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Peak matchup|Changjiang Electric Zhang Qing President won the "Top Ten" in Wuhan 2018

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On the 13th, the final of the 10th Wuhan Top Ten Entrepreneurship Competition ended successfully at the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center. After the pre-qualification examination, preliminary competition, publicity and other levels of selection, Hubei Qingjiang Electric Co., Ltd. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Zhang Qing, in the finals, won the second best score, won the 20th year of Wuhan City's "Top Ten" representative.


△ 2018 Wuhan City Entrepreneurship "Top Ten" Contest Finals

The Wuhan Top Ten Entrepreneurship Competition was jointly sponsored by the Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Committee and the Municipal People's Entrepreneurship Leading Group Office. It has been held for ten consecutive years and has become the most authoritative, influential and longest-running time in Wuhan. Entrepreneurial events. In this competition, a total of more than 100 well-known entrepreneurs from the city participated in the competition, but only 36 players were selected for the finals.


△ Zhang Qing President introduces Changjiang Electric Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform

  At the final stage, President Zhang Qing conducted in-depth analysis of Changjiang Electric innovation and entrepreneurship platform from various aspects such as corporate achievements, innovation projects, product advantages, team building, and social responsibility. In particular, Changjiang Electric has produced a new generation of intelligent substation through technological innovation and independent research and development, and has made major breakthroughs in improving its product quality and customer satisfaction, which has attracted wide attention from judges and many entrepreneurs.
  In April of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the inspection of Optics Valley that the great powers must be in their own hands, to abandon their illusions and to be self-reliant. Because of its management innovation, product innovation, talent innovation and business model innovation, Changjiang Electric is determined to build China's smart grid positive energy steward, and is committed to becoming the “leading enterprise” of China's electrical industry, in order to compete in the fierce market competition.


△ Zhang Qing President's wonderful speech

President Zhang Qing said that personal success is not a real success. It helps people get rich, solve more jobs, and pay more taxes to the country. In the future, Changjiang Electric will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “Adults to achieve one's own talents and become a self-contained person”, helping more people to embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, creating new kinetic energy for the transformation of Wuhan's economic kinetic energy, and contributing to the creation of a new pattern of Wuhan's economic development. More power.


△ contestant took a group photo


Peak matchup|Changjiang Electric Zhang Qing President won the "Top Ten" in Wuhan 2018