the Sixth Venture Company

6. "The Splendid Dress" brought by the second, fourth and sixth places of entrepreneurship

7. "Magnificent Mountain River" brought by Chongqing Office

8. "Meng Meng" brought by the first, third and fifth places of entrepreneurship

9. "Wisdom Lights the World" brought by the Entrepreneur Seven Company

10. "Love in Wuwang" brought by the five companies

11. "Hundreds of Everlasting Dreams" brought by the three companies

12. "Endeavour 2025" brought by the company

13. “Creating the Future” brought by the Entrepreneur II Company

14. Exciting lottery

  Hundreds of crickets contend, and those who are eager to fight first; After 13 years of hard work, Changjiang Electric has made steady progress and achieved fruitful results. It has laid a solid foundation for the creation of a hundred-year-old electricity, but this is only the first step in the long march. A hundred years old, we have a long way to go, let all of our long-term electricians continue with the rock-solid confidence, the enthusiasm of the day, the perseverance of perseverance, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, moving forward, towards the realization of ”10,000 people “Entrepreneurship, Wanjia Happiness” corporate dream, toward the long-term electricity 2025, the goal of 20 million people to strive for 20 billion, and strive to run, chasing dreams!

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