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Peng Yi

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To youth
  (Peng Yi, Director of Changjiang Electric Comprehensive Office)
  On May 2nd, on the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, General Secretary Xi came to Peking University to inspect, and talked with teachers and students and delivered an important speech. He sent a message to the majority of young people: ”We should release youthful passion and strive for youthful ideals in our struggle. The youth of me, the one who struggles, paves the way for the national rejuvenation, and adds to the building of the motherland.“
  First, the tree ideal makes youth excited by dreams
  In 1987, I was born in Longshan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province, which is a national poverty-stricken county. In 2005, I first took the green leather train to Wuhan. Four years later, I graduated from the Central South University of China. I have done a lot of work, but I have never found a suitable platform. I was once confused and embarrassed. However, on March 7, 2011, I received a long branch of olive oil, so I fought side by side with my colleagues for 7 years, and had a firm career goal - to build Changdian into a well-known brand.
  General Secretary Xi stressed that it is necessary to be successful, to be firm and firm, to be faithful, to be afraid of difficulties, to be brave in pioneering, to work hard, and never to be discouraged. In the long-term electricity, personal dreams, long-term dreams and Chinese dreams with the same screen resonance, we have strengthened our ideal belief of ”creating an international enterprise and achieving a hundred years of electricity“!
  Second, the courage to let youth be heavy due to dedication
  I have been a basic position for three years. From the planning specialist to the personnel commissioner, I climbed to the 30-meter-high tower crane to take a bird's-eye view of the company, design a display board for sleepless nights, work overtime to prepare for an event, and not afraid of having a task. I am afraid to waste the opportunity to learn. Huang Tian pays off, the establishment of the Changjiang internal magazine, the filming of the propaganda film, the construction of the website, the assistance of standardized management and other projects, feels like a small sapling, constantly absorbing nutrients and growing rapidly.
  In 2014, I went to the post of General Manager through open competition. The first big challenge after I took office was to be appointed as the general manager of the relocation work of the new industrial park. Within three days, I completed the relocation of the park and held a grand relocation. ceremony. Time is tight, my department and my colleagues work overtime to plan, organize the department and contact the moving company. On May 4, the relocation work was successfully completed.
  When the event was over, it was too late to enjoy the joy of success, and I went straight to the train station. Because on May 2nd, my father was in the hospital because of his mental illness caused by drinking white wine after the injection of cephalosporin. My heart is tangled, I can't go back at this critical moment of relocation. The uncertainty of my father's illness makes me panic. I remember coming to my father's bed and watching his swollen face, his heart was pinned. The first sentence after he woke up was: How did you come back, don't delay your work for young people, career is important!
  Today, in the weekly phone conversation, the most talked about with my father is work. He witnessed my change and growth on the phone. He said that if you believe in your daughter's choice, what they have to do is support and encouragement!
  Third, dare to fight and let youth be wonderful because of struggle
  In March 2017, I was thirty years old. After more than 2 years of management positions, the department work smoothly, but lacks innovation and highlights. I asked myself, is it true that the youth of my department and my colleagues will be so flat, how uninteresting it will be when I go back and forth!
  In 2017, the company launched the elite talent plan, and I also made up my mind to transform the office into an excellent team with high professional level and strong combat capability! But bringing new people is very hard, especially how can new talents with talents and talents inspire their potential? There is no other way than learning. I am constantly charging myself, only enough knowledge to store, to be able to output more. I always remind myself to run in the forefront of the team and thank my team. We have achieved certain results, and we are also struggling to revitalize the long-power brand!
  I am lucky when I meet young people, meet the long-term youth, and meet like-minded business partners. The young people of the long-term in the new era can only closely link their future and destiny with the future and destiny of enterprises and the country, form a community of career destiny, strive to unite for common ideals and goals, our youth dreams, long dreams and China can make a dream come true!
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