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Zhang Zuidun

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  I speak for the long electricity
  (General Manager of Changjiang Electric Production Zhang Zuidun)
  ”Changdian is a fertile ground, sowing and cultivating here, you will gain your dreams and hopes.“ This sentence is a sentence I saw on the wall of the hall when I first entered the post. For a long time, Changdian has trained a group of management talents, technical talents and entrepreneurs. You only need to come to Changjiang with your dreams, take root and work hard here, and you will realize your dreams. Next, I will use my personal growth experience to endorse the fertile soil of Changjiang.
  First, attitude determines your position
  In the first year of the long-term electricity, the workshop director requested that the yellow and white lines of the new brush be wiped clean. After the meeting, everyone went to clean the cleaning area. I found that no matter how to drag, the dust on the ground would always float on the yellow and white lines, so I squatted on the floor and wiped with a rag.
  One day passed, one week passed, and one month passed. I have been doing this all the time. The entire workshop only has the white line in the clean area and the yellow line in the clean area. Over time, any task that the leadership has confessed to me is done without compromise, and the ultimate in high standards and high standards. Because this behavior made me get the first promotion opportunity, the workshop to set up the assembly group, I was appointed as the team leader.
  Second, the simpler the mind, the easier it is for people to succeed.
  If you ask the leaders to give you five new employees who are new to the job, what should you do if you are responsible for a new job? My first reaction was: ”Dry.“ After 8 months of fighting day and night, while doing groping, the assembly team has a set of mature work processes and process standards, and has been highly recognized and studied by the same industry in Wuhan. As the company grew stronger and stronger, it was necessary to expand a workshop. I was successful in the company's open competition for the workshop director.
  Third, establish your own team highlights
  When I first served as the workshop director of the newly established three workshops, the team was all new employees, clearly remembering the leadership: ”What kind of employees are needed to train themselves.“ After more than four months of training, they will stay. 28 people, although these four months are very tired, but also my fastest growing four months, I learned how to effectively manage the team and motivate the team to give full play to the team's greatest advantage and achieve higher efficiency.
  In June 2011, the manufacturing center received an expedited order with a delivery time of only 36 hours. In the past, it took 72 hours to produce the oldest employee of this type. The three workshops took the initiative to apply for orders, and invested all the manpower in the entire workshop. They rushed to the order day and night. In Wuhan, the three days, everyone worked together to conquer the high temperature, mosquitoes and other difficulties, and finally completed the order on time and successfully submitted the inspection.
  After two years, the three workshops formed the team-level management, the order delivery was institutionalized and streamlined, the team leader was responsible for each other, and the workshop production was getting more and more smooth. Thanks to everyone's spirit of overcoming difficulties and guarantee delivery, the three workshops grew rapidly. In the same year, the three workshops created a record of a monthly output value of 10 million. As soon as there was an urgent order, the three workshops were the first to bear the brunt. In September 2013, the company recruited the director of the manufacturing center for all employees. I took the self-motivation and self-motivation mentality to participate in the competition. With the management experience of the three workshops and the team highlights, I once again competed successfully.
  Fourth, dare to innovate and innovation to drive productivity.
  After taking over the manufacturing center, on the basis of ensuring the delivery of orders, we boldly tried to reform and innovate, promoted the team-level management mechanism to the entire manufacturing center, and refined the process flow. After four years of trials, the overall efficiency was improved by about 70%, and the personnel was lost. The rate is reduced by about 40%, and the overall salary of employees is increased by about 47%.
  The manufacturing center implements team management. One workshop director can manage 8 team leaders. Each team leader can manage 8 employees, breaking the mode that a workshop director can manage up to 40 people. Every morning, the pre-class meeting reports and arranges the work on the same day. Once a week, the weekly meeting will be arranged next week to form standardized management and modular management.
  Fives. Take the company as the owner and regard yourself as the owner of the enterprise.
  In the company, everything is my business! Walking in the park, seeing the paper scraps on the ground, I will bend over and see that there are strangers looking around and I will take the initiative to ask. Every week, I will walk around the wall of the park to see the security situation. We must learn to be grateful, to regard the company as our home, and to grow with the company. Changdian is now a famous brand in Hubei, then we are Hubei famous brand employees. If Changdian becomes a famous brand enterprise in China, then we are Chinese famous brand employees. If Changdian becomes a world famous brand enterprise, then we will be world famous brand employees!
  I studied at the ”Changdian University“ for 11 years. Changdian has trained me from a young boy who has entered the society to become a mature manager. What I want to say most is thank you. I want to use my 11 years of growth experience to speak for the long-term, and I want to say to colleagues, especially new colleagues who just joined the company, as long as you work with a persistent and grateful heart, then you will Harvest dreams and hopes!
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