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"Chutian Metropolis Daily" true love surges warm people

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  In July, the fire broke out, and the gold medal title. On Friday, Chutian Metropolis Daily once again joined forces with the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, and the Provincial Youth Foundation to launch the ”18-Year Poverty-stricken College Students“ campaign to ignite the fire of hope for the students of Hubei Hanmen. As of now only one week, raising more than 2.3 million yuan. Full of love, sprinkle Jingchu.


Great love without borders - companies generously donate money

  On July 7, ”18 assists“ officially launched. As soon as the news came out, the tide of love came.
  On the same day, the Xinyi Brothers Migrant Workers Foundation of Hubei Province took the lead in responding to the initiative of Chutian Metropolis Daily and donated 100,000 yuan. This is the seventh time the Foundation has participated in this newspaper to help poor college students. Sun Donglin, the chairman of the foundation, called the ”18-help“ organizing committee and said: ”In the most critical moment of the life of the students, we will help you. They will grow into a social pillar in the future, and they will also use knowledge, wisdom and gratitude. The heart is to repay the society. In this sense, we help them, that is, helping ourselves, and helping the whole society!“
  On the same day, the Industrial Bank Wuhan Branch donated 200,000 yuan to plan to subsidize 50 poor college students in our province to complete their studies. The person in charge of the bank said that the donation was ”squeezed out“ from the bank's 15th anniversary celebration fee. ”We have been paying attention to public welfare for many years, and we have adopted the methods of precision poverty alleviation, disaster relief, donation of aid, etc. to the society. Group and individual donations totaled more than 2.5 million yuan. “This time, the province's provincial down payment, and then joined the ”eighteen help.“
  In the following days, the New Century Education Fund announced the launch of its 2017 ”New Century Education Fund Female College Student“ project and joined the ”18-Assistance“ program, which will fund 210 poor female university students from 11 national poverty-stricken counties in the province. The number of people is 5000-8000 yuan, and the total amount of the project is over one million yuan. Since the implementation of the New Century Education Fund in our province in 2004, it has donated 16.22 million yuan to Hubei Hope Project, and has built 21 ”New Century Hope Primary Schools“ and 50 Hope Kitchens, helping 1132 ”New Century Female College Students“。 Successfully entered the university hall.
  The construction industry giant China Construction Third Bureau, in the case of donating huge sums of money to the provincial hope project in successive years, decided to donate 1 million yuan to the ”18 aids“ this year to support 200 poor students in the province each 5,000 yuan. The relevant person in charge of the company said that as a large-scale central enterprise in Han, they insisted on actively fulfilling their social responsibilities. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, they have invested more than 30 million yuan for charitable causes.


Feelings of deep affection - the public is shrinking and offering love

  Caring companies are in action, and enthusiastic citizens are also acting.
  Mr. Zhang, who lives in Huangpu, immediately called the editorial department of Chutian Metropolis Daily after seeing the news of ”18-Assistance“ and immediately transferred 2,000 yuan to a special account.
  On the afternoon of the 7th, several party members of Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. saw the ”18-help“ launch from the Chutian Metropolis Daily, immediately organized voluntary donations, and five party members took the lead to donate 1,800 yuan. The company's employees have also joined the ranks of love, and the crowds in front of the donation box are constantly flowing.
  Zhang Zuodun, an employee on a business trip, specially called to donate 500 yuan. Zhang Zuodun said that he had to give up studying because of poor family conditions. After years of hard work, his living conditions have improved. ”I have the happiness of the present, thank you to the society, and can return, and do my best to help others.“ Zhang Mengli, a 20-year-old employee, is in her hometown of Zaoyang Xinglong. She has been working alone in the past few years. Most of her salary is sent to her parents. She also participated in donations. Wang Xincheng, the chairman of the company, expressed his support for the employees' self-satisfaction and donated 10,000 yuan.
  The old reader of this newspaper, Gan Qingxian, is 65 years old. After retirement, his family is not rich. In the early morning of July 10, he made a special bus ride from Xiaodongmen of Wuchang to the editorial department of Chutian Metropolis Daily and donated 10,000 yuan. ”When I was a child, my family was very poor. Six brothers and sisters, only I had read junior high school. I saw a lot of good children who could not afford to go to college because of family poverty. I feel particularly sorry, I want to help them.“
  Guan Yuyuan retired employee Quan Yujin, also called the organizing committee to do their best for the ”eighteen help“, the organizing committee considered that the 75-year-old all-in-one is inconvenient to send people to pick up her donation of 2000 yuan. ”There is not much money, I do my best.“ The whole mother-in-law said that she lives alone, and her monthly retirement salary is 2,000 yuan, but she is usually very frugal, and her monthly expenses are only 300 yuan. The neighbors said that the whole mother-in-law had a hard life but was enthusiastic about public welfare. She has donated nearly 100,000 yuan and won the honorary title of ”Civilized Civilization of Wuhan City“ last year.

(Changjiang Electric employees help poor students)


Hope is innocent - students are self-reliant and grateful

  ”Thank you for the Chutian Metropolis Daily, thank you to the people of society, I must overcome the difficulties in learning and return to my hometown father.“ Yesterday, I was sponsored by the ”17-Assistance“ of the newspaper. The reporter said that after he received a 5,000-yuan scholarship last year, he has received several scholarships at Peking University. The tuition and living expenses are not spent. ”From small to large, every time in my most difficult time, I always get the care of the society. When I learn in the future, gratitude is my lifelong career.“ At present, he is working in the summer to supplement his family.
  The same strong sister who was assisted last year, Hua Shenfen and Shen Fang's father, Shen Xueming, also called this newspaper to give feedback to her daughter's college life: ”I got your help last year, they went to school smoothly, and now they are very competitive. They got it in school. Winning scholarships, but also as student cadres. During the summer vacation, they are working together to earn tuition fees. I hope that children like them will have good luck this year.“ After the release of the ”18 aids“ information, Honghu City 18 years old Candidate Wang Zhu is the first student to ask for help from the organizing committee. The organizing committee learned through relevant channels that Wang Zhu died when he was 3 years old, his mother remarried, and he always lived with his grandparents.
  Wang Zhu's high school teacher said that his life is frugal, he never buys things, always wears the old clothes of others; the third year of high school review to late night, even the instant noodles are reluctant to eat. This year's college entrance examination, Wang Zhu scored 398 points, 53 points in the province's second line, and reported the Wuchang Shouyi College. During the summer vacation, he came to work in a small restaurant in Qingshan District. ”Grandpa and grandma are more than 70, and I am still worried about my tuition. I am going to fish and fish in the lake. I can't get up with my waist,“ Wang Zhu said sensibly. ”I really want to start school early, graduate early, go to work, let Grandparents will enjoy the blessings early!“
"Chutian Metropolis Daily" true love surges warm people